Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shamsher refuses to take Kamla to hospital

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Himani seeing Kamla standing in the water vessel. Kamla signs her not to tell anyone. Himani asks her sisters to sleep and come to Kamla. She holds her hand and says you are cold. Kamla says I can take care of myself and asks her to take care of Roop. Himani goes. Shamsher is sleeping peacefully. Next day, Roop refuses to talk to Palak. Himani asks him why he is not talking to her. Roop says papa got angry on me as you told about needle thread competitions. Palak apologizes. Roop goes. Himani looks on.

Kamla is working in the kitchen. Himani comes to her and asks why is she working? She holds her hand and finds her having fever. Roop sees Palak trying to make her hairs style. Bua asks Himani to tell Kamla to make tea. Himani asks her to have some humanity and love for her. Shamsher comes there. Kamla brings tea for them. Bua suggests Shamsher to search guy for Himani. Roop ties Palak hairs. Shamsher asks Kamla to go. Constable comes and asks Shamsher to come fast, as SP called him. Shamsher says I am an Inspector and not a student who runs. Teacher asks Roop about his hobbies. Roop tells all girls’ hobbies. All students laugh. Teacher asks why he don’t have guy’s hobbies and tells him that society will laugh if you go against society.. She then asks Palak, who tells all boy’s hobbies. Teacher says society will be proud of you. Roop asks when Palak can have boys hobbies, why can’t I have girls hobbies? Teacher asks can you wear frock or saree like girls. Roop gets confused and tells Palak that he don’t understand the differentiation.

Shamsher comes to meet SP. SP tells Shamsher that she came to know that he used to take part in wrestling and win medal for the dept and asks him to give her written statement that he will respect woman. Shamsher gives her medical report and says Doctor suggested him bed rest for 6 months. S P durga devi says it is not good to be egoistic. Shamsher says his name is strong and tells that he will resume work only after she gets transferred. She gets upset.

Himani sees Kamla coughing and having much fever. Kamla asks her to go. Himani wakes up Shamsher and Bua and asks them to take her to hospital. Shamsher says that doctor is a man and no man can touch her. he says we will take her to woman doctor. Himani says if Maayi stays in water all night then she will not survive. Shamsher tells her that if she has to die then no doctor can save her, and if she has to survive then even yamraj can’t kill her. He says if she is saved then we will take her to hospital and if she dies then crematorium ground. Roop and her daughters take her to room. Kamla asks him to massage her head. Himani brings wet cloth and asks Roop to keep on her head. She asks Kinjal and Jigna to massage her feet. Roop says why mummy is not taken to doctor. Himani says as thieves and dacoits will be there. Roop says Papa is an inspector and why to get afraid. He goes to Shamsher and tries to wake him up. Shamsher wakes up and asks what happened? Roop asks him to take Kamla to hospital. Shamsher says he will take him to hospital in the morning. He holds Roop closely while he tries to free himself.

Jigna and Kinjal tell Himani that Kamla’s condition deteriorated. Bua wakes up shamsher and says Kamla is really unwell and they have to take her to hospital. Roop asks him to agree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H.Hasan

  2. Wow this show is already interesting roops dad is really harsh the exact example of men in the olden times who were strict and angry and forceful towards there wife n kids, this reminds me of childhood and my dads perception of men being superior and girls being low. After all us sisters got married and moved out he felt really bad and his perception of girls and women changed. He always supports women and women rights. My dad always say girls qre special. Because he realised son and daughter the same. I think roops dad will change slowly but it takes time to understand urself.

  3. Mellu

    Oh god what an episode, even today some men exists like that , but regarding episode it was very sad to c his mother like that helpless lying on bed I hope he takes her near doc ,
    And in the classroom roop asked really apt question with the teacher, that girls can do boys stuff but why not boys ,
    And the girl who is playing palak’s character is too sweet and cute

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