Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 1st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Diya and Mohana Are Pregnant

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CT asks Ratan why he called lawyer. Ratan says he wants to make Diya as CEO of Kesar Group of Companies and transfer 50% of his properties in her name. CT says he should as he will have to work under his wife as junior and his ego will hurt. Ratan says he has decided it and is sure about his decision. After a few days, Nitya bua tells CT that Diya took over as CEO well and business is flourishing well and Ratan also took up his responsibilities well. CT says she is worried Ratan’s ego will hurt following orders from his wife. She later sees Ratan asking manager if his design of renovating Kesar mahal hotel with modern interiors is approved. Mananger says Dia disapproved it and wants hotel renovated in traditional Rajasthani style. After sometime, she hears Ratan and Diyaa arguing who is right and who is wrong. She walks into room and tells Ratan that she warned him that his ego will hurt if he works has his wife’s junior. Ratan says they are fighting on who is using cupboard’s space more. Diya says Ratan is using most of cupboard and does lots of shopping and does not look at old clothes at all. CT asks if they were fighting for this silly issue. Ratan says he agrees with Diya’s decision of renovating hotel into traditional Rajasthani interiors as that is their culture. CT thinks they are still childish.

Diya returns to her room and feels dizzy. She calls doctor who says she is fine and congratulates that she is pregnant. Diya feels very happy and thinks she will inform Ratan slowly. Ratan enters and says she is not concentrating on work and concentrating on him more and tries to kiss her. She stops him and tries to speak when servant enters and informs CT is calling them in living room. The walk down to living room and see Mohana and Yash touching CT’s feet. CT gives them gifts and congratulates that Mohana is pregnant and soon they are becoming parents. She asks Mohana to take care of herself. Whole family congratulate them. Diya stands silently and thinks she should inform Ratan first. Ratan says he does not want to become father for some days and let Yash enjoy the bliss first.

Yash takes care of Mohana. She runs to washroom to vomit and says Yash that he should be habituated to this till child is born. CT enters and asks Yash to stay away from Mohana for some time and let her rest. Yasks walks out of room. Ratan asks where is he going out without his wife. Yash says CT sent him away and asked not to go near Mohana for a few days.

Diya returns to her room and sees Isha holding Diya’s bought child socks and excitedly asks if she is pregnant. Diya says yes. Isha excitedly asks why did not she inform family downstairs. Diya says she wants to inform Ratan first. Ratan walks in. Isha smiles at him and leaves. Ratan asks Diya why Isha was smiling at her and tells Diya he does not want to become father so soon like Yash and asks if she is thinking of children. Diya stands tensed.

Diya walks down. CT congratulates her and asks why did not she inform the good news before. Diya says she wants to inform Ratan first and calls neighbor children to play with Ratan and then inform him. Ratan gets irritated with children. Diya informs him that she is pregnant and he is becoming father, says she wants to give birth to child even if he does not want to become father. He angrily leaves house. Diya tells CT she will give birth to her child even if Ratan opposes. Ratan returns with lots of gifts and says he will learn to take care of child and will stop her childishness slowly, he is really happy to become father. Diya gets happy and feeds sweets to everyone. Sakshi says will take care of her both nephews. Whole family celebrate.


Update Credit to: MA

  1. Will miss you RLHN…and DIRA ????

  2. My favorite show ….last episode … Feeling sad …diya Ratan …
    I really miss the show ….. ??

  3. I really miss this show …
    My Favorite show … Diya and Ratan ….

  4. Why does all good shows end… so soon
    I mean it’s a unique love story and really sweet…
    Though it’s good in away rather dragging for years and years…. but will miss this show much ?

  5. Yvonne Codner

    I am going to miss Ratan and Diya!!

  6. Will miss this show badly. I hope season two comes.?

  7. I will miss rlhn. It had such beautiful portrayal of friendship and love. I hope season two comes so we can see diya and ratan again

  8. Je suis triste que cette série soit terminé ?une bonne série pas trop longue juste ce qu’il faut. Ils vont me manquer dyia et ratan. Une belle histoire d’amour qui démontre que la différence d’âge n’est pas un problème. Attendons de voir s’il y aura une suite où pas .Je n’ai pas décroché à toujours été acro du début jusqu’à la fin. Merci pour cette très belle série rishta likhenge ???

  9. Such a nice show..

  10. Rlhn season 2

  11. it was a nice show , going to miss it , tejaswi prakash was the highlight of the show , i was doubtful if rohit would be able to do justice but rohit suchanti was wonderful as ratan man singh ,

  12. Ooshi

    Feeling sad and Happy
    In between thanks for the written updates MA

  13. I really loved every part of this serial. Ratan and Diya aka Rohit and Tejaswi were fabulous and the cutest couple I have ever seen on Television?????. Beautiful and very cute story. Never felt that story was going out of track. Ya that’s also true that serials should not be dragged for years and years but there was yet a lot more to show. Gonna miss it very much???. Plz Plz come with Season 2 of RLHN.

  14. ShraddhaSharma392

    Hush hush ending… But good show… Motive pura hua or show happy ending par end ho gya

  15. kushal singh

    I love this show now i am sad I Never miss any episode on Sonyliv. I wish in future the RLHN part 2 was coming soon and the cast is same spacialy diya(tejaswi PW) & ratan this story is heart touching I really just love this show this is heart breaker for me second time in this show

  16. Ooshi

    Good bye to all cast of RLHN wish u all a great future ahead(in all ways)

  17. Riddhi mishra

    lvd this show a lot.miss ull.tc.rohit is v cute.lots of love

  18. Finally the dreaded day has come, RLHN is ending, the good thing is that it ended on a positive note.

    THANKS RLHN Team especially DIRA for entertaining us so long.Though it ended very soon, atleast it did not end abruptly like Peheredaar Piya Ki. Greatful that show did not end in the 50th, 70th & 120th episodes. Even Tejasswi and Rohit knew about the last shot of the series only 15 minutes before it was shot.

    One disappointment: they could have showed Chote Thakur, Ayush Banna, Diya’s Parents, Kesar Mahal building, Hotel staff and the palace servants atleast for 1 scene in the last episode, that would have been a fitting Farewell for us.

    They tried limiting the expenses especially last 50 episodes- because of Budget issues & falling TRP, the makers moved from Rajasthani palaces to the Borivali set.

    They dragged the last 30 episodes as much as they can, but still it was very entertaining. This last week 5 episodes reminded me of the classic indian serials with minimal budget, limited actors and maximum drag.

    I wish had they adapted the same strategy from the beginning , it could saved the budget and the show could have run for 150 more episodes.

    Peheredaar + Rishta had together a good scope for 400+ episodes. Alas bad luck and bad execution ruined this great entertainer.

    My daily routine of watching TV/Youtube just only for the sake of RLHN & Teju is ending now. All the Best for Diya Teju, Ratan Rohit, both the Yash – Siddharth & Puneet for their future endeavours.

  19. Why this serial end! I really miss this serial. Please telcast rishta likheng num naya part 2 p/z p/z

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