Rubina and Abhinav answer if Bigg Boss is SCRIPTED!!

Season after season, we have seen fans raise the same question. Is Bigg Boss scripted? And there has been no one who could give an answer to curb the curiosity people have in their minds. This season of Bigg Boss was won by Shakti actress Rubina Dilaik and she was in the house with her hubby for the longest period of time. She lifted the coveted trophy and now in a heart-to-heart chat with the fans, she revealed the truth.

It happened so that Rubina Dilaik and her husband Abhinav Shukla interacted with their fans through Instagram Live where they talked about their journey on the reality show, upcoming song and more. One of the fans also asked them whether Bigg Boss is scripted or not, to which Rubina and Abhinav gave an elaborate response.

Abhinav shared they get this question about Bigg Boss being staged a lot and said, “When an actor is given a script, he takes time to prepare and still takes 10 retakes. BB is a big show with too many people speaking at the same time. It is not scripted at all. It is as real as it can be.”

He added that there are too many people in the house which is bound to create friction and the whole idea is to put forth one’s opinion openly. Rubina agreed with Abhinav and clarified that the show is not scripted.

The couple also talked about doing more reality shows. They shared they are open to it since now they’ve had a taste of it and know what comes with it.

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