RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 33

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Episode starts with.. 

Vansh sees riddhima getting ready.. 

VANSH: Where are you going? 

RIDDHIMA: To the office.. 

VANSH: You shouldn’t go.. 

RIDDHIMA: Who gave you the rights to order me? 

Just then, angre comes there.. 

ANGRE: I gave.. 


ANGRE: Actually, I was the reason for you to marry him, right? As a husband he has all rights.. 

VANSH: No.. I’m saying this as a friend. You have to take rest.. 

RIDDHIMA: I have an important meeting, today.. 

VANSH: Who told you not to attend the meeting? I just asked you not to go to the office. 


VANSH: I mean attend your meetings from home via online. If you can’t, then just postpone it.. 

Riddhima thinks for a while.. 


ANGRE: Nowadays, I think vansh is trying very hard to handle you.. 

VANSH: Thank God!! At least, you understood my efforts.. 

RIDDHIMA: Hello!! Stop your nonsense funs.. 

VANSH: This is not fun. This is fact. 

Saying so, vansh and angre laughs. Riddhuma gets angry and throws pillow at him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Monkey.. 

VANSH: Devil.. 

ANGRE: What’s this?

VANSH: Actually, you all made a mistake by naming her as riddhima. I think devil suits her.. 

Saying so, he runs. Angre laughs. Riddhima looks at him.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sorry bhai.. Are you fine? 

ANGRE: I’m fine.. But, why are you asking sorry? 

RIDDHIMA: Because of me you suffered last night. You admitted me in the hospital and you even got tensed a lot, right? 

ANGRE: That’s okay.. Leave it. Riddhu, I’m happy seeing you and vansh. I noticed you behaving like a child when you are with vansh.. 

Riddhima goes ignoring his talks.. 

Rudra and his family leaves to their home. 


Riddhima is busy in her office work. Just then, shwetha comes there with some files. Riddhima introduces her to uma as her manager. Vansh hears this and gets shocked. 

VANSH: (thinking) When did this happened? What about her old manager? 

Riddhima sees vansh standing confused and understands him and goes to ignore his question. Vansh notices this.. 

VANSH: (thinking) I don’t know how. But, still I can understand the reason for your each and every moves. Something is going on in your mind. Even if I ask you, you won’t say it. Better, I’ll find it by myself.. 

Vansh goes.. 


Riddhima comes out of her room and checks uma and sia whether they have slept.

RIDDHIMA: Thank God!! Mom and sia are sleeping. I’ll better go now. I have to finish my work and come fast…

Riddhima goes out. Vansh sees her going out.. 

VANSH: (thinking) I think I have married some police officer. This girl often goes out at night like as if she is going to investigate some criminal case. Or else, is she an insomnia patient? When will she actually sleep? 

He bangs his head and follows her.

Riddhima comes to a car shed. She opens the shutter and goes in and again closes the shutter. Vansh sees it.. 

VANSH: My God!! This girl is really unbelievable. Now, how will I go in? She is behaving as if she is criminal and doing some illegal things. What will I do with this girl? Now, her bhai will ask me where is she, as if I have taken her to some romantic place for dating.. He bangs his head.. 

VANSH: Idea!! Let me go around and check.. I might get some clue.. 

Vansh goes around and he finds a small hole near his knee. He bends down and tries to look through that hole. He was about to fall but, he manages and balances himself.. 

VANSH: Thank God!! All my friends said that after marriage their life was happy.  I know that I won’t be happy but still I even don’t know that I’ll do all this.. 

He sees through the hole and finds riddhima opening the box which she brought from her house.. 

VANSH: This box!! So, I was right.. It was riddhima who blackmailed us. She came from that hospital and she reached the hospital before us. I know that it was her. But, still I had some doubt.. Now, my doubt is clear. But, why did she do all this? She even blackmailed angre by showing the knife to get that box. What’s in that box? 

On the other hand, riddhima opens the box and remembers asking shwetha to get the keys. 

RIDDHIMA: I hope all my doubt will get cleared today.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima throws the box and cries sitting down. Vansh sees it. 

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