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Roshni 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nick telling Doodle that he loves Roshni a lot, and she loves her patients first, he is happy seeing her happy in her work. He says he has decided to stay here for her. Roshni talks to the girl and says she spoke to her dad, and asks why did she commit suicide. The girl says she could not bear inlaws taunts and hiv disease, all the options ended. Roshni asks her to say truth for better treatment. She asks how did she get hiv in her blood. The girl says I don’t know. Roshni says we have checked your husband, he does not have hiv, and asks about her any other love. The girl says never, my inlaws doubted on my character, and I don’t want to live.

Roshni says you are lucky to get saved, you can do job and earn, we will find how you got hiv, and give answer to your inlaws. She asks her to take care and goes. Pintu scolds the guy who could not do the work. Roshni, Nick and Doodle are on the way and talk about the injection given in saline. Doodle asks is her inlaws trying to get her killed. Nick asks him not to see saas bahu soaps. Roshni says his theory can be right. She calls nurse and asks her not to leave the girl alone.

Roshni tells Nick that inlaws are big problem for bahus here, it may happen, maybe they thought to get their son married if girl dies in hospital. Its morning, Vasundara talks to Roshni. Rajat says mum is taking Kishore and Badri along with them in the trip. Vasundara says we are leaving tonight. Roshni says you are taking break after 10 years. Vasundara says I have to do packing and goes. Rajat tells Mona about Roshni and Nick. Roshni beats him.

Rajat flirts with Mona. Mona says this does not suit Rajat. Roshni laughs and says I shall leave. Malhotra talks to ward boy and asks about Pintu. He calls Pintu and asks whats happening. He asks him not to do all this, they are doctors, not supari killers. He says Nick and Doodle have come to add out troubles. Nick gets ready and tells Doodle that he will talk to Roshni. Doodle says yes, we should think to shift here. Roshni comes and asks what, no need to shift from my home. Nick says it does not look good. She says she won’t let them go, everyone is going, stay for a month please. They agree. She gets glad.

She welcomes them to Leela hospital officially and asks them to go through the emergency cases, till then she will see the girl. Nick says we will greet Rajat first and they leave. Roshni checks the girl and says hiv positive and aids are different, you can live normal life. She asks about blood given to her and her dad tells Roshni about the girl getting blood units. Roshni asks him to find blood donor. She says she will support the girl as her friend. Mona comes to Rajat and says she was afraid of this to happen. She tells about the girl and they should discharge the girl, but Roshni wants to help her and prove about her hiv. We need to vacate wards soon, Roshni is compromising, we can’t afford this charity. Rajat says I get that, I will talk to Roshni.

Roshni talks to Nick and Doodle and they take the cases. Nick says we did not meet Rajat officially. Roshni meets Rajat and tells them about Nick and Doodle taking cases. Rajat asks about the girl. Roshni tells about the inlaws problem. Rajat says she was here for cure and she is stable now. Roshni says fine, I will shift her to general ward. Rajat says we should not be over protective. Roshni says patient’s life is on us, this attitude will run hospital, else what will be difference, Kishore’s name is linked to this hospital. Let me handle this. She leaves,

The man tells about his bahu. The lady is seen running. Sharad says abortion has to be done secretly, we will get much amount and suggests Rajat to do the operation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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