Rishton Ka Manjha 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Diya says I don’t know who was that woman. Who did such a dirty joke. Niharika gets ready. Kush comes to her. He says is there your hand in this matter? She says you are blaming me again for everything that happens in this house. She starts crying. Diya says to Arjun and says go sleep. You danced so well. Everyone was so happy specially. It felt like nothing ever went wrong. And even if it did, you can fix it. You can mend the broken relations. Right? Niharika cries. Kush says I was just asking. She says you were doubting me. He says I don’t want you to repeat this mistake. stop hating on Diya. She’s not bad either. Sorry. He hugs her.

Scene 2
Karan is angry. He recalls everything. His man says the plan to stop Diya is ready. Karan says you have two days only. Do anything, she must not reach the camp. Disqualify her in the fitness test. Karan calls Tina. He says Tina? Were you sleeping and dreaming of Arjun? What else can you do. She says shut up, don’t get personal. Karan says if seeing Diya and Arjun doesn’t ruin your sleep, what can I say. She says I am not in mood of lecture. KAran says it’s camp in two days, I want your help. Update me everything what Diya and Arjun talk about. What they plan. Shatter Diya’s dream. He married her for badminton. If her dream is shattered they won’t be together. And he can be yours.

Arjun wakes up to the sound of pooja. He says Diya must have gone too. Depika asks Arjun have you seen Diya? He says no. Where is she? Arjun says let me see in the gym. she’s not there either. Depika says where did she go? Arjun tries to call her. Her phone is off. Arjun says how can she leave like this. Niharika says she showed her real colors. I knew she wasn’t that pious. Must have ran with all the gold. Niharika asks Depika why are you worried? She says Diya isn’t home. Depika says she must have gone for a walk. Arjun says no she worked out last night. Why is her phone off?

Niharika comes to Tina and says Diya has left the house. Tina says where? Niharika says she must have gone to sold the gold. I hid it in her gym bag. She must have gone to sell it. Tina says ever use your brain? Tina says Diya must have known someone kept it in her bag. She must have told everyone. Niharika says she must have gone to sell it. Tina says she’s not an idiot. Niharika says I will ask mummy ji to give me jewelry to wear. When she goes to the closet, it’s not gonna be there. Tina says be careful, Kush already doubts you. Tina says where could she go? To her parents?

Arjun says if she went to them she would have told me? Depika says let me call once and ask. She calls Mira. Mira says all good? Depika says can’t I call you? Mira says you can. Depika asks how are you? She says just working for pooja. I miss Diya. Where is she? Depika says she is a little busy. Arjun says that means she’s not there.

Scene 3
Arjun goes out and asks people if they’ve seen her. No one has seen her. He comes to a park. Arjun says where could she go? Kush calls him. He says could you find her? He says no. Arjun says I hope Karan isn’t behind this. Depika says what if she’s gone to the market? Let me ask dadi. Niharika sneaks downstairs. Kush stops her. She says are you doubting me? He says I was just asking. Have you seen her? She says I don’t know. He says fine. Niharika says time to tell mummy ji about jewelry but I’ve to check if Diya has taken it. SHe checks Diya’s closet. The bag is there. Someone sneaks in the room. Niharika opens the bag. The jewelry is there. Someone opens the doro. Niharika is scared.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I really think Diya is missing, I would’ve never imagined that the episode would go this way. But wow Karan works fast to get his revenge, he didn’t even take a few days to recover, he just attacked with a full prepared plan and everything😲 but at the same time the show is so unpredictable, Diya could’ve gotten lost or something😂
    Guys the trp for the show has been a consistent 0.7, I’m concerned, I hope they don’t cut the show🤞🏽🤞🏽

    1. @A
      I don’t know, I’m very skeptical to guess anything at all now 😅 Just one quick question, any idea about the shadow lingering outside?
      About the trp (this is gonna be long)…from 0.6 to 0.8 during marriage track and back to 0.7 during the diwali week. Honestly, I started watching this being mentally prepared for an off-air. The rumor from weeks back may not be applicable now since the new show which was assumed of replacing this has been given 6.30 time slot from 6 dec (promos launched and all). But sooner or later unless the trp has some rise, they will cut the show. 7pm time slot also has a big competition, with that colors show being one of the top 5 (I shudder to even take the name of the show, never seen something disgusting like that) and the zindagi show on starplus being actually a good show with nice content and better presentation (they have 1.1 which is not enough given the channel’s popularity and starplus has to be most greedy channel with regards to trp)…it might be tough. Zee as a channel doesn’t have that popularity. Rkm, the lack of a star cast (or better said, familiar faces) and the production house being a regional one who are experimenting on the national gec for the first time…all this adds to its trp. If the channel has a good repo with the production house (which I think it does because on their regional channel, zee bangla, this production house is giving hits after hits and they are ruling almost every time slot, early evening to late night) then they might give the show a longer run. Let’s see, the best would be to be prepared for a sudden off-air anytime. Ironic isn’t it? If the show has bad trp, you have to be worried about an off-air all the time. If the show has a good trp, you have to be worried every second about the leads being ruined beyond a redemption graph since good trp = more trp.

  2. Hi @A nd AK….Hope u had a nice Thanksgiving with ur family!! Mine was nice too!!

    1. Hi @Kitty, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving where I live, but I had a great day regardless😊 I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed Thanksgiving with your family!

  3. Please kush don’t fall for that crocodile tears of ur wife!!

  4. Okay @AK I’ve analyzed the shadow and it’s a woman’s shadow for sure, my first thought is that Diya disappeared on purpose to catch the culprit who put the jewelry in her bag, but then the person outside then knocked over something which made a noise, I paused it and saw that the woman had on jewelry, but not the red lakh(?) bangles thar Diya wears all the time, so it can’t be Diya, so who can it be??
    And if Diya really disappeared, then that’s rather unfortunate, and are they trying to make Arjun go crazy? He’s obviously going to blame himself for what happened the poor guy looks terrified and stressed.
    I’m wondering about Tuna as well. Karan is really petty, he should be in bed with his wife at that hour, but he’s provoking Tuna.
    On a lighter note, I like Arjun’s thought process so early in the morning, 1st the sound of the puja starting, then thoughts about Diya already being there, hoping she slept well and then deciding to go and check on her first thing, I see you Arjun😏
    Diya’s advice about fixing relationships made sense though and I like how she complimented his dancing, Arjun actually smiled a bit🥺
    @AK thanks for explaining how the production house and television network politics work, I feel reassured, but a bit scared about the show going offair. I guess all we can hope for is the best🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. @A
      Yeah, it can’t be Diya…but then who was it?
      Same here, love the thought process 😁

    2. Thank you @AK😊😊

  5. Here’s the Zee5 precap just in case you haven’t seen it, they released this precap a bit late, it seems like Arjun is accusing Karan of kidnapping Diya. I really don’t know what to believe at this point, why would Diya just vanish like that? There better be a good reason for her disappearance.


    1. @A
      Thanks for the link!
      Karan asks his men to make sure everything goes according to plan. Arjun accuses Karan and has brought the police. He asks them to check the house to find clues.
      I have no idea how they are plan to progress with this.

    2. Thanks for translating, I can’t wait to see where they are going with this too. Karan looks smug, maybe he does have something to do with it? Gosh this show makes me lack confidence in my predictions😅😅

    3. @A
      Diya’s disappearance has more to do with Aanchal (Diya) going home for a short while I think 😅

    4. Lol🤣🤣 That was a second thought for me, okay okay, they came up with a nice cover story I guess. But this can be a good thing, Arjun might go a bit crazy on losing Diya for a while, maybe this might make him realize his feelings? Hmm, Karan might be involved then🤔.

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