My RiKara Drabbles-#4-Guariya Re !!!


“Today, I’ll show Gauri who Omkara is…”Omkara smiled to himself as he saw Rudra walking towards him.

“Rudra Listen, I need your help…”

“Bhabhi Ko pareshan karne ke liye, Haan” Rudra nudged Om saying this while Omkara passed him a glare. Rudra looked towards him lowering his eyes, he surrendered.

“Dekh, Gauri ko Yahan La…I have placed a bucket of water on the top, as I’ll pull the rope…”

“Bhabhi will drench, Right… but Bhaiyaa, if I go, won’t Bhabhi be doubtful, I think you should go to her and bring her here yourself, she’ll not doubt…”Rudra cut Omkara in the middle while Omkara stared at him smiling, he liked the Idea.

Omkara moved towards the garden where Gauri was , smiling, he was loving his plan, he was at the door now from where he could easily see Gauri smiling and enjoying with Annika, she didn’t know about his presence.

“Gau…”Omkara stopped in his words as a bucketful of water made its way on him from somewhere top, his long open hairs drenching completely. Omkara was flabbergasted but brought back to reality as he heard RuRiKa laugh.

Gauri walked to him smiling as she stopped just next to him.

“Hum do Kadam agge hi Rahenge…”She walked past him and gave a Hi-Fi to Rudra standing behind, all three of them were still laughing.


A/N: So a bit lively, I don’t know if it was good, I think not because I am very bad in humour, rest on your Reviews.

  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome

  2. Shraddha-DBO

    Superb superb superb piyali, loving ur drabbles ??

  3. awesome

  4. Niriha



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