The journey back was filled with silence. Nobody could speak anything. Shivaay was the one driving and Omkara was next to him. At last seat was Rudra. It seemed like he was dead. Not reacting, just looking outside the window, looking at nothing as fresh tears rolled down his eyes. Everything he heard frm her mouth, rewinding painfully in his ears. Her painful voice. Nobody knew when they reached back. Everyone got out except for Rudra. He snatched the keys and drove off. Everyone ran after him but no one could pick his pace, they retreated back to their rooms. He drove off and reached near a cliff and got out of the car.

Here Saumya reached her house covered in blood. Arya ran upto her and was about to hug her, but Saumya moved away. Everyone was shocked.

“Maasi what happened, why are you not letting me hug you, why are you red?”

“Beta maasi is red because of this chilli ketchup, I will just have a bath and we will hug each other a lot.”


Everyone knew Saumya loved Arya like her own daughter, so not hugging was something which shocked them.

Saumya went inside and was taking out her clothes when someone slammed it shut. It was Tia, fuming.

“Why did you not hug Arya ? We know how much you love her then why ?”

“Because of this.” She showed her face  and hands which had blood.

“When she will be hugging me this way she won’t be hugging her maasi, di, she would be hugging a criminal a murderer.”

Tia was shocked.

“No Saumu, you are not a criminal, get that thing out of your head. Now go have a bath.”

And after having a bath Saumya sat with Arya and they chatted and played with her while all were satisfied to see her smile, but no one knew her inner turmoil.

After something she and Dushyant left for Oberoi mansion.

Here Rudra went towards the cliff and shouted as hard, as louder he could, so that his pain could lessen but nothing lessened his pain.

“Why ??” He shouted towards the sky as if talking to his god.

“Why did you do this, kya bigaada tha meri Saumya ne , how ?” And he cried.

“Do anything you want to and we will together show you what we are.” He shouted.

Then he drove back home with the shortest shortcut so as to reach quickly.

He got inside, quickly changed and pretended to sleep.

Just then the door opened Saumya entered the room.

She looked like an angel, but she was a broken angel he knew

She looked like an angel, but she was a broken angel he knew.

She went directly in the balcony and started coding and Rudra watched her.

After sometime she stopped typing and put her head down and when she again looked up, she started crying, in fact broke down, there was a screensaver with all her pic with her bhaiya, childhood pics, teenager pics, everything.

Rudra went upto her and touched her shoulder. She looked and saw him and started crying even more.

He immediately hugged her and stroked her back to calm her down but nothing worked and then he rocked her and she finally stopped crying but was still sulking.

“Come on Saumya, you need to sleep come with me.”

And as he hugged her she fell asleep and he placed a kiss on her forehead.

Next day.

Everything was normal and everyone was just eating silently.

Tej was talking and suddenly without taking Saumya’s name he started saying some shit, Saumya realized quickly and left to her room.

“Shut the hell up Mr. Oberoi !!!”, it was Omkara who shouted.

“No one in this house will speak anything about Saumya, aur agat kisine kaha toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga!!”, he barked and left. Gauri, Shivaay and Anika followed his cue.

After sometime Saumya got out and Rudra followed her.

After sometime Saumya got out and Rudra followed her

“Saumya where are you going, Saumya”

“I’m going to Dargah, will be late.”

“I’m coming with you, don’t question me. Come now.”

After visiting Dargah, when they went back home, they saw that Romi and Tia were waiting for her.

“Where were you Miya ?”, Romi asked.

“And are you fine Saumu ?”, Tia questioned her.

” I’m fine di, how are you guys here ?”, she asked.

“Because di said we are going to Manali. Pack your bags, we are leaving right now.”

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