rishi laxmi—match made in heaven episode 14

Grandma: what are you saying daughter, how this can is be all your planning. You always talk nicely with us. You even help laxmi in saving rishi from shanaya’s trap.

Karishma: don’t you understand mom. Everything she did until now was just an acting nothing was real. She always pretends to like us. She hides her real intention behind her fake innocent face. From the very starting she hated us.

Nakshu: I become a fan of yours Mrs. Karishma. You are the only one who is intelligent in this whole family. But what is the importance of this intelligence when you are not able to find my real intention on the right time. Yes it is true grandma from the very starting I only pretend to like or love you all. Do you know how much irritating it was for me to pretend to be nice? I was tired of seeing your fake caring and fake love for laxmi di. But I have to say that I become a fan of you all. You all should get Oscar for your acting.

Ahaana: so whatever laxmi sister-in-law has done so far was also acting.

Karishma: yes this was all her acting. She just pretends to be in love with us. I used to say earlier that this laxmi is not a goddess she just used to act to be great. So that she can entrap us in her trap and can take revenge on us with the help of her sister. I believe that saving rishi from shanaya was also a sham. So that she can become great in front of everyone I think that shanaya was also a part of their plan.  They might have hired her to trap rishi. . I had told you sister-in-law that this girl don’t deserve to become daughter-in-law of this house. A clever girl like her can never become daughter in law of anyone’s house.

“Enough” nakshu shouts in anger.

“Enough Mrs. Karishma don’t you dare to say a single word against my sister. Otherwise don’t blame me for being rude with you.  My sister is innocent. I never tell her the truth of her marriage. I knew that she trusts rishi more than herself….she would have never believed me. Until yesterday she was unaware of the truth. She came to know the truth only last night. Whatever she has done for this family till date, she has done it with true heart. She always considers you all as her own family. She saves rishi from shanaya because rishi was his husband. It is true that I hate you all …but I am not cheap like you….who will use such a disgusting was to take revenge.  In today’s world no one put his life in danger for others…..but she did it for rishi and that too not once but many times…….do you know why….because she loves rishi….. She has performed this marriage with utmost sincerity. If anyone has not performed this marriage with sincerity, then it is your son Rishi not my sister. She never thought of another man after her marriage, she never cheats rishi…..and I can guarantee that my sister loved rishi whole heartedly………but can any of you can say that rishi has performed this marriage with complete honesty……can you say Mr. rishi that you have laxmi di in your heart……no you can’t say and not only you ,no one present here can say this…….because you all know that rishi has an affair with Malishka even after marriage…….he never ever loved my sister………he just used my sister for saving his own life….. He is just a cowered who used innocent women to save his life………. What happen Mrs. Karishma why are you not saying anything……..say that rishi is innocent……say he never cheated my sister…..no you can’t say this because it was who never liked my sister….it was you who asked rishi to never love my sister……… you all knew that rishi is cheating laxmi with Malishka but none of you take a stand for laxmi…..because she is just a shield for you all, not a human being.

Rishi remember all the incidents when laxmi saves him and risk her life for him…..he remember all the moments he spends with laxmi. He was feeling guilty for laxmi… his eyes were down. Malishka notice sadness and guilt in rishi’s eyes. She thinks that why rishi is feeling sad, form the very starting he knew that this day will definitely come when laxmi will know the truth behind the marriage. Does he love her? No rishi can’t love laxmi…..he only loves me.

Virendra: we believe that laxmi has fulfilled her all duties whole heartedly. Laxmi was never wrong. It was we who had deceived her. She always considers me as his father. But I am not able to fulfill the responsibility of a father. I know laxmi will never be able to forgive us now…but still I want to apologize to laxmi.

Karishma: do you think we will believe you. You are just saying all this things to make us feel guilty. But nothing can change the fact that you deceived us you….

Neelam: stop it Karishma whatever nakshu is saying is true. We are culprit of laxmi. We did wrong with her. But trust us we didn’t have any other option rather than marrying rishi to laxmi. We did this so that we can save rishi. We never disrespect laxmi. We give her all the respect which a daughter in law gets in a house. We never want to hurt her. But still she is hurt…..for which we are responsible….and for that we are ready to apologies.

Karishma get miffed hearing Neelam’s words. She still think that they did nothing wrong with laxmi. So there is no need for them to apologies to laxmi. [in her mind why sister-in-law and brother are apologizing ……….there is no need of apologies . we have provide a luxurious life to laxmi……if it isn’t for her horoscope ……not even in her dreams laxmi can get married to rishi….they should be thankful to us…..]

Everyone joined their hands and apologies to nakshatra except Malishka, Karishma and Sonia.

Grandma: I know apologizing will not ease Lakshmi’s pain. We have no right to apologize to laxmi after whatever we have done with her. After her arrival in this house…., a different light had come in this house. This was the first time that rishi performed the aarti of God on Diwali. She brings a good change in rishi. A girl like Lakshmi is one in a million. But still we could not cherish her. Please forgive us.

“Are you all done with your acting” nakshu said while standing in front of Neelam.

“What do you guys think that I will melt after seeing this cry of yours? Seriously do you all think that just because I am Laxmi’s sister ……so I will be just as innocent as her? This is the reason due to which I had sent Lakshmi back because I didn’t want her to see your crocodile tears. What did you guys think that whatever I have done so far, I have done it just for an apology? You people have really underestimated me.

Neelam: what do you mean?

Nakshu: I mean that whatever happened till now was nothing; the real fun will start now.

Jiya: I think now as you all are done with your drama …..So can we talk about business?

Rishi: ayush bring the project papers …..So that we can talk about the project.

Nakshu: there is no need to bring any document….. I know everything about this project. ………….my brother give you the chance to set a deadline for the project according to your comfort. But still you are not able to complete the project. I think you didn’t take this project seriously. I know you never took your marriage seriously. But now it seems that you have never taken your business seriously too.

Sonia: How dare you talk to Rishi like this? Don’t forget you’re standing in our house if we want, we can throw you out of this house now. Mom Karishma aunty was right about these people they don’t deserve to become a member of our family.

“I knew it that you people have too much proud on your wealth and status………….. But I don’t know that you people don’t have manners……you don’t know how to talk to others miss. Sonia……… it’s look like no one ever teach you manners…………… you proved it that rich kids are arrogant , rude and manners less.

Jiya: but nakshu what will happen if they lost all their wealth and power…… will miss. Sonia still is able to remain arrogant…

Sonia: how dare you to call me arrogant……do you think just because you are rich you can fight with us….

Jiya: no miss. Sonia when did we say that we will fight with you…….. my mom always  says that we should fight with the people who have equal power as us……… how can we fight with someone who are going to become bankrupt.

Rishi: bankrupt?

Nakshu: I am done with you people. I thought that I will talk patiently with you all. But by insulting my sister, my family and me ……you all have proven that you all don’t deserve any respect or mercy.

So know listen to me carefully. you people 2 days to complete the project….if you are not able to complete the project in 2 days……then you have to pay 200 crore to us within 3 days after the expiry of project completion date. And this the final decision of Choudhary’s.

Everyone get shocked to hear nakshatra’s words.

Rishi: but we can’t complete the project in two days………and it is not possible to pay 200 crore in 3 days……….we will lose everything if we pay  all this money .

Nakshu: Tell this to your sister and aunt, not me. They are the one who insulted me and my sister.  There is a saying that “Everyone has to bear the fruits of their deeds”. What do you think Mr. Rishi that just because my sister is not from a rich family, then you can use her? Trust was the most important thing in my sister’s life which you broke. You ruined my sister. Because of you all her happiness was snatched away. So now stop your emotional drama and get ready to return our money because my brother is not talkative like me. He believes in action. If you didn’t return the money in 3 days, then you can’t even imagine what my brother will do to you people. You are a business man Mr. rishi you might know that my brother is called “Corporate Monster” in business world. So rather than wasting your time in talking, you should think how you are going to pay our money back.

Karishma in a low voice ask Malishka to come with her in the kitchen.

In the kitchen

Malishka: what happen aunty why did you call me here? Right now rishi needs me. I have to go back.

Karishma: I called you here so that you can help rishi.

Malishka: how will I be able to help him?

Karishma: Malishka don’t forget that you belong to a rich family. You can help rishi in arranging half of the money. Other half [money] rishi will manage itself. If you solve this problem today, then everyone will become indebted to you and then your dream of marrying Rishi will be fulfilled. You will be able to take Laxmi’s place in their heart and in this house.

Malishka become happy after hearing Karishma’s plan.

Malishka: don’t worry aunty I understand everything. Now I will show this nakshu her real place. I will save rishi and then Neelam aunty will definitely get me married to rishi.

In the hall

Jiya: nakshu it seems now these people have nothing left to say.

Malishka: who said that we have nothing left to say?

Malishka walks towards rishi and hold his hand.

Malishka: don’t worry rishi I am with you. I will help you in solving this problem.

Ayush: who will you help us?

Malishka: you forget ayush that my dad is also a business man. He can help rishi in arranging half of the money. And rishi can arrange other half itself. Then we will be able to pay 200 crore in 3 days.

Ayush: will your father help us?

Malishka: yes he will definitely help rishi. He loves me very much and he knows that how much I love rishi….. So he will definitely help us.

Karishma: see everyone I told you all that Malishka is the best choice for rishi. She is the only one who is helping us in this difficult time. She loves us very much.

Nakshu get angry after seeing there happy faces. She didn’t think that her plan will get flopped by Malishka.

Sonia: what happen nakshu…. Didn’t you have anything to say now. Till now you were talking too much. What happened to you now? It looks like cat got your tongue.

The episode ends on the angry face of Nakshatra and on the smiling face of her friend jiya….

Hope you all like it….if yes then comment your views……

And also tell me what do you think why Jiya is smiling when nakshu is angry..

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