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When Rudra entered her room and everyone had left it, he hugged her and cried like a baby. The sight was a bit disturbing for him. The bottle upside down with blood in it which was donated by Tia, connected to her veins.

“Shhh, Rudra nothing happened to me I’m alright, see for yourself.”

“No you are not, you slashed your wrist, bleeded like hell when we brought you here, lost so much of blood that Tia had to step in to give you blood and even right now you are getting blood inside your body through that bottle. You are not alright. Why did you do this ? Why did you try to commit suicide ? Have I done something wrong ? Did I do something so wrong that you tried to…”,and he could not stop himself.

He cried and cried. It felt as if the dam of tears were broken and kept on crying. His face totally red. Well why wouldn’t he cry ? Seeing her that way had brought out his worst fears of loosing loved ones. He had seen Omkara almost drowning that day, he felt his air knocked out of his lungs. And seeing Saumya in this condition, the person responsible for his breathing and life, who was his heart, it broke him completely.

“No Rudra nothing like that. Look at me.” She said when she held his face but he was not looking in her eyes.

“Rudra look at me.” And finally he looked at her. She was still looking beautiful even in her eyebags, in the hospital gown.

“I’m fine, ok. Why I did, I don’t think so I’ll ever be able to tell you that.”, and her eyes teared up. He noticed that quickly. “But don’t worry now nothing of this sort will ever happen again, hmmm.” And he hugged her again.

After some days Saumya was back in the mansion while Jhanvi and Pinky isolated themselves from her. They didn’t want to be stuck in a fake case because of her.

Even dadi tried to talk to her about it but everything went in vain.

One day Rudra heard her talking to Svetlana.

“Ha di, is everything going according to the plan ? Ok good. Keep tracking them. And what about their clothes, have you made that boy do whatever I said? Accha he has done his job, ask him to leave now and don’t forget to give it to him. No, no you all have to just bring them to that road, thats it I’ll handle it on my own. Na na I’m going to practice my martial arts now, don’t worry I won’t break my bones before breaking theirs. Ok bye.”

She turned and saw Rudra standing there.

“Rudra is your gym free, I mean have you done your workout ?”

“Ha.”, he nodded his head mindlessly, what was she talking about.

“And do you have a punching bag ?”

“Yes, bu..but why ?”

“Because I’ve to practice my kickboxing and martial arts. Body akad gayi hain meri baithe baithe.”

“Par agar tumhe martial arts aur baaki sabkuch aata hai then how come you were fa… I mean healthy.”

Her face fell, she didn’t want to tell him the truth. And seeing her expression he thought not to ask further.

“Come Saumya I’ll show you my gym, you’re going to love it.”

And she smiled, it was a genuine one and not fake as it reached her eyes.

“Accha Saumya can you teach me umm… How do I ask you, can you teach me ma..martial arts ?”

“Why you don’t know it ?”

He shook his head as a no.

“Ok, no problem but why do you want to learn I mean you have bodyguards around you 24/7, from whom do you want defend yourself, because I’ve learnt it for self defense.”

“If that bodyguard is not near ne to save me, if I get ki-”

“Don’t say that ever.”, she said that in an authoritative voice slapping her hand on his mouth to cover his lips before he completed his sentence.

“Why ?”, he said, his voice all husky.

“Because I want you to live and now get ready for your training.”

“I’m Eveready.”

And they practiced the whole day while taking breaks to eat and having rest.

In evening Saumya was back to her laptop while he dozed off, tired and exhausted.

He was sleeping like a baby in the fetal position.

She drew the blanket more closer to him and smiled just like a baby and kissed him on his forehead. And he tugged her hand.

He was definitely a baby. Her Crybaby Singh Oberoi. Baby, her thoughts were surrounded by this every time she saw him, she wanted a baby, their baby together with him. The baby which they would have made together. But there was a bitter truth of her life. That could never happen.

Her eyes started tearing up and before she knew, the tears rolled down her cheeks, falling on his, waking him up.

He saw her teary eyed and hugged her at once pulling her down in the bed beside him.

“Why are you crying Saumya ?”, he asked his voice hoarse with sleepy tone.

” I’m not crying.”,she said wiping her tears.

“Stop lying to me Saumya I know you like the back of my hand and if you are not crying then why are you wiping these drops away ?”

“Woh actually dust got into my eyes and I’m very much allergic to dust especially my eyes so-”

“Stop lying and sleep here. After we’ll go for dinner, aaj specially tumhare kiye maine gobhi ka paratha banwaya hai.”

“Gobhi ka paratha, yum, can’t wait.”

“You’ll have to, first sleep, you will not say it but I know that you are tired. Sleep now.”

“But I’ve some work. And its important.”

“No work is important than your life. Sleep now.”, he said sternly and she complied.

After the dinner he made her have her medicines, he had stopped giving her sleeping pills long time ago, so she was now sleeping peacefully under his effect in his arms, and her nightmares had lessened.

She made an excuse of coding and stayed up not knowing that Rudra was not sleeping but acting.

At around 10 when everyone was asleep, she got a call from Svetlana and she started getting ready and left.

Rudra also changed quickly and was going to step out of his mansion when a hand placed itself on his shoulder. Shocked, he turned to Shivaay and gang ready. First he groaned and took them with following Saumya not so closely.

Saumya stopped at the road near the forest. And Rudra stopped a bit far from her and everyone got to their feet. They hid behind the large tree, camouflaging them in darkness of the night.

They saw the whole Kapoor clan was there except Shobhna.

Saumya was standing there, leaning on a tree with tears in her eyes gazing at the stars above in the sky.

This was going to happen, she was ready to reduce them to ashes.

Here Svetlana informed her that they were on their way and would reach any time.

Suddenly a sound of tires screeching was heard and Svetlana confirmed it was them.

Saumya came out on the road suddenly and the car tried to turn but lost it’s control, hitting the tree. Everything was going according to the plan.

When the passengers of the car came out, they were shocked and so were the Oberois. The passengers were none other than Rohan and Soham.

Saumya smirked seeing while they were panic stricken to see her. It was her time now, and she would teach them a really nice lesson, make them go through everything they made her go through.

And she took out two butcher’s knife from behind her top while smirking. Rohan and Soham gulped a lump down their throat.

While Oberois stood there shocked. What was happening here they didn’t know, but they were not going to interfere, they knew it.


Hey guys, so next chapter will reveal Saumya’s past. It can be emotional for some but not for some, its upto you readers to decide whether it was emotional after I post that chapter. And yes a fair warning it’ll have a lot of swearing, so you’ll have to bear it.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    rumya scene was very heart wrenching.surprised to see soumya kissing rudra’s forehead n rudra hugging her hands. rudra preparing soumya’s fav dinner and making her have medicine n she sleeping peacefully in his arms was nice.good that she stopped taking sleeping pills

  2. Fenil

    Superb !!

  3. ItsmePrabha


  4. V. Good episode. Rumya moments were awsome.. Just ? it. Tc

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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