Rivanya(Naagin), Ishveer (MATSH) ,Raina (PMHDM) and Ragsan ff – My love is only for u ( Episode 26)

Episode 26

In Morning
At Raheja Mansion
In Rivanya’s room
Shivanya: wakes up and sees Ritik sleeping his arm around his waist removes his and places a forehead kiss on him and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and goes downstairs .
In Kitchen
Shivanya : starts making coffee for her and Ritik and after 10 min coffee is ready and takes coffee to their room .
Back in Rivanya’s room
Shivanya: puts the try of coffee cups on table and goes to wake up Ritik

Ritik : wakes up and pulls her and they have eyelock and kisses her .
Shivanya: kisses back and stops kissing him after 2 min and says to him that go and get fresh she has brought coffee here only .
Ritik: ok and goes to bathroom and comes back after getting fresh and sees his laptop movie is fully downloaded and puts that in pendrive .
Both drinks their coffee together after that both goes downstairs .

In living room

Both Mihir and Sudha were talking and sees Ritik and Shivanya coming to them .
Ritik and Shivanya : papa and maa we are going to our farmhouse for little get together
Mihir and Sudha: ok
Ritik: tells to papa that u have to handle the office all alone .
Mihir : no problem I will manage .
Ritik : thanks papa .
After 10 min

Both Ranveer and Ragini came downstairs and asked for coffee from maa .
In Kitchen
Sudha: starts making coffee for both and after 10 min coffee is ready and gives it them .
Both Ranveer and Ragini finishes their coffee and goes to living room where Ritik , Shivanya and Mihir are there .
Back in Living room
Ritik and Shivanya: tells to Ranveer and Ragini they also coming with them to farmhouse for movie

Ranveer: ok and decides this to tell Ishaani .
Ragini: ok bhaiya and bhabhi .
Ranveer: calls Ishaani .
At Kapoor Mansion
In Ishaani’s room
Ishaani: phone rings of her and sees it is Ranveer’s call picks it up
Ranveer : tells that Ritik bhaiya and Shivanya bhabhi (your di) has planned a movie date at our farmhouse .
Ishaani: ok and gets happy that jiju and di have planned this thing .
Ranveer: one more tells this to Shesha also .
Ishaani : ok I will tell her also and disconnects the call

Ranveer: also disconnects the call .
Ishaani: goes to Shesha’s room
In Shesha’s room
Ishaani: opens the door and goes inside the room and sees Shesha coming out from bathroom after getting fresh.
Shesha: asks what happened Ishaani di why are you here
Ishaani: tells to her that jiju and Di have made plan to watch movie at their farmhouse with Ranveer and Ragini.
Shesha: wow di that’s awesome
Both goes to their parents room

In Ram and Priya’s room
Both Ram and Priya were romancing each other due to knock on door of their room both stops romancing each other
Priya: goes and opens the door and sees Shesha and Ishaani
Ishaani and Shesha: comes in their room and says that Ritik jiju and Shivanya di has made a plan of watching movie at their farmhouse with me , Ishaani di , Ragini and Ranveer .
Ram and Priya: ok go and enjoy with your di most

Back at Raheja Mansion
After 1hrs
Both Ritik and Shivanya are ready and goes downstairs and waits for Ragini and Ranveer to come

After 4min
Both Ragini and Ranveer comes downstairs after getting ready
Ritik : tells to Ranveer to bring Ragini , Ishaani and Shesha with him to farmhouse .
Ranveer: ok Bhaiya
Ritik and Shivanya : leaves for farmhouse in their car

Ranveer: leaves with Ragini for kapoor mansion to pick up Ishaani and Shesha
At Kapoor Mansion
Ranveer : reaches kapoor mansion in 20 min with Ragini and rings horn
Both Ishaani and Shesha hears horn sound and goes out and sits in the car and they leaves for farmhouse

At Farmhouse
Ritik and Shivanya : reaches farmhouse
Security guard : opens the gate for them

Ritik and Shivanya: goes inside and parks their car and waits for Ranveer to arrive with Ragini , Ishaani and Shesha .

After 25 min

Ranveer: arrives at farmhouse
Security guard: opens the gate once again
Ranveer: goes inside and parks his car and goes inside the house with Ragini ,Ishaani and Shesha
Inside House
Ishaani and Shesha : straight goes to di and hugs her
Shivanya: also hugs back and gets happy on seeing her sisters Ishaani and Shesha
Ritik : tells to Ranveer can talk in private
Ranveer: yeah bhaiya why not

Both goes to Rivanya’s room
Ritik: I have an idea that me and you do romance with Shivanya and Ishaani in flower garden
Ranveer: Nice idea bhaiya but there is problem Ragini and Shesha
Ritik: I have an idea for that also and idea is we keep them busy in playstation games .
Ranveer: Nice idea bhaiya and smiles
Both leaves back for living room

In Living room

We see all girls talking with each other
Ritik: comes and tells to Shesha and Ragini that you both will be playing games on tv with playstation
Ragini and Shesha: ok ( in mind- they both know that Ishveer and Rivanya wants to spend time alone ) smiles and tells them we don’t have any problem in playing games on playstation
Both Ritik and Shivanya and Ranveer and Ishaani leaves for flower garden and reaches flower garden in 3 min
Ritik and Ranveer: plucks red and white rose and puts in hair of Shivanya and Ishaani .
Both romances each other in flower garden

After 30 min
Both Ritik and Shivanya and Ranveer and Ishaani goes back in house .
As day passed night came

At Night
In Kitchen
Shivanya: making popcorn for all
In Living room
Ritik : start the tv and puts pendrive in usb thing of tv .
Ranveer : comes and helps her bhabhi
In Kitchen
Ishaani : takes out pespi bottle from fridge and fill 6 glasses of that and keeps the bottle of pepsi in fridge again and takes those 6 glasses to living room and puts on table .
Shivanya : brings popcorn for all and tells to Ritik start the movie .
Ritik : starts the movie
Shivanya : sits cozily to Ritik
Ishaani: also sitting cozily to Ranveer

Both Shesha and Ragini are sitting together
All are watching the movie and after 1:54:59 min movie got over after that all were feeling very sleepy .
Both Ritik and Ranveer takes Shivanya and Ishaani in their arms takes them to their rooms and lays them on bed after both of them goes to living room again
Ranveer: takes a quilt and goes to couch and falls asleep.
Ritik: tells to Ragini to take Shesha in her room
Ragini: takes Shesha to her room and both falls asleep in couple of min .
Ritik: goes back locks the main door and comes back to their room and fall asleep

Precap: Vicky and Rocky tries kidnap ragini but instead Shivanya and Ishaani becomes victim but luck saves them and Ranveer and Ritik beat down them for harming their love .

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