Roshni 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nick thinking of Roshni and Sameer. Doodle calls him out and Parvati comes in between. She insists and asks him to have lunch with her. Roshni sits with Sameer and talks to him. Sameer says Nick is a nice guy. Roshni tells about Nick and Doodle, they were her support system in London. Parvati opens the lunch box and gets plates in canteen. She asks him to have food. She praises Doodle and says she knows a lot about him. Doodle smiles.

Doodle goes to Nick and asks what happened to him. Nick says I m angry on Roshni, she is with Sameer. Doodle asks are you mad Nick, how can you think this. Nick says I can’t see Roshni close to Sameer, I have seen them comfortable with each other. I know her well, she feels extra for Sameer, I don’t know why. Doodle says shut up, how can you be so insecure, think with cool mind, relax.

Roshni talks to Dr. Dixit about Sameer. Sameer wakes up and asks for her phone, he has to talk to her dad. He asks what is she hiding. She reminds why he fainted at his home. He says I was travelling. He recalls his dad’s death and says it means my memory went after the stroke. She asks him to accept it and be strong. Sameer comes home. He cries recalling his dad’s words and says he will talk to Roshni tomorrow. Roshni comes home. She tells Doodle about Sameer’s memory loss. Nick says yes, but he remembered Roshni. She says he remembered Rajat and Mona too. Nick talks rude. Doodle intervenes and manages the talk.

Its morning, Roshni and Doodle have a talk in her cabin. Nick comes and hears them. He taunts her. Doodle says I will leave. Roshni asks Nick why did he remark her. She asks him to explain. She says she has noticed his sarcasm, and asks whats the problem, don’t lie. He gets angry and says I know what you think about me, you can’t understand what I think, your attention is on world, except me. She asks him to be specific.

He says sorry, I don’t want to fight. She says it started, tell me exactly, who is your problem. He says fine, did Sameer came in this hospital or your life. She says if your mind has reached to this cheap level, I don’t want to say anything. He says I have seen your extra worry for Sameer, am I idiot to come here leaving everything. She says shut up, you are an idiot, its sympathy for Sameer as a friend and doctor, what do you think, you assume anything, I don’t have to prove anything. She says she is idiot who got very happy seeing him.

Nick says I m sorry, I m really a big idiot, I have hurt you, you are very imp part of my life, I m big fool.

Sameer decides to go back, as his heart broke. Roshni says he can’t be so weak. He says I would never wish your heart to break.

Update Credit to: Amena

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