rishi-tanu reincarnetation damn stupid

I hate this serial concept where girl is sacrificed because her lovers life is at risk and his family is obsessed to see him alive. Seriously and when she came back he neither recognizes her soul nor accepts her face instead suddenly brings someone else in his life.

Remember they showed rishi hates women till now from tanu’s death then how come he is flirting with mallika now(Why is he showering so much attention on her). especially the change brought in rishi after recent accident, his behavior, young looks and flirting nature is completely ridiculous. Even if someone becomes young at heart how can ignore his body age which changes with time. He hates tannu for no reason ever since she has come back.

It looks like she is a poor soul who could have happily but wasted one life pining for his love and is now wasting another one. And they treat her like shit. I want tannu to storm out of rishi’s life and jee le zara. It seems he doesn’t deserve her at all. Why should she die or harm herself so many times to rescue him. It’s better he dies rather reject tannu as she spared him his life.

This serial as ever ekta’s is cruel only to its female lad giving negative mindedness to people rather than depicting true love. I’m sorry to hurt any tanshi fans but now I’m an ex-tanshi fan and want tannu to stop thinking about rishi. Why cant they show that girl have some ambitions in her life rather than pining for someone’s love and being victimized in series of conspiracies.

Also Im fed of that old lady. Why doesn’t she die or mind something else? Other than bickering and getting insulted. she can do her saadhna rather than wasting time by giving hints to rishi.

I want to kill ekta on day for sure. It would bring so much peace as ravan’s end has brought to this world. And I believe Rashmi sharma prodcutions and Gul khan will also learn the lesson by learning about the same.

  1. Siddhi

    Hey Mona me too fade up of Rishi and yeah you are right girl also have her own ambitious but her ambitious is Rishi only

  2. You are absoulety correct this serial is waste of time i was loving this serial before because of the concept but now it has been to much if rishi loves tannu true heartely then he should know tanuja is only tanu after this much time is spended with her

  3. Hey Siddhi where r u dear??? Y u r not commenting on kasam page?? anyways missing u….

  4. Whatever stupid ppl kasam is good if u don’t like it don’t watch it end of nd stop talking bulls**t bowt it 24/7 it’s annoying

  5. Plz dear don’t be rude to others….

    1. Aah. Right

  6. i liked tanshi a lot but now its just utter crap i feel like breaking the tv whenever i mistakenly see kasam they have twisted the story horribly except tanuja and that old woman nobody knows she is the old tanu and i can’t see how rishi is gonna believe tanuja sorry real sorry if it hurts anyone but i really liked kasam and now i’m disappointed

  7. DivzS

    First it was my favorite serial but now it doesn’t have any sense in it, I was a fan now I’m thinking to stop even reading written updates… They didn’t even give Shivani ample time on screen. To hell with the. You know what, trp is decreasing because of lack of storyline, not due to Kratika’s exit… Got bored really

  8. Yes. Mona146 you are right. This serial is total waste of time. Earlier I used to watch this serial and then I realised that they have no concrete story to tell . Reincarnation, that theme has no relevance in this serial because they changed the newcomer shivani. And brought kratika back due to popular demand and even then rishi has not moved a single bit seeing his old tanu. Instead he is marrying somebody else. And this serial is just centred around rishi, his feelings and his happiness. His family do not think once of tanuja who sacrificed her face for him and even didn’t try to know truth.This serial is potraying that marriage and love is important for girls and there should not be any other ambition.
    Hey kasam fans, This is ekta Kapoor’s serial and so be prepared to see lots of rona – dhona before they unite tanshi. This serial is slowly becoming sequel to Meri Aashiqui Tum se hi where Tanuja is Ishani, Rishi is Ranveer and Malaika is Ritika and I am hearing that kasam Cvs are planning to bring a male friend of Tanuja and so that person will be Shikhar. Mona its good you realised that it’s better to not watch because this story will drag on for years with malaika, Neha, rano and bani’s schemes, rishi’s hate, tanuja’s pitiness. Kartika and ssharad acting is good but what is the use if story is repeat of everything. I know every kasam fan deep inside knows that the serial is old wine in new bottle. Many here are saying that they are hearing same dialogues bcoz they have already heard this in Kasam season 1 and all other serials. Mona, I joined you today.
    Kasam is soon going to be Kumkum Bhagya. So watch out for it !
    See guys this post is not intended to hurt anyone and if anyone has been then sorry.

    1. Mona146

      totally agree with you. This serial is being made only to fill pockets of all these heavy make up loaded actors. Thats it.

  9. I love this serial it’s ur problem if u hate

  10. I just like Kasam

  11. Alister La Frenais

    Oh dearie me! before the reincarnation of Tanu this series had good entertainment value which encompassed, romance, tricky, deceit, jealousy and competition. Then the who thing went pear shaped with a 20 year leap. The storylines are mundane and boring, the constant ranting of that daft priestess and then not to mention the miraculous Physical transformation of Tanuja into the old Tanu. It would have made more sense and have a greater entertainment
    value if they could get that Rano to keep her big fat mouth shut. She is still carrying a grudge she had for the original Tanu and this has blinded her to all facts. Also, Tanuja must be one of the stupidest women on this planet, firstly, has not informed the Bedi family that Bani and Neha are not blood relatives and that she is adopted. Secondly, she was thrown out of the Bedi house, meets with an accident, and then she lies to the police to save the very people that have abused her and thrown her out. The show’s Director and Producers must be living on a different planet, because fictional stories, such as this must resemble real life to some extend. Wake up or this serial is heading for cancellation.

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