Rishton Ka Manjha 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun tries to lift diya’s spirits

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Scene 1
Mohan tells Diya that we will have peace from tomorrow once we all have this poison. Diya cries and asks him to stop. She throws his glass away and falls down on his feet. Diya cries and asks him to not do it. Meera says what are you doing? Mohan says everything is lost for me, I have no honor left and my brother has turned away from me also. We have to leave this house also. Where will we go without a job and a house. We should die now. Diya cries and says I know it’s difficult but we will figure it out but not this way. You are stubborn but I am your daughter and won’t let you do this. Please look at me. Mohan says fine, I won’t drink poison but I have a condition. Diya says I will do anything you ask of me. Mohan says you will marry the guy that I choose for you, you have to accept him in any way I ask of you. Diya says I agree, I will marry the guy you ask of me. I promise you. Mohan glares at her and leaves.

Arjun comes to the lounge and asks who brought this shoes box from my car? Madhuri asks whose girl’s are these? Arjun says I don’t need to tell you. Madhuri says it’s that girl right? Arjun says yes. Niharika says you keep bringing that girl up. Arjun says that girl plays badminton so I am helping her. Her life is very different from me so let it be. Niharika thinks to tell Tina everything. Madhuri eats the food and says tomorrow everything will be good. Madhuri looks away. Arjun thinks Maa is thinking wrong but that girl has woken up the real Arjun so tomorrow is for her.

In the morning, Arjun comes to the park and waits for Diya. He starts getting agitated as Diya doesn’t show up. He is about to leave but Diya comes in front of his car. He glares at her and shouts that you are 5 minutes late, you don’t value time so I can’t value you. Diya looks at him with tears in her eyes. Arjun says fine, I am forgiving you as it’s your first day but if you want to play badminton then training canceled. Diya says I won’t play badminton from now on, I came here to thank you only. Arjun says what do you mean? Diya says you have helped me a lot so thank you but I don’t need training anymore.

Sadna comes to Mohan’s house. She asks if they are leaving? Mohan says I was worried yesterday but if you have a good proposal for Diya then tell me. Diya won’t do anything like that again. Sadna says I took the responsibility to find a good match for her so I started working again. There is a guy who is like us, he values relationships. He is here. She brings the guy inside. Mohan says who is he? Sadna says he is Ajit. He does a business. Mohan asks him to sit down. Meera goes to bring tea for him. Sadna says he lives in the society, he saw Diya and likes her. Ajit is a nice guy. You can ask him anything. Mohan says it’s good that you brought him here. Sadna says just don’t waste time, they can meet and then we can finalize everything. Mohan says I agree, he goes from there. Sadna tells Ajit that I would take a saree if this proposal is done. He says I will give you 2 sarees.

Arjun asks Diya that you have been forcing me to come back to badminton and now I am here so you are saying that you don’t want to play badminton anymore? You wanted to play on state level and now you have changed your mind? I am done. He starts leaving but Diya says I am getting married in some days. Arjun says what? Diya says my father worries about my marriage, I can’t see him worried so I promised him to get married. I wanted to support him by getting a job but fate has decided to take badminton away from me. Thank you for everything, bye. She starts leaving but Arjun says who said that you have to leave badminton just to get married? You can play after getting married also. Diya says playing badminton is my need first and then my dream. Once I am married then I won’t need to play. Arjun says dreams can make you fly but you are burdening them with life.

Mohan tells Sadna that Diya would be here soon. Sadna says you can ask anything to Ajit. Mohan says if you like him then I am okay. He tells his brother that we can get a marriage date in October. He says yes. Sadna says we can do the marriage on 4th October. Diya’s uncle says I will talk to the priest and we can do the marriage from my house. Mohan says as you say. Ajit says I am ready for the marriage, I will ask my parents. Mohan asks Meera to bring Diya. Meera comes to her room and Diya is not there. Mohan comes there and asks where is Diya? Meera says she is in the washroom. Mohan asks if she is lying? Meera gets tensed.

The episode ends.

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  1. ADP


  2. The father blackmails the daughter to kill herself.
    The father thinks only of selling his daughter to the first marriage candidate. The same goes for Arjun’s father and his weird mother.
    Stupid Storyline!!

  3. Jub_jube

    Hi Snuppy,

    Glad I’m not the only one side-eyeing the dad. Diya seems to think he’s the best father in the world, but he views her as a burden and from the beginning has only thought about marriage as a way to pawn her off quickly. He doesn’t care if the person is kind, just that they are established and capable of providing the material basics for Diya.

    Honestly, I’ve had a problem with him since he berated Diya for standing up for his insult. He has no self-respect and doesn’t seem like the same person that raised a daughter with such a strong will. I hope his dramatics will end soon, it’s very tiring.

    Arjun’s mother can’t seem to make up her mind, one moment she doesn’t like Tina, the next she’s pushing for the marriage. ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ™„

    1. Hi Jub_jube
      Yes, I also have a problem with her father. I mean, even his wife is afraid to say anything to him.
      Arjun’s mother, the woman, is really a strange character with a strange personality.
      I think the only supporters at the moment are Arjun’s daadi, Diya’s brother, Arjun’s brother ( Niharika husband), and his sister-in-law Deepika.

  4. Hai..I’m new here can anyone tell me the storyline of this..

    1. Summary:

      Set in the backdrop of Kolkata, Rishton Ka Manjha explores the story of two badminton lovers, Diya and Arjun. Diya, an aspiring gully badminton player. While Arjun is a fallen badminton star who was framed in a doping scandal by his then close friend and competitor, Karan. Other than framing Arjun, Karan also took over the Kolkata badminton academy and led a corrupt system where money was treated above all and talent did not get the chance it deserved. The two of them start supporting each other, Arjun trains Diya to become a champion while Diya brings the light in his darkness. And he fulfills his dreams of becoming a champion through her.

      Detailed storyline:

      Diya Mukherjee comes from a middle-class family and has her own struggles. They were settled in Jamshedpur where Diya won a tournament against Monica who happens to be Diya’s father, Mr. Mukherjee’s boss’s daughter. This leads to him losing his job and the Mukherjee family moving back to their hometown Kolkata. They live at Diya’s uncle’s place where her aunt constantly keeps taunting them and dislikes their presence. Her father is determined to get her married. With lack of support from her family and the corrupt system, all she has is her ‘never-give-up’ attitude and pure love for the sport.

      On the other hand, we have Arjun Agarwal who has pushed badminton away from his life completely. The doping scandal made him lose his motivation and become an alcoholic as well. The Agarwal family is a Marwari business family settled in Kolkata. He too, has bad relations with his family who refused to stand up for him when the scandal happened. His father wants him to get married to Tina and shift to London to take care of their family business there.

      Due to certain situations, Diya and Arjun keep crossing paths.

      Karan also is behind them, trying to make sure they don’t succeed at any cost.

      After Diya’s first proposal gets turned down, her father is now in an attempt to seal a second one. Arjun and Tina’s wedding dates are already fixed. (Highlights of the recent episodes)

      Diya’s passion and love for badminton reminds him of himself, and slowly he starts accepting badminton back in his life. He sets out to coach her, and that how their story starts. It’s a journey where they reignite each other’s motivation and help to achieve their dreams.
      (*As of now only this much has happened*)

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