Rishton Ka Manjha 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Tina warns Diya to stay away from Arjun

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Scene 1
Ajit gets a call from Diya. She says I am sorry for calling you at this time, I need your support. Ajit says I will be supportive. Diya says can I play badminton after marriage? I can help my baba by getting a job. Ajit thinks she is a demanding girl but if I say no then she might not marry me. If I marry her then she can bring money home and I don’t have to work. Diya says if you say no then I won’t play. Ajit says that’s not an issue, you can do anything you want after marriage. I am not an old-fashioned husband. Diya says you are sure? Ajit says I am very sure, Diya thanks him and ends the call. Diya smiles and says he didn’t even ask me any question and said yes. She says Arjun was right, Ajit is supportive. Thank you, Arjun. Let’s meet in the badminton court.

Amitabh tells his son Love to prepare the guest list. Love says I will and I have invited the media also. Arjun comes there. Love says I will prepare for the biggest wedding in this city. Arjun calls for the servant Ramu Kaka. He asks where is Madhuri?

Madhuri, Deepika and Tina are in the car. They are going to meet Diya. Madhuri says we won’t question her much. We will just ask her how she met Arjun. Tina says I will thank her for saving Arjun.

The doorbell rings, Mohan opens it to find Madhuri, Deepika and Tina standing there. She asks if Mukharji is here? Mohan thinks they are his guests. He asks them to come inside. Tina thinks this girl lives in a slum-type area and aiming to get with Arjun, her luck won’t work till I am here. Diya comes in the lounge and looks at the guests. Diya recognizes Deepika and says you live with Dadi that I helped right? Mohan asks them to sit down. Diya asks how is Dadi? Madhuri says she is fine. Deepika says she is my mother-in-law. Madhuri says we couldn’t meet you earlier so I came here to thank you personally. Thanks a lot for helping Dadi and Arjun both. Diya is stunned and says Arjun? Madhuri says Arjun Agarwal, I am his mother. Diya is surprised and smiles. Mohan recalls the incidents with Arjun and how he was alleged to have taken drugs. Mohan says Arjun is the same guy because of whom Diya’s first marriage proposal got canceled.

Scene 2
Amitabh calls Niharika and asks where is everyone? Niharika says they have all gone to meet that girl Diya. Arjun comes there and says Maa went to Diya’s house? why? Niharika says she helped Dadi by bringing her here, Maa went to thank her. Arjun says I would have done that, anyway. He starts leaving. Amitabh says Madhuri always takes care of small things. Arjun says we all know that but not you. He leaves from there. Amitabh asks Niharika why didn’t Mmadhuri tell me before going?

Mohan tells Madhuri that my daughter doesn’t have any link with Arjun, she won’t meet him again. Diya thinks about how to tell him that I am going to train with him. She tells Madhuri that Arjun helped us a lot, he made me win the tournament so when the guards were beating him, I protected him that day. The media gave it the wrong angle. Mohan says we are middle-class people and have nothing to do with the media. We want to stay away from all this. Let’s have some refreshments. Diya’s marriage got fixed on 4th October. Madhuri says Arjun is marrying Tina on the same day. She introduces Tina. Tina says I am Mrs. Arjun Agarwal soon. She smirks at Diya. Diya smiles at her. Madhuri gifts a gold necklace to Diya and says this is a thank you for helping us. Diya says I just did what any human would do that day. Sorry, but I can’t take it. Tina says that’s nice of you, I like you. show me your house. Diya says sure and takes her from there. Mohan says we will get tea for you all.

Diya brings Tina to her room and says we just got shifted. Tina says it must be difficult to adjust here. You must be planning to get a bigger house by trapping Arjun? You thought you could act supportive with Arjun and then become a queen from a maid soon? Diya says enough, you came here to put me down? Tina says you want to trap Arjun so you could extort money from him. Diya says it’s not like that, we met by chance and nothing else. Our destinations are different, Arjun is a nice guy. All the best for your future. Tina is embarrassed and starts laughing. She says I am sorry, I was just joking. I know there is nothing between you and Arjun. I would invite you to Arjun and I’s wedding but your wedding is on the same day, all the best. She leaves. Diya recalls her moments with Arjun.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So if Diya Dad hadn’t mentioned the wedding, then Tina wouldn’t have been introduced in the first place. 😂🤣
    I just want to see the wedding between Arjun and Diya and Tina’s face when she finds out will be memorable.🤣😂🤣

    1. Oh that will surely be a meme worthy 🤣

    2. I know right Tina was so irrelevant🤣 I have been anticipating the moment Diya and Arjun get married, but I wonder how will it happen? Bride swap? Groom swap?🤣 Hmmmmm🤔 either way, I can’t wait to see Tina’s reaction😂

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