Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 26

Hello everyone i am back

Thnq so much for your comments guys i just want to know one thing from you how is current track going because many of you are confused so should i continue with suspense or can i end this in 2 episode revealing everything directly plz do let me know in comment but i want to serve everything in proper way

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So episode starts here

Scene 1

VK mansion (vyom kapoor mansion in delhi)

At night

Shivanya is lying on bed and vyom is sitting beside her

Vyom – I am sorry shivanya but i have to go to mumbaiΒ  ( vansh is in mumbai guys) tomorrow but i don’t want to leave you and aanu here

Shivanya – Then we will accompany you

Vyom – But your health is not well

Shivanya – I am fine and we are going that’s final

Scene 2

VR mansion

Vansh’s room

Dadi knocks on door

Vansh – You don’t have to knock dadi please come

Dadi – If i will ask you something will you do for me

Vansh – Just give me order dadi

Dadi – You have to go to Badi Darga for ishani’s well being

I have asked for angre but he is busy tomorrow

Vansh – Dadi but you know na i don’t believe in this

Dadi – once you bowed down your head in front of god and you got your riddhima

Now do this for your sister vansh

Vansh – I will go dadi just for ishani but don’t utter that girl’s name

I don’t want to fall even her shadow on my princess (ishani)

Dadi (thinking) – Why do my heart is saying that my vansh will get his happiness back tomorrow

Scene 3

Next day

Vyom and shivanya along with anaisha comes to mumbai

Shivanya – Vyom i want to go to Badi darga for seek blessings

Vyom – i have a meeting today wifey with a special client so i can’t come

Shivanya – Its ok i will go alone

Scene 4

Vansh and shivanya both comes to Badi darga

They both are walking parallely without seeing each other

Song plays

Jo Bandishein Thi Zamane Ki Tod Aaya Hoon

Main Tere Waste Duniyaa Ko Chhod Aaya Hoon

Aaya Tere Dar Par Deewana
Aya tere dar par deewana (this song is just amazing)

Shivanya’ POV

Why this mumbai is attracting me
I feel some connection with this place

She says

Kuch toh baat hai in hawao me
Jo mujhe apne sath bahaye ja rhi hai
Kuch toh baat hai is jagah me
Jo mujhe apni taraf behekaye ja rhi hai..

Vansh ‘ s POV

This place is always have special place in my heart

Although i hate you to the core but i had most beautiful memory here

He says

Is jagah ne mujhe kaafi waham diye hai
Dil ko mere kaafi zakhm diye hai

Flashback starts

Riddhima and vansh comes to Badi darga before their marrige to seek blessings (some riansh moment guys )

Vansh – I don’t believe in this riddhima but for you i will

Riddhima – Thnk you vansh

They both go inside and worship

Priest – You both are made for each other

You will stay together for next 7 births

And if you will get sepreated then this place will unite you again

And riddhima blushes

Then they both go to tie thread and make a wish

A wall is seen with holes in it ( i don’t know much about this guys)

Vansh and riddhima goes and tie a thread together and make a wish

Vansh – what you have wished sweetheart

Riddhima – That what you have wished will get fullfil

Vansh – I love you riddhima please don’t leave me ever

Riddhima – i love you too vansh i won’t leave you ever

Flashback ends

Vansh goes to worship but get attracted towards a lady

She is sitting and worshiping

Although her face is covered but he is eager to know her face

But she left

(She is shivanya)

Then vansh and shivanya goes to tie thread

Their is a same wall on which riansh had made wish

But vansh and shivanya are tying thread from opposite direction

And they can see each other eyes

And suddenly their hand got touched with each other

Vansh (thinking) – Same cologne
Same feel
Is she ri.dh.no no
She can’t be here..
Why i am missing her
I hate you ..

He says

Katra katra mera bharosa sa bikhar ta gya..
Mujhe pta bhi na chla or mera pyar mujh se mukar ta gya..Kaash tujhe chura liya hota kismat ki un lakiro se..jiska nishaan ..mere haatho se aahista aahista mit ta gya..

Shivanya ( thinking) – this place has something i can feel but what

Song plays

Yeh Jo Duniyaa Ki Hai Rasmein

Main Hoon Ab Inke Hi Bas Mein

Na Poochho Kyaa Gila Hai

Mujhe Gham Kyun Milaa Hai

Tumhein Main Kyaa Bataaoon

Mohabbat Jurm Hai Kyun

Koi Rotaa Hai Kyun

Aisaa Hotaa Hai Kyun

Kyun Dil Se Hai Har Ek Anjana

Aya tere dar pr dewana

And they both leaves

Outside the masjid

Vansh sees shivanya from back side and follow her

But she is covering her face with duppatta

Her duppata started getting down and vansh sees her glimpses

Vansh ( thinking ) – Riddhima !! No no she can’t

He ran behind her but she leaves

Vansh’ s POv

I am hallucinating she can’t be here
I can’t tolrate this more
And he leaves in anger

Songs play

Yeh Kis Maahol Mein Ham Hain

Khushi Ke Bhes Mein Gham Hain

Kise Apna Kahe Kise Beghana

Aayaa Kis Mod Pe Afsana.

Aayaa Kis Mod Pe Meraa afsana

Thnk u so much @menna darling for helping me In this scene as i don’t know much about muslim rituals

Scene 5

Vansh’s office

Vansh – Welcome Mr.vyom kapoor
I am glad that you are here for discussing our deal

Vyom – Thnk you so much Mr. Raisinghania

I am so glad to have a deal with you

They discuss about deal

And finalize it

Suddenly vyom’s phone rings

It’s call from Shivanya

He puts the call on speaker as he is busy in writing something

Shivanya – Hellooo

Vansh felt that the floor sleep beneath her feet


This voice is she ri. No no
How can she no no
Since morning i am thinking about her
No she can’t be here
But how can i forget her voice
The voice which used to gave me pleasure that days are scaring me

Pov ends

Vansh – Mr.kapoor this lady is

Vyom – My wife !! Shivanya she is my wife

Vansh (thinking) – why do i feel that she is ri.. no no..

Vansh – Ok mr. Kapoor so deal is final

Shivanya told to vyom that they have to go to temple in evening

Scene 6

Dadi goes to temple

Meanwhile vyom shivanya and anaisha goes to same temple

At temple

Dadi is descending from stairs after worshiping

Suddenly her leg twists and she is about to fall but someone holds her hand

Dadi ( flabbergasted) – Beta tum tum waps agyi

Yes the person who saved her is shivanya

Shivanya – are you fine auntyji

Dadi – I am so happy to see you beta

Shivanya – Please relex your leg is hurting

Dadi – please come with me ri.

Suddenly anaisha and vyom comes

Anaisha – mumma mumma lets go we are getting late

Dadi – mumma !! Beta tum

Vyom – Let’s go shivanya

Shivanya – auntyji please take care of yourself

And before dadi could stop her she leaves


VR mansion

Dadi comes running

And screams

Dadi – Vansh !! Siya !! Angre!

All comes

Vansh – what happened dadi are you fine

Siya – How are you dadi

Angre – Anything happened dadi

Dadi – I saw her she is back
Yes beta she is back

Angre – who is back dadi

Siya – whom did you saw dadi

Vansh ( perplexed ) – who is back dadi

Dadi (screams) – My riddhima she is back i saw her in temple

Everyone left bewildered

Angre (angry) – She can’t be back dadi she is dead may be you were hallucinating

Siya (happy) – Really dadi you saw riddhu di how is she

Dadi – But she has a husband and a daughter too

And she didn’t recognize me

Vansh ( angry)- enough is enough
It’s your hallucination dadi
You are mistaken
May be she was someone else
Don’t keep your hopes so high it will hurt you

Dadi – No beta i saw her she was my riddhima

Angre – please dadi no more discussion she can’t be back

And if she is back then we don’t care

And everyone leaves

Scene 8

Vansh’s room

He is throwing everything and screaming loudly

Vansh ( angry ) – No no no !! She can’t be back

It must be dadi’s hallucination
But i heard her voice
Am i too mistaken
Yes i was mistaken

She can’t be back but what if she is back

No no no!!

If you are back riddhima

Then no one can save you from my wrath now

This time i won’t leave you

You had seen my love but if you are back then you will see my hatred this time

He says

#Arzz kia hai..
Nafrat ho jaye tujhse itni himmat kabhi ayi hi nhi..
Pr pucha jb kisi ne pyr kya hota hai..
Tb yaad teri aayi hi nhi..

Done for today

Guys do let me know should i continue according to me or reveling everything within 2 epi and end the ff

Target is 30


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