RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 32


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Episode begins with.. 

The mask person keeps knife at angre’s neck and blackmails vansh.. 

MASK PERSON: If you want him to be alive then, give that box to me. 

Vansh throws the box to the person. The person pushes angre and catches the box and runa from there. 

VANSH: Angre, are you okay? 

ANGRE: I’m fine.. Vansh, who is this person? 

Vansh immediately goes to his car.. 

VANSH: Angre, get inside the car.. 

Angre gets in. Vansh drives the car and comes to the hospital. He goes to riddhima’s room and finds her sleeping. 

ANGRE: Vansh, what happened? 

Vansh signs him to come out. Angre goes out.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, what happened? 

VANSH: I thought it as riddhima.. 

ANGRE: No vansh.. It’s not her.. Didn’t you remember that person even mentioned about riddhima. Moreover, riddhima can’t do this. She can’t go to this extent. She won’t do such things like blackmailing me.. 

VANSH: Even you are right.. Then, who is this person who doesn’t want their secret to come out? And why is riddhima trying to know about it? What is that secret? 

ANGRE: Even, I have all these questions. But, we have to find it one by one. For that we must have little patience. 

VANSH: Okay. Angre, you go to house.. 

ANGRE: What!! 

VANSH: Angre, if someone wakes up then, at least you should be there to handle them. 

ANGRE: Yes, you are right.. I’ll go home. I’ll take care.. Don’t worry.. But, I’ll see riddhima once and then, I’ll go.. 

Saying so, he goes in to see riddhima. He looks at her and cries.. 

ANGRE: I hope you get well soon. 

Vansh sees him. Angre goes. Vansh goes to riddhima and sits beside her.. 

VANSH: What’s going on in your mind? I couldn’t understand you. I have decided not to think about you. But, I always end up with you. But, I think this time it’s something big. No matter whatever it is, I’ll be with you. But, I know that you don’t have that faith and trust in me. I don’t know what to do to bring that trust and faith in you. But, this time I’ll be there with you as your friend.. 

He sleeps beside her. Riddhima opens her eyes.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Sorry vansh. Because of me, you are suffering a lot. I trust you. But, I don’t want to disturb you. This marriage is just a deal for you. I know that you are forced in this marriage. But, I’m sorry.. 


Vansh completes all the discharge formalities. He takes riddhima to home. Vansh and riddhima goes to their room before anyone could see them. Vansh make riddhima to sit on the bed. He goes to freshen up.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Thank God!! They believed me. But, they found that there is some problem. I must act in a perfect way that they should not find the truth. 

Vansh comes there and sees riddhima thinking deeply.. 

VANSH: Devil, what happened? 

RIDDHIMA: After a long time, I hearing you calling me devil.. It’s good to hear.. 

VANSH: Actually, I’m glad that somehow you realized the truth that you are a devil.. 

RIDDHIMA: Monkey.. 

She throws pillow at him.. 

VANSH: Even I’m hearing this after a long time.

RIDDHIMA: Actually, I’m feeling hungry. I’ll go down get coffee for us.. 

VANSH: Okay.. 

Riddhima goes.. 

VANSH: Nice acting riddhima.. You are not normal. You are trying to act as if you are normal. So, that none will question you. But, you forgot that this Vansh is smarter than you. I can’t find your truth and lies.. 

PRECAP: Vansh sees shwetha as riddhima’s new manager and gets shocked.. 

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