Saadi Love Story (Our Love Story) Devga Chapter 1

Saadi Love Story (Our Love Story) Devga Chapter 1

Scene starts with a woman is waking up her son.
Beta wake up. It’s 8:00 clock.
Maa let me sleep. And he pulled blanket on himself.
Dev wake up. Your dad asked me thrice about u. He is very angry.
Oh teri after saying that Dev jump from his bed and run to take shower.
Suchitra starts laughing and said to dev when u will grow up.
Dayal- suchitra where is your laadla beta. Is he still sleeping in angry voice!
Suchitra- with smile he is getting ready.

Shaurya, payal, sakshi and Rajnath come.
Rajnath- bhabhi why bhaiya is so angry.
Shaurya- I guess it’s something related to big bro. By the way where is big bro.
Sakshi hugs suchitra and wishes good morning to dayal.
Payal and shaurya also took blessings from elders.

They sat for breakfast. Then Dev came. He touch suchitra’s feet and then he hug rajnath and Sakshi. He wishes good morning to payal and then hug shaurya and punch him on his back.

Shaurya : bhai I have to go to office. And now stop punching me I got married.
Dev: so it doesn’t matter. You r my buddy and I can punch u. Then he asked payal do u have any problem if I punch your patiparmeshwar.
Payal: not at all u can punch him more if u want.
Shaurya gave angry expression to payal…
Everyone starts laughing….
Dayal: Dev if u r done with your stupid jokes can we talk about something serious.
Dev: dad why u r not cool like me. U know what dad sometimes I see Hitler in u.
Everyone starts laughing. Dayal gave them a look and they stopped.
Dayal: beta let me tell u one thing u that I am more bad than hitler. He took his plate to hit Dev
Everyone shout at same time ruko (stop)
Dev grab a bread and run from their and wish good day to everyone.
Dayal: starts yelling at everyone at it’s happening because of u. You guys always save him. When I said something to him.
Rajnath : bhaiya he don’t be angry him. He respects u alot.
Sakshi: haan bhaiya rajnath is right. He loves u a lot. Don’t take tension about his future. I believe one day he will make us proud.
Shaurya: yes tauji bhai told me once that he love to tease u that’s why he always do stupid things so we can laugh.
Suchitra: bus that’s enough for today now eat breakfast.

Thakur house-
We heard a voice a girl is yelling bhaiya bhabhi where r u.
Bhabhi bhaiya help me to choose which dress should I wear.
Abhi- with a smile yeh ladki vi na.
Ria- smiling let’s go otherwise madam will kill me.
They both went toward her room.
Why were u yelling?
She was pretending like she is not talking to them. She turned her face on other side. I am not talking to u.
Abhi and Ria both was smiling at her.
Abhi: What happened princess? R u angry with me?
Ria: Nautanki what is this? Abhi I think your princess is very angry and she wouldn’t talk with us. So it’s better to leave her alone for sometime.
Abhi: I think u r right. Let’s go.
They were about to go when she turned back.
A beautiful background music was playing on back when she show her face.
She had a innocent smile on her face.
Abhi and ria: we were also doing drama.
Three of them start laughing and had a group hug.

Hope u guys will like my Fan Fiction. Guys please comment and let me know my weaknesses so I improve.

  1. All charecters was awesome

  2. wowww gud ..carry on muskaan

  3. Superb cute amazing……. And no more words to say

  4. Awesome ff …. Mmy fav is only durga nd dev ….. Just thnk u .. Plz keep tht childhood friends part and the cclose frndship btween dd …….. Thnk u

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