Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak gets hurt by Roop’s love confession for Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupesh bending down on his knees infront of Vinay and apologizes to him. He touches his feet and keeps his head on his feet asking him for forgiveness, and asks him not to break engagement with Purvi. Kanchal feels bad. Hardik asks Roop to say I love you to Ishika and make her his Simran. Palak comes there. She tells about her room number. Hardik thinks I have to do something to take Palak from there, else she won’t let their love story complete. He asks her to give him medicine which she gave in bus. Palak takes him. Roop thinks where is Ishika? Ishika is talking to Rupesh and insists on video call, but Rupesh makes excuse that there is no network. Roop comes and greets him. Ishika makes him go. Rupesh ends the call. Ishika hears roaring sound and hugs Roop

being scared. Song plays…tujhse milne se pehle bhi…….She says tiger is here. Roop says you are hugging a tiger. Ishika realizes and breaks the hug. Roop says you said that you are not afraid of anything. Ishika asks so you have roared that sound. She asks him to go. Roop says I want to say something and says way is from this side. Ishika says I know and goes.

Rupesh says I didn’t tell anything to Ishika. Kanchal says you did right. Vaishnavi says she would have been right to call Police. She closes the door and apologizes to them. Kinjal comes to Kamla and says Roop has reached safely. Shamsher comes and says that nikamma have reached. Kamla says let him enjoy for some days. Shamsher asks her to ask him to study first, earn money and then enjoy. Ranvir thinks I wanted to enjoy with Ishika, but mota kaka gave me work.

Palak tells her mum that she can’t wait, Roop is going to propose her in 2 hours. Her mum asks her to open her bag and see the dress. She finds the dress and gets happy. Her mum says Roop will get more mad in your love. She gives her best wishes and ends the call. Palak ends the call. Ishika gets ready, applies make up and light jewellery. Ranvir calls Ishika on a video call. Ishika picks the call. Ranvir tells her that his hand is fine. He looks at her dress and asks if she is in picnic or party. Ishika says there is a party in the picnic. Vandana calls her. Ranvir thinks he will go there and be with Ishika. He says I am coming….Ishika.

Palak comes wearing the dress kept by her mum and looks at Roop standing and waiting. She checks the time too. She thinks why to wait more till 9 pm and thinks to confess her feelings now itself. Roop turns to her. Palak comes to Roop. Roop looks at Ishika and smiles. Hardik sees Palak and pulls her hand. Rishta tha plays….Ishika goes past Roop and shows her dress to her friends. Palak asks Hardik what happened? She asks how is she looking? Hardik laughs and asks if she wants to be like Ishika? Palak says never and says she is a girl and wearing girl’s clothing. Hardik says food is good and asks her to give company. She refuses and comes to Roop. Roop says he has work and will talk to her later. Palak says now only and takes him to side. Roop looks at her and says you are looking different, means you are looking beautiful. Palak thanks him for praising her and noticing her. She asks about his good news. Roop says news haven’t become good till now. He says he is nervous etc. Palak says let it be, I will tell you and asks if there is some with whom his life is becoming beautiful. Roop says yes. Palak asks if he wants to be with her. Roop says yes.

Palak says if you feel this then you are in love. Roop smiles and hugs her. He says yes, I am in love. Palak recalls Roop and her childhood memories and smiles. He asks how did you know? Palak says she knows and asks him to tell. Roop says Palak. Palak hugs him. Roop says I love Ishika. Palak is shocked and hurt. He tells that he wants to confess his feelings, but couldn’t, but today he will tell her. Palak cries and hides her feelings. Roop asks are you listening to me? Palak says yes. He asks why there is tears in your eyes? Palak says this is happiness tears. He says I know you don’t like her, but till when I can hide from you. Palak asks him to go. Roop asks her to smile and asks how is he looking? Palak asks him to go. She cries badly.

Sanjeeeda sheikh dances on kamli song….Roop and Ishika dance with her. Palak looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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