Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir manages to get mannat chits

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir asking about Rupesh reports. Roop says he must be fine with your prayers. Ishika asks Roop why did he agree to come with them and says now they have to bear them. Roop says your sister is here and that’s why I couldn’t say no. Ishika says wife’s safety is husband’s responsibility. Roop says what? Ranvir signs driver and tells about the temple to do mannat for Rupesh. Roop says we will go home. Ishika says we will go for Papa. Roop says I caught you. Ishika says I hate you. Roop says I just love that. Ranvir thinks to know about Ishika’s feelings in temple and thinks you are trapped now. They reach temple. Ishika is about to fall from the temple stairs, but Roop holds her. Rishta tha plays….Ishika looks at Roop. Roop says lets go. Purvi is about

to fall. Roop safeguards both ladies and take them inside.

Kamla tells that she will break her old FD and make bangles for Ishika. Kinjal says we will help you. Bua asks where are they going? Kinjal says they are going to tailor’s shop to get her clothes. Bua says ok. Kinjal asks did you check the FD receipt. Kamla checks and makes it fall down. Bua picks it and thinks she can’t see without specs. She is about to wear specs and see, but Kinjal comes and takes the receipt/cheque. Tailor comes and gives her kinjal dress. Bua says Kinjal went to your shop and asks if she knows that you will come here. He says no. Bua thinks they want to fool them, but it is not that easy.

Driver comes to Roop and Ishika and gives them chits to write mannat. They take chit. Ranvir pays money to the driver. Roop and Ishika go inside the temple. Pandit ji does their Tilak and says it seems you are newly married. He asks him to write mannat and keep it inside the box. Ishika writes wishing her father to be fine. Roop wishes Rupesh to get fine and their deal to get canceled. Ishika and Roop fold their chit and place in the box. Ishika forgets his phone inside.

Ranvir and Purvi come next. Pandit ji asks them to write mannat and keep it in the box. Purvi puts the wish list inside. Ranvir asks her to take Prasad and wait for him in the car. He takes out his ring. Pandit ji asks what happened? Ranvir says yes. He asks Pandit ji to give more Prasad. Roop and Ishika see Purvi coming alone. Purvi says Ranvir asked her to wait in the car. Ishika says she forgot her phone. Roop says I will bring. Ranvir thinks how to open the box. Ranvir says my mannat list is big and needs time. He opens the box and takes out Ishika and Roop’s chit. He then keeps the box back. Roop comes inside and asks what is he doing now? Pandit ji says I made the Prasad ready for your family. Roop says did you wait for the Prasad. Ranvir says he has list of mannats and asks him to go and wait. Roop finds something fishy. He takes Ishika’s phone and goes. Ranvir comes out and gives Prasad to a lady. He reads Ishika’s chit and thinks she doesn’t know about Rupesh’s recovery. He reads Roop’s chit asking God to make Rupesh fine, but fail their deal. He thinks what is this deal and gets happy.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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