Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 25

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So episode starts here

Scene 1

Vyom is dragging shivanya on stretcher in hospital

She is unconscious

Vyom – Doctor plz save my wife

And she is in observation

Anaisha comes running to him

Anaisha (crying) – Papa is mumma fine

He makes her sit on his lap

And she closes her eyes

Flashback starts

Shivanya is playing with anaisha

Anaisha (running) – come mumma come catch me

Shivanya – naughty girl..stop mumma will catch you

And suddenly thuddd!!!

She fell on the floor

Anaisha (comes to her ) – mummmmaaaa!!!

Flashback ends

And anaisha woke up with sudden jolt

Anaisha – mummmaaa!!!

Vyom (weeping her tears) – shh!!!Baby mumma is fine don’t cry

And he closes his eyes

Flashback starts

Vyom comes running to shivanya

Vyom (flabbergasted ) – shivanyaaaaaa!!!

He pets her cheeks

Vyom – rehan!!! Come fast


He is right hand of vyom

Rehan comes running

Rehan – Bhai what happened

And he screams

Shivanya Di!!!!

Anaisha – papa what happened to mumma

Why is she bleeding

Vyom signal to rehan with his eyes

Rehan – baby come With me mumma is fine

And vyom takes her to hospital

Flashback ends

Vyom (thinking) – I won’t let anything happen to you

Scene 2

VR mansion

Siya is sitting near ishani

Siya ( caressing her hairs) – c’ mon di

Its been 5 years please wake up now

Why are you hurting us

Have you seen angre bhai and vansh bhai’s condition

For God’s sake di please wake up
Only you can bring back the happiness of VR mansion

Anupriya comes

Anupriya ( taping her shoulder) – don’t cry my child

Your di is listening to us

She can’t see us crying

My baby is so strong

She will wake up soon and all the happiness will comes back

Scene 3

VR mansion

In hall

A picture is hang on a wall with garland on it

Dadi – My vansh and angre are like lifeless body

Angre has ishaniΒ  although her condition is hurting him alot

But my vansh he has nothing

the day you left this house all the happiness vanished

You took my childish vansh with you

After that he didn’t smile for once

She screams on servant

Dadi – How many times i have told you all to remove this garland

Angre comes

Angre – If you want this picture here then it will hang here with garlands only

Imagine garland urself guys

Dadi – She was your sister beta😭

Angre ( screams) – Wo ladki meri behen nhi hai..

Use behen maan ne se accha hai me apni jaan dedu

Suddenly vansh descends from stairs in his evergreen black tuxedo
With his attitude ( his entry bgm plays)

Vansh – Angre is right dadi

She has gone now

She is dead

Better you accept this Asap

And I don’t want even her name in this house

And angre and vansh leaves in anger

Scene 4


Shivanya gets consciousness

Vyom – How are you now

Anaisha (crying) – mumma mumma how are you

Shivanya (weeping her tears) – mumma is fine baby don’t cry

Anaisha – But why were you bleeding mumma did i hurt you

Vyom signal rehan to take her out

Rehan – baby mumma needs rest na lets go

Anaisha kiss shivanya and leaves

Vyom (holding her hand) – I was so scared..

What if something happened to you

I am sry i am unable to protect you

Shivanya – relex i am fine

You are not at fault

Vyom – Please take care of yourself
I can’t lose anyone now

He says

Tumhe khone se mera dil darta hai..
Tumhe is haal me dekh kr pal pal marta hai
Wada karo ab kabhi chhod kr nhi jaoge
Phir ese mujhe kbhi nhi draoge

Scene 5

Vansh and angre is sitting in car in backside

Both leaned towards window and closes eyes

Vansh ‘ POV

Flashback starts

Wedding day

Riddhima comes near him and sit in mandap

Vansh (whispering to her) – someone is looking hot todayπŸ˜‰

Riddhima (winking to him) – someone is looking handsome todayπŸ˜‰
Vansh (smirking) – who sweetheart who is looking handsome today

Riddhima ( chuckles) – That guy in corner in blue attire is looking so handsome na

Vansh (frown) – you just wait

Today night you will get punishment for this Mrs raisinghania

And they both laugh

Flashback ends

He says (thinking)

Uski galti nhi hai jo usne mujhe dhoka diya
Meri glti hai jo mene use moka diya

#who else remember this dialogue

Angre’s POV

Flashback starts

Wedding day

When vansh and riddhima is sitting in mandap

Angre – Before this wedding starts i wanna say something to vansh bhai

Vansh (stand) – what happened angre tell me

Angre – Bhai since childhood i have taken care of sona as my own daughter

I know you loves her alot and i trust you the most but today i am giving you my sona my pride to you

Please take care of her

I will do her kanyadaan today

And he hugs vansh

Flashback ends

He says (thinking)

Meri behen meri jaan thi wo
Mera gurur meri shan thi wo
Mujhse meri jaan chhin li
Mujh se meri pehechan chin li


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  1. Past finish karo . Riansh separated kyu hue

    1. Aisha08

      Have patience dear u will get to know soon

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    1. Aisha08

      Don’t stop reading yr
      I m.doing this for u guya

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  4. Parita

    Amazing episode!! Again suspense…. they think that Riddhima betrayed them??
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  5. Parita

    Amazing episode! Suspense again…. They think that Riddhima betrayed them??
    Curious for the next one

    1. Aisha08

      Thnq dear stay tuned..

  6. Pomu

    Aishu, you’re making me mad yaar. I am fully confused. I know something had happened in Riansh wedding. But why Angre and Vansh hate her so much? Is Riddhu indirectly a reason for Ishani’s state? Plz clear the confusion soon yaar, otherwise I’ll surely go mad thinking about how all this happened.

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