Rules Pyaar ka Super hit Formula (epi -3 )

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Recap -Laksh faints by seeing swara

Swara-diiiiiii ….get up Laksh. …
Ragini and servants comes running
Ragini -swara what happened why you shouting. ..Laksh what happened to him
Swara-i don’t know di he faints …
Ragini -you go and call the doctor
Ragini called servants and made lie on the bed….Doctor comes and check Laksh say it’s because of stress swara goes to drop him
Laksh gain conscious
Laksh -bhabhi. ..bhabhi. .I have seen you come out
Ragini -Laksh ji calm down …no one is here
Laksh -no Ragini I have just seen my bhabhi here …she was standing in front of me
Ragini -Laksh calm down you have seen sister as you are missing her that’s why you misunderstood my sister as your bhabhi

Laksh burst into tears and hugs Ragini he is crying like a kid
Laksh -Ragini today is the day when she left us……u know Ragini it’s her room ……my bhabhi was the best …she never like tears in my eyes
Ragini -Laksh you only told she doesn’t like in your eyes by seeing u like this she is also crying ….Laksh ji for her don’t cry
Laksh node -thnx Ragini. the way I came both of us to invite on lunch and pooja for bhabhi’s sole peace
Ragini -okay
Laksh bid bye to her …swara comes in
Swara-di what happen to him
Ragini -he is missing his bhabhi
Ragini -today we are invited for lunch so ready at and like princess
Swara-di I am not interested
Ragini -no excuses
In a private jet
A man stairing photo in his wallet. .
Man-why swara why you left us we are incomplete with u ….plzzz come back to your sanskar
Two kids comes towards him and sit besides him
Sanskar -swaranshi sanskrit why are you sad
Swaranshi -papa because u are also carrying. ..
Sanskarit-dadda don’t cri
Sanskar -okay I am not crying
Both-dadda how was our maa
Sanskar -smiles painfully. .your maa she was the best …..always obey her elders

In mm op
Ragini -once in a while obey your elders
Swara-don’t I have other Work then it
Other side
Sanskar -your was bubbly in nature loves classical music. …her voice is so melodies our morning starts from her bhajan. ….
In mm op
Swara -who is this crying in morning
Ragini -it’s classical music it gives harmony to ears
Swara-and ache to head name after music shouting ahhhhhhhh eee u hhhh. ..morning are meant to sleep. ..let sleep and let others to sleep

In jet
Sanskar -have full faith in god she accept ever situation …she say god has given problems he will helps. ..he do every thing for good

Swara -seriously di …….statue of clay will decide our good …it’s superstition di god wod doesn’t exist In jet
Sanskar -she always help others always stand for other them in every possible way

In mm
Swara-di in current scenario if you help yourself and stand for your right that’s good. .if you poke your nose is other matters is equal to inviting trouble with out reason
Sanskar side
Sanskar -she loves kids very much
In mm
Swara by hearing children sounds
Swara-eww this kids i hate them …trouble makers plz di tell your in Laws ..if they want they can tie thousands of buffaloes but shift this music class of children somewhere else they are irritating
After sometimes
Ragini get ready in red net saree with black border wearing diamond necklace and earing …by seeing her Swara wisile
Ragini -shona
Swara-today current will fall on Laksh jiju
Ragini -okay now tell me next formula
Swara-di you attacked him first know it’s his turn and difficult to you
Ragini nervously-what he will do
Swara-according to we …he will make u jealous to know that really you forget him or you are acting
Ragini -really oh God what will I do
Swara-di have to be cool doesn’t show him he didn’t affect u know
Ragini -but if will other girl. …
Swara-di you just consider they were jiju’s sister …and compliment there bond or pair
Ragini -compliment my foot
Swara-brother and sister bond ?
Ragini -shona thanks
Swara-bus kr pagali rulygi kya…but di I will not wear this saare or lehnga ..
Ragini -i know that’s why I bought this frock suit for you
Swara-love you di….u go i will come
Ragini -are u sure …no masti
Ragini goes to mm

In mm
Sanskar and kids arrive by seeing them all became happy kids run towards Ap and dp….they both pick them and kisses their face
Ap-my little princess and prince dadi missed you so much
Both-we also missed you
Laksh -and me
Both comes down and hugs Laksh. ..Laksh gives them chocolate
Sanskar was standing and seeing all his face doesn’t have old charm his face became pale…all looks him ap hugs him ..
Ap-beta go and get ready pooja is going to start
Sanskar -nodes and go
Pooja starts and complete Ragini reach late

In entrance
Laksh comes with kavya to receive Ragini. ..Laksh mesmerised to see Ragini …Ragini is burning in jealous but remember swara’s words
Laksh-hello Ragini. …it’s pleasure to we u
Ragini -thanks ..u are looking handsome
Laksh -thnx oh forget she is Ragini and Ragini she is kavya my gf
Ragini -wao your choice is good (in mind chipkali but his sister)but I must say kavya your choice is really bad
Kavya-excuse me what you mean
Ragini -his choice is you ..look at you ….you are wonderful beautiful and he forget about it …excuse me Ragini goes
She goes and take blessing from ap and dp
Kavya-laksh she will not easily falls for u
Laksh -she just acting she was mad for me
Kavya -let’s see
Laksh tried jealous Ragini with many girls by dancing sensually with them flirting but in all Ragini in mind only thought they are his sisters ….by seeing Ragini cool Laksh fumes the meanwhile while a man approach Ragini
Man-hello Ragini di
Ragini -hi ..sry but I didn’t remember u
Man -di I am ranveer vaghela swara’s friend
Ragini -oh I remember know we met in parul marriage
Rv-yes di …why are sitting alone and where is bullet train
Ragini -she is coming
Rv-di if you don’t mind can we dance
Ragini -sure Rv
By seeing Rv and Ragini talking laksh fumes
Laksh -she is totally change in clg if any boy say hi also to her she start sweeting
Rv&rag are dancing and laughing. ….Laksh is burning in jealous so he came to them
Laksh -prince Rv can I have the pleasure of dance with her
Rv-all yours
Rv goes

Ragini -but I am not interested to dance with u
Ragini moves to go but Laksh pull towards him she landed on his chest
Ragini -what are you doing
Laksh -when he asked you dance with him does it have nails on my body
Ragini came close to Laksh and say in his ears
Ragini-some one is jealous
Laksh -no i am not
Ragini -ur facing is not supporting u
Laksh -leave mine. ..u tell you were made on me in clg time know what happen does you effect if I am with anyone else
Ragini -why will I it’s your life …and u are my attraction not crush which I realised later and moved in life …and your presence does effect me
Laksh while rotating her
Laksh -that’s why you are still single
Ragini -and who told you that …..
Laksh -it means u are in relationship
Ragini -yes
Laksh stops Ragini goes

Ragini calls swara
Ragini -where are you
Swara-di only 20 mints
Ragini -come fast. …call ends
Ragini is going back but someone from behind forcefully take to a room
Ragini -Laksh what kind of behaviour is this
Laksh pin her to wall
Laksh -from my closeness no effect on u…..
Ragini -nervously no
Laksh turn her and gives wet kisses on her nape Ragini is breathing heavily
Laksh -now
Ragini -nodes in no
Laksh open her doori and kisses on her back
Ragini -plzzz Laksh
Laksh slightly pull down the blouse from shoulder and gives love bits on it
Ragini -ahh Laksh ji
Laksh gives wet kiss on bite and turn her
Laksh -princess if you didn’t affect that why are you breathing heavily. …and your heart is beating fast
Ragini -looks down. ..let me go
Laksh angrily holds her chin
Laksh -does that Rv is better than me ..
Ragini -let me go
Laksh -shouts answer me damit …now you love him
Ragini -Laksh are u in the sense
Laksh -answer me
Ragini-yes that what you want hear ..happy …
Ragini push him goes from his clutch before opening Laksh stops her and again to door …Laksh while rubbing his nose tip on her neck
Ragini -I am not toy Laksh. ….plzzz leave me
Laksh -no Ragini u are mine is will not give u to anyone
Ragini reach heaven but didn’t show it to him …..Laksh turn her and tie her Dori. ..and again turn her
Laksh -i have seen love in your at clg days not attraction that’s why i didn’t came to u ….this prince is flirt but not characterless princess. …I didn’t want to hurt your pure heart that tym but know i will bring that love back …..peek her cheeks and run away

In mm op
Swara gets ready and cover her face and comes out while climbing stairs her leg slips so she shout but balance herself in this process her veil falls down the servants came by hearing her screams shocks
All Servants-teary eyes yuvrani swara
..and comes forward to wish her ..but seeing them Swara frightened
Swara-hey what why you all seeing me like this and who is yuvrani ….by seeing coming close Swara run away and sit in car …and driver drive it
Servant-we have to inform yuvraj his rani is alive
In car
Driver while driving see Swara through mirror he frightened and stops the car and comes out
Driver -how are you alive. it not possible I myself seen rock falls on u ..
Swara-are u mad ….or drunk
Driver takes gun to shoot her Swara fears
Swara-plz don’t kill me …you are mistake plz ….close her eyes in fear
Driver is going to pull drigger but shocks to see some thing and die due to heart attack
Swara opens her eyes and shock with out thinking she room towards village …where people are engaged in their work. …swara was running seeing backward …she hit with an old man and his vegetable falls ..swara bend and putting vegs back hurriedly
Old man -hey girl don’t you eyes …stupid you spoiled my vegs
Swara turn towards the old man …old man by seeing her
O. M-rani sa you .(holds her hand )..I know you are alive you can’t leave your people. ..
Swara-you are mistaken ..please leave my hand (fearfully )
O.m-u angry because I scold u …..I apologise. .plzzz rani don’t leave us again ….bhemaa harya malini look i told na our princess is alive u don’t trusted me know see
People comes by hearing the old man and happy to see her and they call rest of people. seeing increasing people Swara highly feared some how run away. ..

In mm
All guests are sitting on a big dinning table their no much people . . Ap is feeding the children do is talking to guest Sanskar is quietly eating Laksh is continuously stairing Ragini. .Ragini and Rv is chit chatting while eating …when servants of old mm comes running
Servant- yuvraj maharaj maharani sa …
All comes to hall
Dp-what happened Kishor …what happen to u all
Kishor -maharaj. .woh woh
Ap-kishor what’s the matter. .. Uttra beta bring water
Kishor drink it
Kishor -maharaj maharani ji we saw yuvrani sa in old palace
Sanskar -what …where come take me to my swara
Dp-are u in your senses …..are u drunk
Kishor -no raja sa …ask ramu golla kaali
All-weather is saying truth we all seen rani sa
Laksh -actually dad i also seen bhabhi
Sanskar comes to him with teary eyes
Sanskar -and u didn’t bother to say to your brother
Laksh -bhai actually yesterday I have gone to old palace. call Ragini. ….tell everything. …bhai thought I was hallucination bhabhi

Suddenly village people also came running by saying their yuvrani is back and tell the incident
Sanskar -dad every one can’t hallucinate …dad my swara is in problem I have to save her
Laksh -i will also come
Children -we will also come to rescue our mommy
Sanskar bends to their level
Sanskar -no babies I will go and bring ur mother back ….
All moving towards door but all freeze to see a girl running inside the palace. ..her condition is not good. …blo*dy is coming from her lips and head ….by seeing her …two persons feared
Ragini -shona
Comes running to her
Swara-fearfully di … they are behind me …they …they …and looks toward the crowd and recognise they are the same people
Swara-di di they are the one wh…who where behind me
Ragini -what angrily how dare you all ….look because of u what’s her condition
People -we have no intention to hurt her ..

By seeing swara alive in front of him Sanskar hugs her and crying like a kid
Sanskar -where you left me…u know i was like dead body who is living for our kids……swara never do this again
Swara-plz leave me. …
Ragini pull sanskar back and gives tight slap to sanskar all shocks
Ragini -how dare you to lock close to my swara
Laksh -Ragini she is my bhabhi you stay out of it
Ragini -really Laksh. A stranger comes and hugs my sister without her will I should keep quite
Sanskar -shout i am not a stranger I am her husband she is my wife and mother of my kids
Swara-are you lost it….I am seeing you first time in my life ….
Sanskar -don’t act i know you are angry with me
Ragini -are u mad she is not your wife she is my sister. ..princess of devgard
Sanskar goes Inside and bring many photos of swasan their marriage and all Swaragini shocks
Swara-di it’s not me I never seen this people and this man
Ragini -listen Mr maheshwari it’s just a coincidence that your wife and my sister name and face match but they are not same
Sanskar -noooooooooooooooo she is my swara not your sister ….you must be from enemy territory u want to separate us

Kids running comes and hugs swara ….Laksh comes to her
Laksh -bhabhi please say you are our yuvrani not any princess of devgard
Swara-i am not bhabhi nor your mommy. ..plzzz pardon me
Many emotional talks continue …later Somebody turn swara and gives tight slap
Ap-janki ji
Janki-pardon u …come look he is your devar who loves you like real brother they are ur in law who loves you like real parents and that man who loves you like mad from your death news he became like lifeless body
Janki -i have given u birth. …can you say you don’t no us
Swara-shouts no i don’t know u all neither I his wife or their bhabhi .dil mother or yuvrani
Rv-sry for interruption but she is right she is princess of devgard we are childhood friends due was grown up with me
Sanskar -i don’t need your opinion
Issue has become big so shemish has came to devgad
Shermistha -janaki ji she is child I have given her birth ….
Shekhar -we put her name on your daughters name because of her nature

Recap -Dp-i want to say. ……plzzz fix swara alliance with sanskar
Shekhar -are you in sense my child is only 20 know and your son is 31 and father of 2 children

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