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Yo i am b a c k ha ha wada kiya tha Episode aayega magar os aa rha hai because yeh mere dimag me aise he aa gya toh seh lo yar. Chaliye shuru karte hai (no technical guruji was harmedπŸ€ͺ)

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Girl: you know what ishani he don’t have any other option he loves me so much so he will come back to me.

Ishani: but you shouldn’t have hurted him this much ragini. (kon riddhima soch ke baitha tha)

Ragini: leave i am just with him for money nothing else so I don’t care.

Other side…

Girl: kabir listen naa i am saying something.

No response

Girl: kabirrr.

Kabir: why the hell are you shouting riddhima? Go from here i am busy. (shouting)

Riddhima left from there being hurt. She was walking on a street and then she saw a man sitting on a railing of bridge.

She rushed to him and pulled him towards her.

Riddhima: are you mad? You were about to jump from here?

Man: well i was not thinking that but it’s a good idea. (sarcastically)

Riddhima: are you serious? (Shocked)

Man: yes i am my girlfriend just hurt me and do nothing else. But…i love her.

Riddhima: we are same in this matter. (walking forward)

Man: will you mind to tell me your story. (walking with her)

Riddhima: no of course listen then i have a boyfriend named kabir. He is always busy in his phone chatting with girls i know this then also i thought he will change but… I don’t think he is meant for me. (Sad)

Man: i am sure you will find your real partner soon. (Smiles)

Riddhima: good luck to you too…agh in this all i forgot to ask your name.

Man: vansh…. vansh raisinghania.

Riddhima: hm so vansh nice meeting you. Here take my number if you ever feel low your friend is there.

Vansh: friend?

Riddhima: of course. After talking this much i think you can be my friend.

Vansh: you means am i this bad? (Laughs)

Riddhima: no no. (chuckles) you are to good i am feeling better now see you vansh. Bye.

Vansh: byee.

Vansh entered his house and saw that paper in which riddhima’s number was written. His thoughts were broken by a call.

Vansh: um who is this let me see …ragini? Agh leave vansh get fresh.

Other side..

Ragini: what he thinks of himself huh? Not picking my calls? Well ayega toh mere pas he chodo. (he will come to me only leave)

In some days riddhima and vansh becamed best friends. And other side ragini was still waiting for vansh or his calls and kabir was toh busy in his chatting with girls only.

One day…

Ragini: oh shit yar ishani see yar I don’t have much money. Wait i will call my atm.

She dialed vansh’s number.

Vansh was on a drive with riddhima so riddhima picked the call.

Riddhima: hello?

Ragini was shocked to hear a girl’s voice.

Ragini: Who the hell are you and what are you doing with my boyfriend? (Angry)

Vansh: awaz niche ragini (low your voice ragini) you don’t have any rights to clam me your boyfriend or her that who is she don’t disturb us.

He cuts the call

Ragini: what the hell! (Shocked)

Ishani: what happened ragini?

Ragini: vansh got a new girl and now he is showing me attitude. (angry)

Ishani: impossible! Maybe she is his sister or friend. He loves you only.

Other side

Vansh(thinking): maybe I don’t love ragini anymore. She don’t affect me now but someone saying rubbish about riddhima hurts me. What is this is this love?

Riddhima: impossible it’s not love are you mad how can you do this.

Vansh was shocked he looked towards riddhima and sighed relief.

Riddhima (on callπŸ˜‚): you are just using her because of your sister’s condition. I am saying confress her she will be more happy of she got to know na this all she will be more hurt………….ha bye.

Vansh: what happened?

Riddhima: nothing just a friend needed my advise so this guru helped him. (again no technical guruji was harmed, πŸ€ͺ)

Vansh: him? (Thinking). (Jali na teri jali naπŸ˜‚)

Both got out of car and it was a garden. They both started chit chatting.

Back to lizard

Ragini: hope so but…..wait wait is that vansh? But with whom.

They both started moving towards vansh and riddhima.

Ragini: vansh?

Vansh(angry): what the hell are you doing huh? Following us?

Ishani: No no just a coincidence.

Vansh: did i asked you. (Stern)

Riddhima: um vansh who are they?

Ragini: i am ragini vansh’s girlfriend. (attitude)

Vansh: no! You forgot to add ex before girlfriend.

Riddhima was trying not to laugh on ragini’s insult.

Ragini: when vansh baby? (Kya acting kar rhi hai wah)

Riddhima’s smile faded away and she started burning πŸ”₯ with jealousy. (haa bhai kisi ko butte sekhne hai.)

Vansh: not your baby….(looking at riddhima)
(To himself) aha jealousy let’s use to make her confress.

Vansh: of course your baby ragini i was just kidding.

Riddhima’s jealousy was increasing. She moved towards ragini and took a gun out of her coat and direct shoted on her heart.

Riddhima’s imagination ends by a voice. (haha πŸ˜‚)

Kabir: what are you doing here riddhima?

Riddhima: wo. (Thinking)ab kyu aa gya mu uthake.
Nothing just chilling out with friend.

Now it was over…..

Vansh was now angry, jealous and was about to kill kabir in mind.

Kabir: who? He? (Pointing towards vansh)

Riddhima: yeah.

Kabir: come let’s go now at last i am your boyfriend so some long drive wrive. (lagta hai ladkiyo ne reject kar diya isse isliye aa gya riddhima par)

Riddhima: (thinking): beta tere par tood du fir kar liyo long drive wagera but…is vansh jealous? Oh god let’s make him confress now.

Riddhima: sure!

Ragini: nice nice. Go have some time with him i will also spend some time with vansh.

Ragini and kabir held vansh and riddhima’s hand and both were leaving just then.

Vansh/riddhima: i want to tell something.

Both looked at each other.

Vansh/riddhima: i love you! (Ek blooper deti huπŸ˜‚ love ki jagah live likh diya tha)

Both looked at each other. Ragini and kabir looked at vansh/riddhima.

Ragini: what the hell vansh you cheater.

Kabir: not expected from u riddhima! (Toh kisse kiya wo ladkiyo se)

Riddhima: shut up kabir you go to ur girlfriends I don’t give a damn i got my love.

Vansh: ragini if you forgot you said 1 month ago that you don’t want to see my face so now i don’t want to leave.

Kabir ragini and ishani left from there.

Vansh and riddhima hugged each other.

The end

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