Rumya os – intense love

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Rudra was moving restless in Hotel Blue Orchid.. He was searching Soumya.. She was nowhere to seen in the hotel.. He call her on her cell and still no respond.. Soumya.. Where are you? His brain start to think weirdly.. What if something happen to her? No.. It’s not possible and this place is safe.. Nothing will happen to her.. His trance broke by a beep of the phone.. It’s show a message.. He click it and read the message.. His eye widen..

‘I’m going back..’.. He call her and she pick up the call..

Rudra: “Soumya.. where are you?”

Soumya: “I’m with anika bhabhi..” She cut the called.. She doesn’t want to listen anything from him.. She was hell angry on him and his behavior.. She was happy today when he asked her to get ready as they will be attending party.. While today was a special day for them too.. It is their first valentine’s day after their marriage.. But every things went vain once she saw him hugging and kissing the Rumi.. He was having a lot of fun.. He didn’t even bother to company her..

Rudra: “Soumya..” He enter the ladies toilet without any shyness.. She turn around and look if there is any ladies.. She sign in relief..

Soumya: “What are you doing here..?”

Rudra: “Why are you going back..?” he didn’t answer her while he shoot a question for her..

Soumya: “I don’t feel comfortable here..” She avoid looking in eye.. She doesn’t want to create a fight.. Especially not today..

Rudra: “Did anyone say anything to you..?” raising his brow

Soumya: “NO..”

Rudra: “Soumya.. Look at me..” He cupped her face and make her look in his eye.. “What happen?” with soft and smooth voice

Soumya: “I want to go back Rudra..” gritted teeth.. She waves his hand and stood two step away from him.. His eye widen when he saw her angry side’ He knew something is bothering her and she won’t say till she been forced too..

Rudra: “Why are you reacting this way?” She give a disgusting look to him.. She don’t feel to answer any of his question.. She edges her way without giving any explanation nor asking any explanation from him.. He hold her wrist and pull her hard.. Her back hit the wall.. His eye was full of madness.. His hand was on the wall blocking her way “What the hell is this..?” roughness voice

Soumya: “You should ask yourself..” he look at her with narrow eye..

Rudra: “What..??” with confusion look

Soumya: “I want to go back.. If you have time please drop me home.. If not.. Then I can manage by my own.. You don’t worried about me.. You can continue enjoying the party..” Now he understand why she is behaving like this.. He pulled her by her waist.. His one hand was on her waist while the other hand was on her cheek..

Rudra: “You feel jealous..” He cares his cheek.. her eye wider..

Soumya: “Did I said I’m jealous..?” with cool voice

Rudra: “Soumya.. It’s just a normal hug and this is..”

Soumya(Interrupt): “And that kiss..?” Her eye show her angriness..

Rudra: “It’s just a way of greeting Soumya.. Try to understand..” She push him by his chest.. Her breath was irregular..

Soumya: “Greeting?? And that too by giving a kiss..” she look at him with narrow eye.. “What if I greet a man by giving a formal kiss.. Just the way you greets the ladies and the model at the party..” He look at her in wider eye and in anger he held her neck and press his grip on her soft skin..

Rudra: “Don’t you dare talk to me like that.. Only I have the rights on you and only I can touch you the way I like.. If any of them touch you.. I will kill them with my own hand.. YOU GET IT'” He shouts his last words.. He leave his grip and was about to move out from the ladies but stop after hearing her words..

Soumya: “I hate you Rudra.. I hate you.. The big mistake I have done is loving you.. You don’t deserve anyone’s love.. You always give me pain and it’s always beak my heart but you didn’t even care to avoid my insecurities.. You only know how to give pain and when it’s come to healing.. You always failed.. I will always blame myself by falling love with you.. I wish I didn’t meet you..” her cheek was drenches with her unstop tear and She was holding her paining neck.. He closed his eye tight and tried to digest her words but the devil in him start to rule.. He turn and look at her with redness eye..

Rudra: “Get lost from my life and don’t show me your face anymore..” he throw the words without any emotion and went to the party.. She hold her heart which is wrenching in pain.. His words surely make her heart bleed.. She couldn’t stop herself more.. She roughly wipe her tear and run out..


Anika: “Soumya.. Where are you going?” she saw her walking out of the hotel..

Soumya: “Erm.. Me.. I..” she stammer.. She doesn’t want anika to know about their fight

Anika: “Come lets go inside.. Rudra might be looking for you.. You should see how he was looking for you few minutes ago..” She just stay numb.. He won’t bother for me now and he won’t like to see my face anymore.. her heart whisper in pain.. Anika hold her wrist and they walk in the hall where the party was heading..


Rudra was seating at the bar.. He was holding a glass of whiskey and start to drink.. He feel pain when she utter those words.. She regret for falling in love with him and her words was unbearable for him.. He sip his drinks in one go.. He look at the couples who was dancing in each other’s arm.. They were enjoying the loves day and he?? There was a blow of wind when he closed his eye’ He can feel she is here.. He open his eyes rashly and look at the entrance door of the hall.. He saw her standing with his anika bhabhi.. She seem lost.. She saw him seating at the bar and she move her face.. She doesn’t want him to know she was looking at him.. She just seat near anika and lost in her own thought..

Her trance was broke when there was an announcement by the host of the party.. She lifted her gaze on the opposite person..

Host: “Ladies and Gentlemen.. We have arrange a special activity for the couples.. TATTOO..” All of them gasped in shocked.. “As today is a valentine’s day and we have bring this special activity at this special day.. This activity is just to show the opposite person how much you love her/him.. It’s open to the female and male.. All of you only has 30 seconds for thinking and after 30 seconds this activity will be closed..” All the ladies holds their respective couples hand.. Their tight grip shows they was not allowing them to participate in such activities.. “Is there anyone who wanted to show his/her pureness of love and want their couples name to be mark on their body forever..” He try to built their interest..

“ME”.. A sudden voice gain their attention.. He walks towards the small stage and open his coat and vest and seat on the chair.. He opened three upper buttons and pull his shirt sideway where his neck and upper arm was visible for the tattoo artist..

Tattoo Artist: “Name?” The host leans the microphone near his lips..

“Soumya..”.. The spot light went to her.. She was standing in shocked when she saw her husband, Rudra walking to the stage.. Her leg glue on the floor..

The tattoo artist start to draw her name on his arm.. His eye was only on her.. He didn’t close his eye when the needle of the drawing machine poke his skin.. His eye moist.. His collar bone was visible.. He was bearing the pain.. But his eye was only on her.. On his Soumya..

“Rudra..”.. only her lips was moving.. Her voice fade.. Her tear was not stopping from flowing.. She can clearly see him bearing the pain.. His fist was tight. He was trying to hide the pain but her eye always can notice it..

Tattoo artist: “Done..” He stood from his chair and walk to her with his moist eye..

Rudra: “Soumya..” He cupped her face and wiped her tear with his thumbs.. “I love you..” he hug her tight.. “I love you Soumya.. I love you..” She respond to his hug and cried on his shoulder..

Soumya: “I’m sorry Rudra..” while weeping.. “I’m sorry..” He broke the hug and kiss her neck.. Where he left pain on her..

Rudra(cupped her face): “Don’t say sorry Soumya.. It’s not your mistake.. I was wrong and I’m always wrong.. I don’t understand your insecurities and I always give you pain.. I’m sorry.. I should try to avoid your insecurities and make you feels secure but I didn’t.. and end up hurting you.. I’m sorry..” And he kiss on her neck again try to soother her pain..

Soumya: “Why you draw this tattoo Rudra..?” she cupped his face with her soft palm..

Rudra: “I want your name always be mark on my body.. And it won’t fade even on the last day of my breath..” She put her index finger on his lips.. And sign him to stop..

Soumya: “I too want to write your name on my body Rudra.. I want it to always remain on me..” He hold her hand and kissed her hand genteelly..

Rudra: “No Soumya.. Its pain full and I can’t tolerate your pain nor your tear..”

Soumya: “But..”

Rudra(Interrupt): “You don’t have to draw my name on your body.. It’s more than enough if you can keep me in your heart'” She capture his lips and give an passionate kiss to him.. Their kiss been witness by the entire people surround them.. She broke the kiss and turn creamy red.. “You are very bold Soumya Singh Oberoi..” with cynical tone.. This is the first time she give a kiss to him and that too in public..

Soumya: “Rudra..” She hit his chest slowly.. Their forehead leans on each other..

Rudra: “I love you Soumya..”‘

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  1. Awwwwww. Another writing from you on Rumya. All of them are breathtaking. I wonder how could you imagine such perfect and different stories for the same lead. Hope show writers take some inspiration from you instead of showing something illogical. Great going dear 🙂

    1. Sanjanagarg

      Thanks dear….actually there are less stories on rumya so u only write on them ….u can read my all stories on rumya at wattpad. My username is healinglove66

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    Awww..meri rumya ke liye itna accha
    Its superb and awesome…????

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    Awww..D tattoo part was rilli cute..

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    It is nice one dear…

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    Beyond awsm .. No words to describe.. U made me emotional..??..

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    Its amazing dr…. Just love it….

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