Roshni 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nick and Doodle talking to Roshni. She tells them about Sameer and praises him. She says he is good doctor and good boss. Doodle teases Nick that she is impressed with Sameer. She says she is really happy that they both joined Leela. Doodle says its awesome for them. She says no crisis can break them and they join hands. A girl is shown committing suicide. She is rushed to Leela hospital.

The doctors treat her. Roshni gets the emergency call and asks Nick and Doodle to go home. Nick says no, we will wait in your cabin, you go. Roshni checks the female patient and doctor gives the details. Roshni talks to the girl’s father and Nick and Doodle also hear him. The man tells his girl’s problem, who faced bad problems from her inlaws and husband. She says she left her inlaws and came home, when money got less and she took this step.

She says his daughter has aids, which she knew after a blood test, her inlaws started taunting her, I did not know she will do this. He cries. Roshni says this is limit, hiv detection makes people doubt on character. Pintu meets some clients and takes money from them. He calls someone to come near Leela hospital. He meets someone.

Vasundara, Anand, Rajat and Mona have a talk over breakfast and laugh. Rajat tells them about Roshni. He calls Roshni and asks her to come home. Roshni tells about emergency case. He asks her to let any doctor see case. He says Vasundara and Anand are going out. Roshni talks to Vasundara and asks them to take a break,

The ward boys from Pintu’s team go to see the patient. They make the nurse busy in talk and try to know about patient. Mona tells Rajat about the suicide case, it can be police case too, we should go and see. Rajat asks her to relax. Mona says Sameer knows Roshni’s nature, we can’t afford charity. He says I spoke to Roshni, she will come back when the girl gets conscious. He asks her not to talk about hospital at home, as Kishore told them.

The girl gets conscious and nurse checks her. The ward boys get glad. The nurse says the patient have hiv, I will not do duty here. The man calls someone. Roshni scolds the nurse for having such bad mindset. The ward boys go to the patient. They inject some medicine in the saline. Roshni, Nick and Doodle go to see the patient. The ward boys leave. Roshni checks the pulse rate high and checks saline. The nurse says she did not add any medicine. Roshni stops the saline supply and checks the girl. Roshni says someone has added insulin in saline. She treats the patient.

The man tells about his bahu. The lady is seen running. Sharad says abortion has to be done secretly, we will get much amount and suggests Rajat to do the operation.

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