Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir impresses Ishika, Palak urges Roop to write letter to Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop punching on the punching bag and recalls Ishika slapping him. Hardik and Palak come there. Mechanic says I tried to stop him. Hardik tries to stop him. Palak asks him to stop it and says you got hurt. Hardik asks if he has gone mad? Roop asks him to beat him. Palak asks him to take out his anger on her. Roop says he is not angry, but feeling heart broken and says it is like his heart is bursting. He says how you will understand how it feels when heart breaks and says you can understand only if you love someone. Palak gets teary eyes and cries. Hardik says I will make Roop understand, he is hurt, but you are crying. Palak says it is not needed. Hardik says I can’t see my sister like this. Palak asks Hardik not to tell him that how much she loves Roop. She

asks him to promise and says if Roop’s happiness is Ishika then it is okay. I will tell Ishika that Roop loves her so much and his love is not wrong. She says Roop will get his love.

Ranvir and Ishika play musical chairs with the kids. Ishika feels happy. Hardik sees Roop repairing the car. Hasmukh kaka asks him to rest for sometime. Roop says I am doing work, not breaking anyone’ heart, let me do my work. Ishika is happily playing with Ranvir and kids. Ishika shakes hand with the kids. Ranvir thinks Ishika will not hear Roop now. Palak tells Hardik that she has to help Roop and says if I don’t help him then who will help him. Hardik says first talk to him. Palak says no and tells that Roop doesn’t understand that his happiness matters to me a lot. She says she will call Ishika. Roop comes and stops her. Constables takes Ranvir and ishika’s pic with the kids. He then asks Ranvir and Ishika to pose for the pic. Ranvir says only if you are comfortable. Ishika asks him to come close to her as the pic needs to be in the same frame. Kids start playing. Ishika falls on Ranvir. Roop tells Palak that it is waste to talk to her. Palak says if you don’t talk to her then how you will understand that you are a gentleman and a good lifepartner. Roop says she doesn’t think of me as a friend. He apologizes to Palak for his behavior. Palak asks Roop to write a letter for Ishika and says you both are made for each other and even your thoughts matches.

Ranvir asks Constables to serve the snacks to the kids. Ishika says I was thinking that our thoughts matches. She says she will marry when she gets independent. Ranvir asks what she wants in her life partner? Ishika asks if he is flirting with her. Ranvir says I am generally asking and says sorry. Ishika says she wants her life partner to be sensitive and strong, not selfish, understand her and regard her parents as his parents, and with whom she can share all happiness. Ranvir says wow. Palak says you are perfect life partner and a dream of every girl. Roop says I can’t say infront of her. Palak says everytime some wrong misunderstanding happen. She says I have an idea and asks him to write his heart feelings to her.

Hardik asks Roop to write a letter. Roop says she don’t want to see my face. Palak says she will give letter to him. She thinks I didn’t get my love, but you will get your love and I will make all possible things. Ranvir acts good with the kids. Ishika asks him what kind of a girl he likes? Ranvir says I like simple and bold girl, and that doesn’t mean that I am flirting with you. Ishika smiles. She goes home and tells her parents about Ranvir. Rupesh asks if she likes him. Ishika says no. Rupesh asks her to take her time and decide. Ishika says you are good parents. Rupesh asks Ishika if she talked to Roop and cleared the misunderstanding.

Ishika says I am sure and tells that he got those posters posted and did drama in class. She says she don’t want to talk to him. Kanchal asks why you spoil her mood? Ranvir calls Ishika. Ishika says hello. Ranvir says I was worried as you reached home late and asks if her parents got upset with her. Ishika says no and tells that her parents got happy when she told about it. Ranvir says I will meet them next time. Roop is writing a letter to Ishika and tears the papers. Ranvir looks at him. Jigna asks him to write. Kinjal asks him to think about his love and says when Ishika reads your letter, she will understand. Ranvir smirks and says I will make your letter reach at the right address.

Palak gives Roop’s letter to Ishika and asks her to read it. Ishika asks Roop to say what is written in the letter. Roop proposes her with the rose. Ishika is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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