Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun gets Diya Sarees

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Scene 1
Diya wakes up. She says my foot fells better. Diya tries to walk. She says Arjun did magic. Deepika says you have to do kitchen ritual today. You have to make kheer or halwa. Diya says I can’t make anything. Deepika says I will help you. Arjun will become your fan. Diya asks where is he? Deepika says he went out to do shopping for you. He cares for you. Diya says I am so scared about this ritual. Why do girls have to do this? Depika says it’s a test for girls.

Scene 2
Arjun is on his way. All shops are closed. Arjun calls a shopkeeper.
Amitabh shows all the news papers to Madhuri. Tina says calm down uncle. There’s kitchen ritual goijg on. Diya will make dessert for everyone. Madhuri says what? Is that girl in the kitchen? Tina says she will be. Madhuri says I won’t let he enter the kitchen.

Diya is worried. Depika says I don’t think Arjun can find sares. Dadi says if he doesn’t come give her Tina’s saree. Arjun says why? I got Diya many sarees. Why would she wear someone else’s clothes? All shops were closed so I had to call a designer. How do you do shopping. Depika says wow? Worked so hard for shopping? Dadi says he’s become responsible. Arjun says don’t tease me. Dadi says you are so lucky. Husbands in our age would never shop for women. You are lucky. She says Depika get her ready. Arjun leaves.

Depika says these small things matter a lot. Arjun cares for a you a lot. Not everyone is that lucky. Which one would you wear? Madhuri says I won’t let her ente the kitchen even if I have to go against maa. Niharika says bhabhi and dadi are taking her to the kitchen. you should see her designer saree. Tina says designer saree? Niharik says Arjun got her new sarees. Tina says where were many sarees? Niharika says she might have demanded one. Ambitabh says she’s fooling Ajrun and he is being fooled. Stop all this Madhuri.

Scene 3
Depika says Diya you look so pretty. Diya says I am really scared. Depika says everything will be fine. Depika says Arjun nice choice.. I mean of saree. Daddi says you look so pretty. Come let’s start cooking. Kush says Arjun you also come. He says why? Depika says see how she cooks. Madhuri stands on the door and says no one will go to the kitchen. My whole family is going against me. Dadi says she will do the kitchen ritual. Madhuri says I don’t accept her as my DIL. I won’t let her enter my kitchen.

Diya leaves. She locks her room. Depika says I know you’re hurt about what maa said. She’s angry. Don’t take it to your heart. Dadi says Diya please open the door. Arjun says don’t stress over it. You don’t know how to cook anyway. It’s okay. We have more time to practice. Let’s go. Kush says is she not opening? Depika says she is hurt by what ma said. Kush says let’s break the door. Arjun breaks the door. Diya falls, Arjun hold her. Diya says sorry bhabhi. I had headphones on. Kush says what were you watching? Arjun kicks him. Diya says I was watching the video how to make kheer. Arjun says why? Diya says have to do the ritual. dadi says how will you do it? Madhuri isn’t letting you in the kitchen. Diya says I can make dessert outside the kitchen as well. Arjun says how will you do it? Diya says I will.

Diya and Kush make stone stove in the garden. Kush says never thought there would be such filmy situation in the house. He says so you will cook here? Diya says cooking for the first time. He says I like your confidence. Any girl would have been pissed about maa said. Diya says she has a right on us. Elders can get mad at us. You gave respect and importance to this house’s rituals. Diya says her anger is justified. I have a relation with this house and I will take care of all the responsibility I have. Niharika looks at them in anger. She says I will teach him a lesson. Let me tell Tina as well.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I forgot it is Madhuri the daughter of the house or is she just the daughter-in-law of the house???
    Whatever, I find her face expression disgusting and how she behaves as if everything belongs her and others must follow their orders except her husband.
    And I knew it Diya wants to win everyone’s hearts and be a good daughter-in-law.
    Oh yes I did not know that in the house of Arjun also pets live.
    Tina- dog 🤣
    Niharika – her puppy. 😂
    I will skip the Saas Bahu scenes from now on because zero interesting and only watch the Arjun, Diya scenes.

    1. I just read the updates…I do not watch the episodes anymore. Soon the reading too will stop as it is yet another MIL toxic relationship with her DIL who is from a poor home.

    2. Same here I’m skipping scenes whenever I see Maduri or any of her crew come on my screen,🙄🙄 her hate makes no sense, she was portrayed as one of the few family members who loved and stood by Arjun and now look at her behavior😑. I’m really liking Arjun and Diya post marriage scenes so far though, they are bonding nicely and Diya looks so beautiful, she seems to having other worldly beauty😍 this is the only way I can describe her, she just looks extra nice lol🤣❤️ their wardrobe and makeup team are doing a great job for each character. I can’t wait until they get back to badminton, Karan is the only villain who makes sense and I’d like to see what he comes up with next for our couple.

  2. Aww Arjun did saree shopping for diya!! Arya eyelock was so romantic 😘😘…nice catch Arjun…Shes ur wifey after all! At least dadi, deepika nd Arjun are supporting diya….kush is ok too. Tuna, midori, Aafat nd nihari are disgusting! Midori is so irritating….my kitchen, my kitchen like she gave birth to kitchen…why can’t the parents be just happy in their son’s happiness?? Nihari looks like a devil wen she makes evil faces….Anyways I love Arya together!

    1. @Kitty your comments never fail to make me laugh❤️🤣, Maduri gave birth to that kitchen to replace Arjun, she’s protecting her baby😂😂😂
      This episode was mixed, one minute I was going awwww, blushing and then laughing😂. The next I was angry at Maduri and her antics😒

  3. This episode was a nice one😊 if we cut out Maduri and her drama. I still don’t get why Tina is living there, do they still hope to get her married to Arjun? I feel like Tuna is going to burn all of Diya’s new sarees, I hope I’m wrong.
    Some of my favorite moments:
    1.Arjun and Diya were so cute this episode. Dadi, Khush and Deepika exchanging knowing looks, teasing Arjun and Diya was nice, it almost felt like what a normal family would do to tease the newly wedded couple in the house, they alone made this episode bearable.
    2.When Arjun rushed in with the sarees, then he looked so proud of his choice, he’s acting like a husband and doesn’t know it lol😂
    3.I like Khush 10 times more now, he’s such a little brother, I wonder who is the youngest between him and Arjun, they both seem to share a close bond. I felt so bad that I laughed at him when he and Arjun tried to knock down the door and then Arjun and Diya ended up in each others arms while Khush embraced the floor😳🤣. His face when he realized what was happening along with dadi and Deepika👌🤣 Also when he asked Diya about the video she was watching and Arjun slapped him, I realized Khush is my favorite side character 😂😂
    I hope he doesn’t let Niharika’s negativity keep him away from Arya, he’s seems like such a nice guy how did he end up with her?
    Guys does Diya know how to cook or not? When Arjit came to propose marriage they asked if she can cook and her mother said yes. So that means she can only cook Bengali food right? therefore Diya can cook, just not the dishes Arjun’s family are used to🤔🤔
    Another question here, I don’t understand, they hate that Diya is Bengali? If so why? is it a bad thing to be Bengali?

    1. I like how she doesn’t know how to cook shes not like one of those overpowered daughter in laws lol 😆

    2. Lol🤣 for real. She’ll gain my respect if she learns to cook though.

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