Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika enjoys Roop’s attention

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir telling Roop of his conspiracy and says I will add more peanuts in next 20 days then Ishika will hate you. Roop says Papa would have lose his life because of you and asks don’t you realize this? Ranvir says I know and also know that Rupesh has medicine for this. He says first day, main khiladi tu anari. And says just 20 days are left. Roop says jaisi karni waisi bharni and tells that his doing will be heavy on himself. He asks him to think something big and says even a money eats these peanuts. Ranvir says I will make you and Ishika dance on my tune. Kamla makes food on the Chula. Jigna comes and says I will do it. Kamla says no, I will do it. Bua comes holding kinjal’s ears and says they shall follow Shamsher’s sayings. She taunts kamla. Kamla makes food on the Chula, ashes fall on her face. Bua scolds Kamla and says roti shall not get burnt even if your face or hand gets burnt. Ishika gives food to Rupesh. Rupesh asks about Roop. Ishika says you would have died because of him and you are asking about him, it seems you love him more than loving me. Rupesh says nobody can take your place and says mistake can happen with anyone. He says it seems you love him too much. Ishika asks him to have food. Roop hears them and smiles.

Ishika goes to room and sees small cake on the table. Roop comes and closes the door. He says sorry and tells that Papa is better now and slept. He asks her to leave her anger. Ishika says so you are really sorry. Roop says yes. Ishika says she needs time to think and says icecream and cake are good. She asks him to make her have water as she is thirsty. Roop recalls doing same thing with her. He gives her water. She takes a sip and gives the glass to him. She then asks him to bring her phone charger. Roop recalls doing the same and gives her charger. He asks if he will get forgiveness. Ishika says you have to do something else and asks him to massage her head. Roop says why not. He starts massaging her hairs and asks her if she is feeling good. Ishika says you can do much better. Ranvir hears them and thinks they are coming closer. He thinks to do something that Ishika will never forgive Roop. Ishika feels relaxed and falls in Roop’s embrace. Rishta tha plays……Ranvir throws vase angrily. Ishika and Roop’s romance gets disturbed.

Bua asks kamla to bring food fast. Kamla brings rotis. Shamsher asks if this is roti or papad. He doesn’t look at Kamla’s face and goes inside. Bua asks kamla to make round rotis for Shamsher like she took round bangles for her bahu. Kamla gets drowsy and is about to fall down, but Kinjal and Jigna hold her. Kinjal tells Kamla that they will take the bangles from Ishika. Kamla says I can’t do abshagun. Kinjal says she will call Roop. Kamla asks them not to tell anything to Roop or Ishika.

Ishika tells Roop that she didn’t forgive him yet and asks him to massage her legs. Roop asks if she is feeling pain in her neck. Ishika asks him to focus. Roop says anything for sorry and is about to massage her legs. Kanchan comes there and sees Roop massaging her feet and scolds Ishika. She asks Ishika to apologize to Roop. Roop says its ok, when he can massage his mum’s legs then why can’t his wife, when she can massage his feet why can’t him. Kanchan feels proud of him. Ishika asks Roop to apologize to him.

Ishika is going somewhere. Rupesh asks her to come. Roop comes and sees her. Ishika leaves. Ranvir comes and says day 2 will be bad. Roop says she will come and hug me. Ranvir says Day 2 challenge will be heavy on you. Ishika thinks to buy medicine for Rupesh. She sees Kamla in the market and calls her. Kamla hides her face and goes from there. Ishika thinks why did she go? Kamla thinks it is good ishika didn’t see my face. Ishika comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Kamla turns and looks at her. Ishika is shocked to see her face.

Ishika returns her bangles to kamla. Shamsher throws the bangles and says once things go out from here, it can’t return whether it is my son or these bangles. Ishika says Roop and these bangles will return surely.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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