Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop clears Ishika’s misunderstanding

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palak comes to Roop and admits that she had a slip of tongue infront of Ishika and she told her about her bhabhi. Roop scolds Palak. Palak asks him to think how to make Ishika believe that they are not at fault. Hasmukh kaka tells that Roop’s enemy must have done this. Palak says there are no enemies except Ishika. Roop says Sandy thinks me as his enemy. Palak says why he will do this? Hardik says to become hero infront of Ishika. Sandy comes to Ishika and says I heard that Roop was talking arrogantly with you, you did right by splashing water on his face. Ishika asks who are you to tell me. Ishika sees her scooty punctured. Sandy offers lift. Ishika says I can go to my house. Sandy tells his friends that she will tell him I love you soon. Roop says we shall go and catch Sandy. Palak says he would have asked his chamchas. Hasmukh Kaka asks them to go.

Ishika’s mum asks her why is she hiding her face. Rupesh teases her. Ishika says I am fine how I am. Rupesh asks her to tell facing him. Ishika says I am so upset and my scooty is also punctured. Rupesh says we will get upset if you are sad. Mota Kaki comes and tells that their upbringing is wrong. Ishika’s mum says they know how to handle their daughter. Mota Kaki taunts them. Rupesh asks Ishika to smile. Ishika says no and says until I punish the guilty, I won’t smile.

Roop, Hardik and Palak search Sandy and his friends. Jigna is serving food to everyone. Bua stops her from serving Shamsher and signs Kinjal to serve food. She asks where is Roop? Kinjal says he didn’t come till now. Shamsher asks her to ask Kamla to call him. Roop, Hardik and Palak are somewhere on the road. Kamla calls him and asks him to come home. Roop tells her that someone accused me wrongly and I have to prove myself right. Kamla tells that truth can never hide. She asks where is he? Hardik takes the call and says they are in garage. Shamsher asks Kamla to talk to Roop and asks him to be discipline. He asks her to tell him not to bend his father’s head down. Ishika is angry still. Rupesh asks her to calm down. Kanchal says that guy shall be punished. She asks for Roop’s number. Ishika says it is saved as Gunda. Kanchal calls Roop and scolds him for making her daughter upset. She asks Rupesh to scold him. Rupesh also scolds him and says tiger zinda hai…Roop feels strange. Ishika laughs and hugs them. Hardik comes to know about Sandy’s party.

Roop thinks Ishika gets seriousness from her mother and cuteness from her father. They sit in car and come to the party. He asks Sandy’s friends who spread the news. They ask about his relation with Ishika and say she is your bhabhi. Roop asks them to apologize to Ishika as she is hurt with the news. Sandy’s friend remark on Ishika and tells that he will elope with her. Roop gets angry and beats him. Hardik gets beaten. Palak makes him sit in car. Roop beats the guy and asks him to accept his mistake infront of her. In the morning, Roop shows the video in which Sandy’s friend confessed to his crime. Palak asks if she is happy now and tells that Rahul spread the news. Sandy comes and asks Rahul to touch her feet and say sorry. Rahul goes. Roop tells IShika that he knows how to value family and tells that he has completed his challenge and asks her to think 1000 times.

Kinjal asks Roop about scarf of Ishika. She asks him to take her on coffee and talk to her. Ishika thinks to return his jacket. Roop thinks to befriend her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. zara hayat khan

    Yes roop u hv done well.nice episode.
    Hate u nakhchadi

    1. Atleast roop got one chance to prove that .he don’t do any wrong .better to avoid ishika for some days and concentrate on studies.

  2. I feel like their love story is about to begin lol can’t wait for roop to get married and teach Mr arrogant Shamsher a lesson

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