Rishton Ka Manjha 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan Mathur insults Diya

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Scene 1
Diya is leaving the house. Mohan asks where are you going? Diya says I am going to the tailor. Her aunt says she will come back in a car, right Diya? Diya gets tensed. Mohan asks what do you mean? Her aunt says someone came in a car yesterday to meet her at night. She asks Diya to tell them about the person. Mohan asks Diya to answer. Meera asks Diya to speak up. Diya says I don’t know anyone here. A man was asking about the address, that’s it. Diya’s uncle says we got worried for a second. Mohan asks her to leave. Diya leaves. Her aunt thinks she fooled everyone but not me.

Arjun wakes up in his room and finds a kurta there. Deepika brings tea for him. She says today is Janmashtami pooja so no alcohol today. Arjun says okay, he asks about Madhuri. Deepika says she was not feeling well so she is taking rest. Arjun asks what happened? Deepika says I think it’s high time you realize that you are hurting her.

Madhuri wakes up and recalls how Amitabh told her to act like she is ill so Arjun would agree to the marriage. Madhuri says he asked me to act ill but I am not feeling well with all the pain that I have. Arjun comes there and asks what happened? I will call a doctor. Madhuri says it’s not needed, my heart is hurting after seeing your drama. I will die like this. Arjun says don’t say all that. What can I do for you? I will do anything you ask me. Madhuri says fine, today your marriage date will be fixed with Tina so promise me you won’t do any drama today? Arjun looks on.

Diya comes to the badminton academy. She finds that the selection is going on for people who have played on the district level.

Arjun calls the doctor and asks him to come and check Madhuri. She ends the call and says if you start listening to me then my troubles will go away. Arjun says fine, I will marry Tina and won’t do any drama. Madhuri smiles and says now I am stress-free. Arjun hugs her. Madhuri asks if he gave the bag to the girl? Arjun says yes, I gave it back and scolded her also. He recalls how Diya asked him to go home and take rest.

Diya comes to receptionist and says I have played on the district level so how can I participate on state-level? Karan’s manager comes there and says she is the same what was with Arjun yesterday. He asks the receptionist to reject her. Diya says how will I not get the chance? I have played on the district level, I want to talk to Karan now. He knows me so I want to talk to him. The manager says okay, come with me.

Arjun tells Madhuri that girl is so stubborn, she won the tournament in Jamshedpur but her father lost his job because of it. I told her that the talent means nothing in this game, only money works but she doesn’t listen.

The manager comes to Karan and says the girl who was protecting Arjun yesterday is here and wants to talk to you. She is saying that she won the Jamshedpur tournament. Karan recalls it’s Diya and says tell her that she won’t get the chance. She was with Arjun on both the days, I can’t take any risk. Just throw her out of the academy. The manager says but we can’t deny her as per the rules. Karan says only I rule here so throw her out of here. He turns around to see Diya standing there. Diya says Arjun was right, only money speaks here. People don’t know that this is your real face, you were my idol but you play with people’s dreams. Karan asks the security to throw her out. Diya says I am not surprised to see this side, I thought you were a good man and would recognize my talent but Arjun was right about you. Ragu kaka hears all that and goes from there. Karan shouts the security to throw her out. Diya says you can’t people for long. The security takes her away.

Ragu Kaka calls Arjun and asks where are you? They are treating that girl badly. He tells him everything. Arjun recalls how Diya said that she would meet Karan with hope. He says I am coming. He ends the call and tells Madhuri that I am coming back in a bit. He leaves. Madhuri tells Deepika that he promised me to marry Tina only so don’t worry.

The security throw diya out of the academy and asks her to get lost. Diya cries and recalls how Arjun said that bribe works here. Diya thinks he was right, Karan doesn’t care about talent. Mounika comes there and says you must be thrown out by Karan. She laughs at Diya and says we are different, you can never compete against me. This was your the end so get lost. Diya is in tears and starts leaving.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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