Rishton Ka Manjha 16th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun comes to help Diya

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Scene 1
Monica spills water on Diya’s bed. Diya is worried about the documents. Monica says what are you thinking? Would you ask why I spilled water? Because I like seeing you without water. I don’t want your thirst to be over. Diya cleans it with her towel. Monica says how dare you it’s my towel. Diya says you spilled, you clean. Monica says your dad used to clean my shoves. Diya says how are you Karan’s slave then? If he wasn’t here you won’t have qualified either. Right? Monica gets angry. she says shut up. Diya says I am not weak. Don’t confuse it with my silence. Better fight with me in the court but I know you can’t even stand in front of me there without Karan. Her friend says you.. Diya says I don’t speak to spoons. Diya says if I tell the media you’re ineligible and here because of Karan’s favor you career would be over. Monica says how dare you. She says you see what I do.

Monica and her friends lock the door. Monica says I will break your hand. I will see how you play then. They tie Diya. Arjun comes there as old man and says what’s happening here. What are you doing with this girl. diya says they were hitting me. Monica says why didn’t you knock? He says I was cleaning and I heard a girl screaming. Monica says go from here. Diya says let’s go to the warden and tell her. He says take out your anger in the court and make this country proud not here. Monica says get out. Arjun says I was saying this for your better. The food is ready. Monica says don’t dare to complain. I will get you fired. Diya says uncle please tell the warden. He says let it go. You will fly. You will stay with them for 7 days. They won’t let you sleep or eat and I will lose my job. He gives her water. Diya says thank you so much for this and saving. there’s no point in complaining about them. Thank you so much.

Vitthal asks what were you doing inside? He says had to give Diya water. They were hitting her. Vitthal says what if someone saw you. Arjun says I was careful. He says you have to do something for me. He tells Vitthal the plan.

Scene 2
Diya comes for breakfast. Monica plays with a rope. She trips Diya. Her juice spills. Diya says you can’t scare me with all this. Diya comes to her room and cries. Arjun comes and looks at her. Arjun brings the food. He says you didn’t eat. Eat this. Diya says they did the same yesterday. Why didn’t you complain about her? She says how much is this for?? He says I want prayers not money. Eat this fast. Be there for lunch before them. Diya says thank you baba. Diya says I feel like I know you. He says U have been working for a long time. You must have seen me somewhere. Do eat this. He says in heart I knew you could feel me. Tell me if you need anything. He leaves. Diya eats. Arjun looks at her.

Episode ends.

Precap-Diya reads the reports. She says who’s this Dr. Sen. All of Arjun’s reports have his signature. Dr. Sen is being treated at the hospital after the accident.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Okay, so @A @Kitty @Snuppy trust me, though it doesn’t seem like an eventful episode it was a watch & feel one. Even if it’s not subtitled yet you can try, the bgm and their acting make up for it. A good episode overall, might not be the 100-so-dramatic kind I expected but it was good nevertheless.
    Also, rkm makers…are you reading our comments? How come you managed to make it an absolutely family-less episode like we asked? πŸ‘€ 🀣
    The levels Monica and her friends, sorry… sidekicks like Diya called them, are stooping to is outright disgusting. Diya the badminton player is so upfront, loving it! Want her to stay this way even after they go back to that hell-hole.
    Also the way he watched her eat, that hint of a smile…I’ll take this scene as the 100 treat. It was emotional and beautifully executed. Show and tell, that’s rkm being rkm 😁
    Do watch it! The update will brief it but visual experience is better for this one.

    1. Thanks @A…can’t wait to watch the episode

    2. @AK our Dr Sen is mentioned again in the precap, let’s see how he fits in. Monica and her sidekicks should get kicked out of the academy, they’re doing the most pettiest of things. I must say though, Arjun’s voice is different and his disguise again is good, did you notice he has white hair on his arms as well with a mole , and his walk is different too? the attention to detail and even his mannerisms were well done, even how he manages his height which I thought would give him away, he handles it by crouching, no wonder Diya can’t figure him out. @AK his smile and the little lean he does on the door while watching her was kinda cute, I’m taking that as my 100 treat as well, because I played it back a few times lol.

  2. Thanks @AK!!

  3. @AK
    So I found the episode below average 2** out of 10
    And honestly, I don’t know why the producer hired this actress portraying Monica. The woman can absolutely nothing her expression is the purest joke just like her acting, just embarrassing the same for her friends, the 3 need to go back to acting class.πŸ™„
    maybe she would be good as Tina’s little sister even though Tina is also a bad choice. πŸ˜‚
    So if the two main characters Aanchal Goswami, Krushal Ahuja were not there, I would not watch a single episode.
    ITV is full of female leads, including some very good female villains. it would be better for the producer to replace Tina and Monica with some new and better actresses.

    oh yes i get the feeling they are dragging the camp track.πŸ˜’

    1. @Snuppy
      Of course, it was settled long back that we don’t look at anyone other than the leads, it was them I was talking about. Agreed, the supporting cast is meh, all of it. As for the rest, I suppose it was of my preference. I’m absolutely fine with them dragging the camp track, cause post marriage in that sh!t-hole, it was all about Amitabh insulting Diya, Arjun defending Diya, Diya being reduced to an A-class doormat, Karan-Tina-Niharika having their own villain traingle and all the other characters playing statue-statue. For the sake of Diya’s character arc this was important…heck, she was called a liar, Amitabh character assassinated her but throughout all she did was cry and let them walk all over her. It was Arjun who defended her everytime, okay great we got an amazing ml characterization but Diya not willing to stand up for herself was pathetic. Putting all this frustration together, finally when I get Diya standing up for herself, if not against the family then at least at the academy, I definitely would call this episode an 8.
      It had Diya speaking out, it had Diya being strong. At the same time it had Diya breaking down when she was alone, it was difficult for her to be all alone after being used to Arjun being there behind her for the past one month. He defended her everytime she should’ve and now when she’s standing up for herself because he’s not there to do that, the struggle is real…it’s not that natural to her. She’s learning, she’s trying. Anyways, that’s my thought.
      Yeah, I wish they would’ve got a better supporting cast but then it’s a low budget show. Also, many of the new zee shows are facing the same issue I feel. Only exceptions being Meet, BL and TBJJN. Heard from somewhere that zee is going through some bankruptcy issues. Also, RKM has a regional PH, hence most of the actors are from the regional industry.

  4. I loved today’s episode…even though it wasn’t too eventful like u mentioned @AK but it was a watch nd feel like episode. Monica n he chumchi’s r so annoying n their acting is so unrealistic. But I enjoyed the Arya moment…even tho karan called diya beta n diya called him kaka…lol. No brainless cockroach’ stinky armpit, crying miss maddy or mr hate/luv scene at least so m good. Sooo Arjun allowed his foodie wife to have some junk food 😁😘😘

  5. @AK thanks for the information about the PH for RKM. I kinda share some of the same feelings as @Snuppy, I really think the show can do much better with the supporting cast and sometimes they do drag tracks, but I’m content with the camp track as I said before, we’re getting to see Diya grow and I hope they keep this, because all of this struggle she’s going through has to amount to something. I’m just concerned about the trp which has been a steady 0.7 for some weeks now, since you said Zee is going through some financial stuff, I hope they give the show a chance, because it can do much better, I just wish it had more of a budget like Meet and other shows that you mentioned @AK.

    @AK you’re right, the episode was a watch and feel, I wonder if writers read our comments too. Maybe they saw our theories and went the other way on purpose lol.
    We did agree we only watch the show for the leads @Snuppy, the rest of the characters are okay. Monica is afraid of Diya, at this point I’m scared of her too, the way she shut them all up I guess Diya is tired of Monica like usπŸ˜‚

    @Kitty great observation, Arjun did let Diya eat junk food awwπŸ˜‚ I love how he’s there for her, he does care and if Diya ever figures out it was him, she will never let it go🀣. I saw how he looked at her while she was eating, how he gently touched her face before giving her water to drink, then in his mind he said to Diya he’s her loved one and that he knew she would feel connected to him. Arjun knows what Diya has to go through in there and that it will only make her stronger, but he’s right by her side, not like she has been used to since they got married, but secretly he’s like the wind beneath her wings I guess. @AK it wasn’t big and grand for the 100th episode, but it was the little things. I truly hope Maddy sends them away on a honeymoon/vacation to get their mind off of badminton lolπŸ˜‚ yes or no??πŸ˜‚

    1. @A
      Yeah, the trp is an issue. Also, saw somewhere it’s gonna go off air in few months, might be true.

  6. I don’t get the storyline..I mean why is Diya always crying ?? The news the show is going off air is true and confirmed by one of the media portal on India tv

    1. @Khushboo
      Well, if you are asking about the context here (this episode) of why Diya was crying, then I am kinda certain that if you are bullied/ragged beyond a point, anyone is supposed to break down? I mean, I’ve seen many normal humans (including myself) do that…or is that abnormal now as well? Oh dear πŸ˜“.
      Thanks for the update on off air, I just read a contradictory statement on it now so it’s pretty much undecided as of now. At least this will run till Feb/March, we still have time πŸ€—

    2. Thanks @AK πŸ˜„ actually I haven’t watched much of the show yet so I was thinking to catch up on it. It has a good plot

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