RiAnsh (They have no boundaries) E52 (Angre and Caroline)

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Author’s POV;Β 



Riddhima and Vansh were happiest after spending time together and getting Engaged.


It was night and Vansh was about to leave to go to his sweetheart as she won’t sleep without cuddling him. Suddenly he was stopped by a sweet voice..


Voice: Where are you going at this time?


Vansh: To my Sweetheart..


Voice: Ohh but why at this time she must be sleeping ryt?


Vansh: No Carol, she won’t sleep until I go and cuddle with her.


Caroline: Seriously?


Vansh: Yes. I’ve to tell her a bedtime story, then pat her head, cuddle with her then she sleeps.


Caroline: I can’t believe the Vampire King doing all this for a girl πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


Vansh: She’s the best thing ever happened in my life. I can and will do everything to keep her with me.


Caroline: I’m also too impressed with her. She loves you immensely so dare you bring a single tear in her eyes, I’ll skin you apart.


Vansh: Ouch! So now my best friend is against meπŸ˜“ but I promise you I’ll always keep her happy.


(Suddenly his phone started ringing and seeing the caller ID Caroline took the phone and put it on speaker while the caller said..)


Caller: where are you Vanshu?? I’m waiting for you.


Vansh: Aa sweetheart I’m reaching just got caught up with work. As tomorrow school is reopening so I had thing to complete. I’m coming.


Riddhu: Okay come soon. Love you πŸ’•


Vansh: Love you too baby ❀️


Caroline: I love you both 😍


Riddhu: Oh Hii Caroline how are u?


Carol: I’m fine and sorry I just stopped Vansh while he was coming to you.


Riddhi: That’s Okay bye good night πŸ€—


Carol: Yeah good night Sweetie ❣️


Vansh:(cutting the call) Now I’m going you also take some rest. Bye!


Carol: (kissing his cheek) Bye😘




Author’s POV;


Vansh reached at Riddhima’s place and they both spent their quality time before our Riddhu drifted into her dreamland with her price charming besides,


The other side in VR mansion Carol was going to her room when she saw Angre working on the laptop, she went towards his room and said..


Caroline: Working till so late? I know we vampires don’t sleep but atleast you can take rest 😊


Angre: Yeah but this work is important anyways it’s done 😊


Caroline: Good then why don’t you have a cup of coffee with me?


Angre: Yes ofcourse..


Caroline: come let’s grab it from the kitchen.


(Caroline grabbed Angre’s hand and took him to the kitchen, while he kept adoring her purely 😍 they grabbed the coffee and went to the garden area)


Caroline: So how are things going?


Angre: All good. What about You?


Caroline: All well! I’m so happy that Vansh found his soulmate after alot of pain and struggle and Riddhima she’s such a great girl. So adorable and pure.


Angre: Just like you πŸ’“


Caroline: Well thankyou πŸ˜„ anyways did you find anyone for you πŸ˜‰??


Angre: Stop it Care πŸ₯± when I’ll find someone you’ll be the first person to know ☺️


Caroline: Thankyou for being such a good friend to me.(crying) You and Vansh along with this family have supported me alot after max’s death. I can’t repay it ever😭


Angre: (hugging her) Shh Care. We will always be there for you. Did you forgot what you have done for Boss? You’ve given him a new life, that’s the biggest thing you have done for us.


Caroline:( wiping her tears) See such a beautiful time this is and I’m destroying it by crying. I was just too happy and emotional seeing Riddhima and Vansh together 🀧❀️


Angre: It’s Okay Care. Anyways I wanted to say you’ve grown a little fat from the time we met last πŸ™Œ


Carol: Seriously 🀨🀨 You wait I’ll tell yo


(Caroline started hitting Angre with her hand, and Angre started running for his life, Caroline chased him and they fell on the grass laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ€£)


Caroline: Thankyou for bringing this smile on my face πŸ₯°


Angre: You look the prettiest while smiling 😊

Just forget the past try moving on Care. I want you to be happy always ❀️


Caroline: And I want that you also find your soulmate soon.


Angre: (in mind) I’ve already found my soulmate years back, and that’s you, I hope I’m able to tell you this someday πŸ₯Ί


Caroline: Where are you lost?


Angre: (without realising) In you.


Caroline: You are again making my fun na 😠 I won’t talk to you.


Angre: Ary sorry na. Talk to me…


Caroline: OKAY fine 😌I have a big non beating heart πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ so I forgive you


Angre: Thnku madam 😘


Author’s POV;


Angre and Caroline just kept looking at eachother with a different emotion and soon she rested her head on his shoulder, feeling the silence and peace, smiling lightly.







Episode Ends

(850+ words)





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