Roshni 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guy making his mum sit. He talks to Guddu and tells about Malhotra diagnosing his mum wrongly. Guddu thinks to tell him about Malhotra’s fraud, but it would spoil hospital name. He asks the man to take his mum to some other doctor. The man says my doctor has referred Malhotra and goes. Guddu thinks to do something. Sameer joins Roshni and she asks him to have coffee. He asks her not to be serious, he should not leave his sense of humor. He tells about the old couple case, its emotional story. She says I hope everything gets fine. He says I m sure you will manage, I m taking dad out for few days, just manage behind me in my absence.

They have coffee. He thanks her for becoming his friend. She says even I was missing a friend since I came from London. The old couple have a talk and she cries for his recovery. Rajat comes to Roshni at home and asks whats going on. She teases him about Mona. She says she did not think about marriage. He asks about Nick or she can find any other hero. She says I m serious, I don’t know what to do, it became long distance relationship, Nick can’t leave London and I can’t leave Bhopal. He pacifies her. Anand tells Vasundara that he did not get any surgery since one month. She asks what, why did you not tell me before, you will need contacts.

Rajat tickles Roshni and makes her smile. Vasundara comes to them and tells about Anand being in stress for his job, he resigned from Anatomy lectureship and did not get any surgery job till now. Roshni says dad will not take anyone’s favor. Rajat says he can join Leela. Vasundara says he will get oversensitive if you offer post in Leela. Roshni says yes, we have to keep his self esteem in mind.

Its morning, Rajat and Roshni argue over newspaper. Roshni tells about the old couple case and explains Anand. She asks Anand’s help. Anand says you can manage. Roshni asks him to do surgery. Anand asks how can I do. Rajat and Vasundara also ask Anand to do surgery. Anand agrees and asks Roshni to give him details of case.

Anand does the surgery and says I m doing this surgery after 15 years and I did not forget any step. Its critical stage of cyst, it was necessary to operate soon, I feel glad to be back as surgeon in OT. Rajat and Vasundara look on. Mona comes and asks Rajat to tell why Anand is doing critical surgery, he is out of practice surgeon. Roshni assists Anand in the OT. Rajat says Roshni is assisting him, and dad has done surgery of mum after her accident too. Mona asks him not to take decisions personally. He asks her not to worry. Mona says things can spoil, I m just warning you.

Kishore gets a call from Mahesh. Mahesh says Anand and Vasundara are not available, and tells him the mahurat for marriage. Kishore says fine, and blesses him. Mahesh says the family who saved Mona’s life is giving her new life again. Kishore says its great, we got in this relation, I came to know Rajat wanted to marry Mona, its good, congrats Mahesh, I will prepare to come Bhopal today.

The family celebrates and Nick surprises Roshni. Roshni hugs him happily. Malhotra and Pintu start running the kidney stealing racket in Leela hospital. Sharad looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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