Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya and Ratan’s Surprise Europe Honeymoon Trip

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Diya fixes Ratan’s coat button. Ratan pulls her towards him. She says she knows his intention, he will not get kiss. He says he will not leave her easily. CT walks in asking Ratan if he went for bathing. He nervously part ways and says he is going. CT asks Sakshi if she makes malpua/sweets. She says yes. Mohana enters and requests CT to sent Sakshi and Diya to play carom game with them. CT agrees. Diya smirks at Ratan. They all start playing carom. Mohana brings juice for them. Ratan sips and gives his glass to Diya. She sips from his glass. Sakhsi asks Diya not to get defeated from Ratan and Mohana. Ratan holds Diya’s hand and says he is holding his wife’s hand. She tries to free herself, but he continues holding her hand and asks Diya to shoot queen. She misses and says Ratan cheated. Ratan asks what did he do. She says he…then says nothing. Ratan shoots queen and winks at Diya, says queen is his. He tells Yash that he won carom queen, but what about his real queen. Yash says Mohana that they did not see movie since long, so let us all go to theater. Sakshai says even she will aaccompany.

Diya goes to room to get ready. Ratan says they are not going and throws fake cockroach on her. She shouts and hides. Ratan says it is fake, but her fear was not, wait and watch what he will do. CT knocks door and asks what happened. He makes Diya sleep on bed, opens door and tells CT that Diya takes care of them all, she herself fell and sprained her ankle, she cannot wake up at all. CT asks if it is paining. Diya says yes. CT says she will not go to movie and will sleep with Diya tonight, goes to inform others. Ratan gets sad. At midnight, Ratan walks to Diya and calls her. CT wakes up and asks what is he doing here. He says he was in sleep and returns to his bed. Diya laughs silently.

Next morning, Pandit comes and tells CT that Yash called her here. Ratan says he called her and reminisces asking Yash to find a solution for his problem. He says CT that Pandits fool people and throws fake scorpion on pandit. Pandit gets afraid and runs away. Yash says pandit does not know his future and is predicting other’s future, they should not believe in superstition. CT says Yash is right, they should let Diya and Ratan spend quality time together and has a plan.

At night, Diya prepares food in kitchen. Ratan walks in and asks how did light go. Diya says she does not know, only they both are in whole palace and rest of family went out. He gets romantic and pulls her towards him. She applies choc on his cheek. Mera naam ishq…song..plays in the background. He lifts her and takes her to room. They look into each other’s eyes. Ratan closes door and walks back to her and dorns veil on her face and pulling her toward him kisses his nose and pulls veil up. He then lifts her and takes her on bed. He removes his blazer and sits holding her hand. Song…continues in the background. He leans on her, and they consummate their marriage.

Next morning, Diya wakes up and pulls curtains away and keeps Ratan’s hand in hot tea, wishing him good morning husband. Ratan says good morning wife, she woke him up with hot tea, he will remember this special moment. He applies bindi on her forehead. Diya says he has surprise and shows Europe’s business class tickets, says whole family gave them honeymoon gift. He hugs her and says even he has gift for her and showing her board says he will change as she likes. She says she was immature emotionally at that time, you should love the person the way he is and should not try to change that person. Ratan says she frightened him with filmy dialogue.

They both walk down to living room and touch CT’s feet. Yash apologizes Ratan for doubting him as fake and trusted terrorist. Ratan says terrorist came doing his homework. Diya says without his help, they would not have caught terrorist. Mohana says the way he used his police tactics, he should rejoin police force. Ratan and Diya also insist. He wears police inform and asks Diya and Ratan to get ready for honeymoon.

Diya walks to her room and packs ironbox and other items. Ratan says they are going on honeymoon and will get all these in hotels. Servant informs that lawyer has come. Ratan walks down and tells CT that he wants to make Diya as Kesar Group’s CEO again and transfer half of his properties in Diya’s name.

Precap: Diya feels nauseous and dizzy. Doctor checks her informs she is becoming mother. Diya informs Ratan who says he does not want to take up this responsibility right now and she should not oppose.

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