Roshni 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni asking Anjali to say everything. Anjali tells how inlaws are forcing her for abortion and threatening her about the two daughters, her husband loves her, but he is scared of his dad. He says her father in law used to taunt me for the female children. She says what could I have done and cries. Roshni says law is with you, if you write this statement, they will be arrested, save your daughters. She asks her to be strong. Roshni comes to Tiwari and says she got to know everything, he has threatened Anjali.

Tiwari asks what do you mean. She says we know the meaning, both man and woman are responsible for the female child, Anjali told me how you want a grandson, and forced Anjali to have third child, when you did sonography and knew it’s a female child, you pressurized her for abortion. She says Anjali was not ready, so she has run away from home and fainted, then you got her here. Rajat says Roshni.. She stops Rajat.

She tells Tiwari that he did crimes, s*x determination of a baby and forcing a woman to abort her baby. She says no one becomes a man to scare a woman, man is to protect a woman, you want to become people’s hero, If you could win your bahu’s trust, how will you win people’s trust. She asks his wife how can she call herself a woman and mother. She asks Anjali’s husband Ajeet about his love marriage with Anjali, did he marry her with this trust. She says Anjali is great, she does not want to complain, she just wants to be left alone with her child. She asks is this big demand for you all. Tiwari and his family leave.

Ajeet goes to talk to Anjali. He apologizes to her and they cry. Roshni smiles seeing them. Ajeet takes Anjali with him and they leave. Rajat thanks Roshni to stop this big mistake. Nick says yes, sometimes its good idea to get involved in patient’s life. She says not sometimes, always. Nick holds her and they smile. Sharad looks on.

Its morning, Rajat talks to Roshni about her step to change society. They talk about Tiwari. Rajat says Sharad would have felt bad. She says yes, and asks about trusting Sharad. He says I know he did foolishness, but he is sharp by mind. She says yes, He says I even slapped him once, but he is loyal. She thinks.

Parvati checks the patient. Doodle comes and she greets him. He checks the patient and says good diagnosis. Sharad tells Mona that Roshni has argued with Tiwari. Rajat comes and Mona says Sharad gave me details. Rajat says Roshni did right. Mona says this is not right always, I don’t understand offending big clients. Rajat says give some time to Roshni. He gets Sameer’s call and is shocked. Sharad asks is everything fine. Mona asks what happened.

Roshni comes and Rajat tells them about Sameer’s dad having cardiac arrest and dying. She gets shocked. Rajat says Sameer has gone to do the final rites. She goes out and recalls Sameer and his dad. Nick greets Roshni and jokes. She is sad. He tells her about the complicated case, but he is genius and managed it. He asks her why is she sad. She says Sameer’s dad passed out, he had cardiac arrest. He says so sorry, did you meet his dad. She says yes, I treated him once, he was a music lover, used to play violin, he has good sense of humor. She says Sameer was very attached to his dad. She says I have to meet him.

Sameer cries and says I will meet Roshni. Roshni and Sameer meet. Nick says she worries a lot about Sameer. Roshni gets shocked seeing Sameer fallen on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena

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