Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Guru ji advises Satrupa to get Anami home

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The Episode starts with Anami asking the goons to come forward and fight. She challenges them. A goon comes. She beats him up. Laksh says we have time, make another wicket fall. She beats another goon and says I pity such goons, do we have more time. Laksh says yes, you can beat them. The goons run away. Anami asks the people to go now. Laksh says we will have icecream on the way. Anami says come. They leave.

Dada ji says I came to ask something by a father’s right, don’t refuse. Baldev says did you give me son’s right, that you came to ask father’s right. Dada ji says you would have ruined everything, I did all this to save family respect, else Narottam would have become heir, any father wants his son to do his Mukti, you can take this right from me, but whatever I m asking today, give it to me.

Baldev comes to Satrupa. She cries and goes to him. He stops and says stop this drama Satrupa, your one adamancy ended everything, you wanted power and status, Vatsalya left everything, keep all this to yourself. She says fine, blame me. He says don’t act great, I wish you could understand pain, dad always trusted you more than me, you couldn’t become a mum, bahu and daughter, you were never a wife, your pride won’t get washed by your tears, our relation also went away with Vatsalya, from today, I m not your husband and you are not my wife. He goes. She cries.

Adhiraj checks the footage and sees the goon coming as reporter. He says find out who is he, whom he met in Lal Mahal. He sees his ID card and says Banaras. Satrupa stops Guru ji and says don’t come in. He asks why are you packing bags. She says its good if I leave from here. He asks are you running away from problems. She says I did everything for Vatsalya(Vatsalya Vikram Singh), but he has gone. He says yes, but its a lie that you are childless, you have given birth to a girl as well, she is you daughter. She gets shocked and recalls. Chandaniya….plays…..

She says what game are you playing with me, on your saying, I made my daughter away, I have hidden big truth from everyone. Baldev does not know he is father of a daughter, you made me do this by fear of Kaal, what’s the result, my Vatsalya is gone, I ruined my daughter’s life because of you, I never tried finding about her, just on your saying. He says if she stayed here, she would have not been alive, she is away so she is safe. She says stop cheating me on Lord’s name. He says you cheated, I told you to send your first child away from Lal Mahal, son was born first, not daughter, but you loved your son and made daughter away, go and get your daughter home, she is raised with love in a Brahman’s house. She asks how shall I go to take her, why will she come with me. He says whatever you did is for her, other truth is I have given Murari to just raise, his work ended now, this Lal Mahal, business, family is of your children, your daughter is heir, not Avdhoot, go and fight for your daughter’s right, else Avdhoot will ruin everything, your daughter is just like you. He goes.

Adhiraj takes disguise and drinks at a bar. He sees the goon. The goon gets informed that CBI officer is in bar. The goon goes. Adhiraj catches him and asks who gave you Vatsalya’s supari. The goon says Lal…. Adhiraj asks Lal Mahal? The goon falls dead. Other goon informs Pujan. Satrupa cries and gets Vatsalya’s pics removed. Dadi asks why are you doing this. Satrupa says I won’t let anyone play with emotions. Dada ji says he was our grandson too, we all are in pain. Satrupa says I m seeing that, Vatsalya just died and you all are finding new heir, his memories will come out of this room when this drama ends. She goes and locks the door. She recalls Guru ji’s words.

Maid introduces Satrupa Vikram Singh to Murari. Satrupa comes to Murari’s house.

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  1. Did everyone accept anami as their

  2. excited for tomorrow’s episode

  3. Wow!at this point the script is tight, there is an element of mystery surrounding certain characters that gets revealed just a tiny bit week by week, and the performances are solid. I am happy to see a show full of intrigue. I am also very curious to know Narottam’s story.

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    Yeah Very Excited ???????

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    Nice ….. That’s how the real story gonna get start now…I just wonder about how everyone will respond once they get to know about Anami…..

  6. Plz bring vatsalya back.

  7. Super exciting p recap now the tashan will began

  8. Only one this will be missing Vatsalya hope he come back

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