Ruhaniyaat (Segment 148)

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“Bhai .. can we meet ..?” The text read in the wee hours of the morning..
Don’t even ask me why i was awake or what i was doing ..
When you have two babies and a business to run you can’t sleep.

It just won’t come..
I looked over at Pie who was all cuddled up in a blanket in a corner of the bed.
“Will come over for breakfast at 8” i replied and got up to check my babies.
J.J window was open and his bed was all wet. It had rained all night and we had forgotten to close his windows and to my surprise he was awake and not even crying..
My little man is growing up.
I picked him up, changed his clothes and took him to the balcony. He loved the morning cool breeze..
“Good morning boo..”

We spent some quality time before we heard his brother get up.
“Hi lover..”i cooed to junior and he gurgled in response.
We prepared some breakfast for mommy and put it on her bedside table..
“Do you want to go on drive love..?” I asked J.J and ofcourse he was not going to refuse it. He just loved cars.
“Bhai..” He won’t say Dada clearly not even mommy but bhai bulva lo jita bulvana hai. It will be clear and crisp.
“Haan baba apke bhai ko bhi le jayenge..”
I quickly dressed them up and took them to Birdie’s house not before messaging John.
His sister’s point of view –
He had finally slept at around 5 in the morning. I can’t believe he was holding so much sorrow within him.

I messaged bhai about wanting to see him soon and he replied back almost instantly about meeting at 8 for breakfast.
We often had these breakfast dates where three of us talked and shared things.
— Few hours later —
“We are here let us in..” bhai messaged.
How is it that he is always on time.. I looked at the time and it was 8 am sharp.
I covered him up in the blanket and went dowmstairs to open the door for my brothers.
“Good morning princess”they greeted..
“Hi bubba” i greeted my nephews who were so happy early in the morning.
Now that they were here i don’t know how to put it out to them.

“Sissy whats wrong..?” Dada asked.
“Its about captain .. he .. well he is here.. ” i said dreading.
“Oh we know that .. so what about that..?” Bhai asked coming out of the kitchen.
He was holding a slice of bread on a plate.. He cut them into bite size pieces before laying it out in front of J.J whose eyes lit up.
They knew .? How..? Okay i am not even going to ask about it. Suprisingly they knew everything all the freaking time.
“He told me everything yesterday..”

“What do you mean by everything .?” Dada asked who was busy rocking junior while Bhai fed J.J
“I din’t know he was living in self doubt ..” i said giving them a brief description of what went down yesterday . Ofcourse leaving out the intimate details..
I think its weird but my brothers still cringed when we talk about it.
“I still don’t get it . Why are we here so early in the morning.. you know i was having a good cuddle..” dada said making us chuckle.
“You know three kids is enough..” bhai teased.
“All cuddle sessions don’t lead to that you know..” dada blushed.

“Guys focus here so that you can go back sooner to your fulls ..”i teased
Both blushed before focusing their attention back to the topic on hand.
“Lets go for a family vacation its going to twins 5 th birthday soon” dada suggested.
“Yea thats a good idea .. i just had a long tour and we need some time and besides it can be your new begining .”
“Yes it will be a change for him and with bhabhijaan being there he will be comfortable too..”
“You had to go there din’t you..”

“You can relax now ..she is married to you and you have a kid together..” dada said ..
“Yea we love to tease you ..” i chirped in too.

We chatted for a bit before they left for home.
Dada had to drop the twins to school and bhai had to wake bhabhi up a meeting..
Who would believe that these big business tycoons were family men as well..
Family is the best.
Bhai and me were not realted by blood but it never seemed that way. He and me were even more close than Dada and me. It was maybe because Dada was a very shy person and he genrally kept to himself..
Its the people in your life

who want you in theirs. The ones
who accept you for who you are.
The ones who would do anything
to see you smile, and who love
you no matter what.”

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