Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-37)

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Viraj : Our panditji had called me today..

Payal : Accha.. what did he say..

Viraj : He said that we shoulf Abhi-Gitu married on the same day on which Maya-Arjun is..

Payal : That’s not possible

Vikram : Its possible and its a happy news also one the day which a daughter goes another arrives..

Falguni : That’s right bhaisaab.. but we should inform Anitaji..

Payal : I am worried for Abhi..

Vikarm : Wjat happened to him..

Payal : He is not seen anywhere from yrsterday..

Vikram : Don’t worry he is not a little child..

Gitu and all does there shopping and goes to a cafetria to have food.. at the while Vikram calls Anita and tells about the marriage..

Anita shares this news with all who are sitting.. All gets happy..Gitu excuses herself and goes to Washroom

There on her way she collides with Abhi..

Gitu : Can’t you just see..

Abhi : No… but you can..

Gitu : How.. rude..

Abhi : Yeah i am rude what will you do..

Gitu : Don’t forget only the wedding date have decided.. you are still not my husband to oder me…

Abhi : Wedding date??

Gitu : Your dad just called maa.. and told that our’s and Arjun’s will take place at the same day…

Abhi shocked..


Arjun : Maya.. i called you to talk about vansh…

Maya gets worried..

Arjun : Don’t be afraid.. i heard that he is leaving the town..

Maya : And i wish .. he never may land back on india..

Arjun smile..

Maya : I really can’t belive that our marriage is happening….

Arjun : Why???

Maya : I meant i am so excited for that..

Arjun : Yeah me tooo..

Precap : Few days passes …. A day before the haldi..


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  1. Ohh nice..waiting for haldi ceremony.is vansh upto something??itni jaldi jaane walon mei se t oh nahi lgta yeh
    Post soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    loved vikram saying that both weddings can be done on the same day as the day which a daughter goes another arrives..oh this abhigeet r so rude to each other.y cant they b atleast friends?vansh leaving?I find it fishy

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