Rishton Ka Manjha 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Arjun comes to the academy

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Diya says the warden should know Monica and her friends are drinking in the hostel. Her friends say she forced us. She made us drink. They fight with Monica. Diya says handle yourself. I should go and tell the warden you’re drunk. You’ll get eliminated.

Kush calls Arjun. His phone is off. Madhuri says Karan did this. He is always after Arjun. Amitabh says Arjun keeps leaving the house. He keeps making Karan’s life hell. He hit him, got his office raid. How long would Karan tolerate all this?

A girl says I am really scared. I heard this academy is haunted. Diya says in heart idea.. She says I have to act. Diya gets dressed as a ghost. She takes out a flashlight.

Amitabh says why can’t he move on. Why does he keep going after Karan, Madhuri says Karan is after Arjun’s life. Why don’t you stop him. Amitabh calls Karan. He asks if Karan is here? Karan says why would he come here. Amitabh says you and Arjun keep fighting. You are dragging Diya in this. If you harm Diya Arjun wont’ leave you. He’s not home. I don’t know what would he do. Karan says you should’ve stopped Diya. Tell Arjun his neck is in my hands, if he annoys me I will break it. He hangs up. Mahduri says where could he be. A maid comes in and says I had to go home. I saw Arjun on the way. He gave this letter for you.

Scene 2
Monica and her friends see a ghost. They faint.

Arjun reads sorry maa I had to leave without telling you. Not going forever, for a few days. Don’t cry. I have to end my incomplete story. It had to complete with Diya’s. I will come back soon with the trophy. take care and don’t cry. Love you. Love says he must be around the camp. Amitabh says I have to stop Arjun.

Scene 3
Arjun comes outside the academy. He meets the worker. He tells Arjun how Arjun is making Diya’s life hell through Monica. Arjun says you’ve to keep an eye on Monica. He says you can stay in the staff quarters. No one will see you there. Arjun says thank you so much. THey sneak inside.

Diya comes to the office and looks for Arjun’s file. The closet is locked. Karan gets a call. Karan calls Monica but she isn’t picking. Karan says did they drink themselves instead of giving it to Diya. I’ve to go there. Diya tries to open the shelf.

Arjun sneaks in with the worker. He says I have kept your bed ready. Don’t turn on the light. He says sorry sir this place isn’t worth you. Arjun says all of that doesn’t matter. Just take care of Diya. He says I used to watch your matches, I was your big fan. He says I could never believe you could do drugs. You still have your loyal fans who trust you. Arjun says thank you. I’ve seen this love after so long. You should go before someone sees you. Arjun says I am here for you Diya.

Scene 4
Diya looks for Arjun’s file. karan comes outside. A girl tells him they saw ghost. Pinky has fever. He says grow up. Karan is outside Diya’s room. He says I can’t go inside. What to do. Karan peeks inside, Moinca and her friends are passed out. He says that means Diya didn’t drink but where is she? Diya finds the file. she says I am sure it has all the details.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hey hey @A @AK @Snuppy….our loverboy made it to the camp🤣🤣😘😘😘 I just read the episode but can’t wait to watch!! Will be back after watching

    1. Lol🤣🤣🤣 @Kitty, @AK you both won the bet, take a bow!🥳🥳🥳 you all predicted 1-2 days Arjun would sneak into the camp. But nope our loverboy is staying there now, which is so much better😂😂 at least that means he’ll return home, so they might actually find the truth🤔
      I’ll be back after I watch the episode😉🙃🙃

  2. @AK @Kitty @Snuppy
    Yes, the episode was good👍
    We were right 🤣🤣 Took him just a few couple of hours. The relief Madhuri had after the letter, at least she knew he was with Diya and she was alright with it. The way the family panicked reminded me of Arjun running away from his wedding 🤣 Also, Luv had that “captain obvious” tone when he said Arjun must’ve gone behind Diya, and that “I told you!” one after the letter was read out. Amitabh telling Karan to not do anything to Diya sounded funny. Of course, he was scared of Arjun. Also, just me or was Madhuri “happy” to hear that he would return with Diya AND the trophy? Maybe I’m having some eye problems.
    And, we were wrong at the same time. Arjun ain’t sneaking in, the boy is settling down at the camp! 😂😂 One of you had suggested him to pitch a tent nearby right? I guess this is an upgraded version of that suggestion. Biplav having his own “fan moment”…made sense the way he was looking at Arjun, the- 😍 -look. He looked more into Arjun than Diya did and THAT’S saying something 😂. Also, Arjun said that no one’s eyes held love for him the way Biplav’s did…..Arjun definitely thinks that Diya is some crazed alien 😭😂.
    Turns out, Diya actually is a special kind of crazy alien.
    Her ghost impression on point, I was surprised her hairclip did not open the door since in itv it usually does. Anyways, let’s see if she gets caught (don’t think so especially since Arjun’s here).
    Karan Mathur needs some special classes on mannerisms from me. Lesson number one would be to not enter a ladies room like that. Also, for a change we see him drowning in alcohol. He shared some of his stock with Monica clearly. Very generous of him.
    About the precap…so Arjun does get to know that Diya is upto something. He’ll save her for sure, but give her a coach-scolding on being reckless. If, if he gets to know that she went looking after his case…he’ll most likely ask her to focus on her camp, but because of curiosity go after it by himself. What say?

    1. @AK @Snuppy @Kitty I wonder if Arjun will wear a disguise and be around Diya to keep an eye on her? he’s so tall he’ll be seen easily, what do you think?
      @AK you’re right, Arjun will help Diya, he did say his story might come to an end with Diya, so he’ll help if there’s evidence of his innocence.

      Arjun can’t stay away from Diya so he went to the camp to settle down, a day hasn’t passed at all, wow at least let Diya breathe Arjun before swooping in😂 @AK our boy really has his own quarters there and everything, he’s taken up his residence there😂

      *Luv is smug and his facial expressions help show that, that’s all I’ll say.

      @AK you’re not blind, I agree, Maddy does seem a bit…happy, along with Deepika and Kush, but she was weirdly happy. Yeah they did panic like when Arjun ran away, oh the flashback😂

      Yup Diya is an alien, I’m pretty sure when Arjun saves her and start’s scolding her, she’ll start wondering how he got there and why, they we’ll get that puppy look from her at Arjun while he’s scolding away🤣 he’ll make up some excuse for being there and try to look all tough and serious🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    2. @A
      Agreed. Her puppy eyes and him melting on that is their thing 😂.

    3. Yeah he’ll stop scolding her once she gives him the eyes. He’ll melt for sure🤣

  3. hi guys.
    you’re right, the episode was good.
    Where is the camp actually? I mean I was just wondering how Arjun can be at the camp on the same day.
    And this Love (god what a name) is an ugly guy apart from his looks his acting is horrible.🤨
    Oh well, I’m starting to get the feeling that Karan isn’t married at all,first he runs after Arjun and now after Diya and Arjun.🤦‍♀️
    I skipped the family drama.😅

    1. @Snuppy
      The camp is in the same city, outside the building it was written Kolkata badminton academy and that’s the backdrop, so him reaching there on the same day makes sense. The name, Luv is mythological (infact Luv-Kush are the 2 Brothers in there). Similarly Karan Arjun is a cult classic movie of two brothers Karan and Arjun…they have used all those known “paired” kinda names in the show 😂 I agree, Luv has this frozen look on his face all the time. Forget Karan, Niharika despite being married and her marriage falling apart, is more worried about Tina blocking her on the phone 😂😂

    2. I feel bad saying it too @Snuppy, but Luv’s looks aren’t that nice, he has to stop contorting his face too🤢🤦🏽‍♀️ Nah the family drama is a bit bearable lol Amit was shaking, he’s only worried about his business, it was weird hearing him talk about Diya though.

    3. @A @Snuppy
      Yeah, like I said, it was funny to hear Amitabh saying Diya rather than “that girl”.
      Luv looks bad in the show, the glasses and the styling don’t suit him. Offscreen, check this out:
      The family drama was bearable and that made me realize, the more I hear Madhuri yell at Amitabh, the more I enjoy 🤣🤣

    4. Oh my gosh @AK the makers of the show haven’t been kind to this man🤣 why did they make him do that to his face🥲
      Yeah Amit almost sounds concerned about Diya. And I enjoy Maddy putting him in his place🙃

    1. Translations:
      14th precap- Karan asks the warden to call the police and register a missing complaint against Diya since she’s not in her room. Biplav tells Arjun that Diya is not in her room and Karan is searching the whole hostel for her. Arjun is shocked. Karan asks the warden to prepare a report against Diya for breaking the protocols of the camp. Diya picks up that file and says this is a very important information which can bring her closer to the truth.
      15th precap- Karan tells Monica that if she fails to get Diya out, she can pack her bags and leave and never think about badminton again this life. Karan tells his assistant that he got information that Arjun is staying near the camp, asks him to strengthen the security inside the camp and check the hotels and guest houses outside near the camp for Arjun. He says to himself that he is sure Arjun will sneak in to help Diya, it will be easier to kick them both out.

    2. Ohhhh thanks so much @AK as usual😊
      Someone should question how Karan came to know Diya was missing. How will she cover her tracks? This sounds serious.
      Ah yes, a manhunt for Arjun but he doesn’t know Arjun is IN the camp🤭 this is too funny🤣. Well,well well, let’s see how Arya gets out of this one.

  4. Diya is honestly thriving in these badminton academy episodes I must say. When she came out as a ghost, I couldn’t believe it🤣🤣 I hope we get to keep this confident and slightly maniacal Diya when this track is over, I know Monica and maybe even Karan might be afraid of her and I want that respect for her at home.

    I agree @AK what Karan did was highly inappropriate he shouldn’t have entered into the girl’s room like that. @Snuppy is right, where’s Karan’s wife? She should make an appearance by now. Is she that bad that he’s in a room somewhere drowning in alcohol? At this point, everyone’s obsessed with Arjun, including Diya 🤣but now we can safely add people who are obsessed with Arjun and Diya to it to expand the polygon chart

    Guys I must admit that the camera work for the show has gotten better in the transitions department, I don’t know if I’m now noticing this but the transitions were extra smooth in this episode👌🏽

    I don’t know what to think of Amit, how’s he going to stop Arjun? Luv is catching on with Arjun’s behavior, everything he does is for Diya nowadays, so of course he’ll find a way to get to her. Maddy is happy that they are together because she knows Diya won’t let Arjun do anything drastic.
    I liked how Arjun wrote the letter, so cryptic. He’s talking about ending his 5 year old story and starting anew, it will be bad to get my hopes up so I’ll leave the starting anew thing in the air for now.
    Biplab, god bless him, he’s too sweet, he looks as if he’s in love with Arjun, another one for the polygon😂 Jokes aside I’m happy Arjun got this moment of reassurance. I scoffed when he said that someone is looking at him with love for the first time, sir, what has Diya been doing all along?🤦🏽‍♀️ I will let this slide, this guy is clueless @AK😂

    1. @A
      Yeah, the camera work has definitely got better. I remember how the scenes sometimes used to get ruined because of the PowerPoint transitions. I don’t think Luv will do something, he doesn’t have that guts. I’ve been so curious about Karan’s wife. I mean, if she’s not there then TinRan could’ve been given a real shot. Do you think Diya will win? I mean, technically yes, she’s the lead she has to win (even if she plays in a saree all decked up) but if she wins, then what’s the plot after that?

    2. I actually have a theory about Karan’s wife and what can be the reason for their feud besides badminton. There has to be more to it. I think things might go in steps though, they clear Arjun’s name and maybe after figure out all who have a hand in it. When everything is settled, I don’t know what else the plot can be about.. maybe Diya having a career, Arjun maybe becoming part of the academy in some way? Arya’s life/ journey together relationship wise? They can do anything.
      I’ll comment my theory in the episode update, since I’m not sure you’ll read here and I’d like to hear your, @Snuppy and @Kitty’s thoughts on it.

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