#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 81 – Mission Case!!!

Episode starts with….

Riddhima reached their room to find Vansh getting ready for the day, sensing Riddhima’s presence he turned around tying his tie,

Riddhima stood in front of him and was trying to tie his tie but her petite height was betraying her, he chuckled, and holding her waist, he lifts her in the air so that she can tie it. Riddhima blushed at his weird idea of lifting her instead of him bending to her level;

Vansh: Where were you?

Riddhima (smiling): Kabir…

Vansh (smiling): So, finally all fine between the bhabhi-devar duo!!!

Riddhima: Finally (laugh) but that idiot was apologizing or blaming me was the confusion.

Vansh: You both are still immature enough irrespective of your ages

Riddhima: Never let the inner child die (wink)

Riddhima: Now put me down, your tie is done.

Vansh pulling her more into himself

Vansh: Who said I picked you to let you tie my tie!!! I lift you for my sake (wink)… you know, I missed this fragrance of yours a lot toh trying to compensate

Riddhima (smiling): Then even I missed you a lot… toh what should I do (naughty wink)?

Vansh: Arrey sweetheart is it something to ask…. c’mon even you can do the same am doing

He with one hand was lifting her through her waist while his other was caressing her cheeks while her both hands were on his shoulders for support. His hand was trailing Riddhima’s face sending chills down her spine; making her clutch onto his shoulders even tighter and this effect of him on her was impressing him. Gently holding her face in his palm, he placed an intense kiss on her button nose while she closed her eyes feeling his love. He was about to claim her lips but then a sound of gasp broke their trance; Riddhima opened her eyes to find Vansh glaring at her confused, each trying to understand what that sound was. Vansh raised his eyebrows as in asking did she gasp while Riddhima nodded her head in disapproval and then they heard a cough, making them widen their eyes and in the same posture they turned around to find Kabir and Ishani closing their eyes with their hands but still being their naughty self, were peeking through the gaps between their fingers. RiAnsh was embarrassed that instantly Vansh let Riddhima on her feet and she to escape the leg-pulling rushed to washroom. Vansh was about to escape too but before he could do, Kabir and Ishani removed their palms over their eyes and burst into laughter seeing Vansh’s expressions.

Vansh: What?

Kabir: Bhai (laugh) you can see this right (pointing at the door)….

Vansh and Ishani both were glaring at him confused with Riddhima peeking from the washroom

Kabir (laugh): That’s called door bhai, it’s supposed to be closed when you are running A-Certificate movie behind it

Kabir and Ishani burst into laughter while Riddhima was trying hard not to laugh while Vansh was all embarrassed

Vansh: Idiot, this is a couple’s room and you need to knock before barging

Saying he left the room to avoid further teasing; Riddhima was waiting for them to move but they being they were laughing seeing Riddhima not coming out

Ishani: Riddhima, bhai left and we are also moving…. and ha we came to call you for breakfast

As soon as they left Riddhima sighed and making sure none is waiting for her near their door, she took some time and descended the stairs to reach dining where everyone was present except Vansh; she took her seat and was serving herself when Vansh too reached and sat beside her

Uma: Riddhima, beta today how come you both are late?

Kabir and Ishani laughed while RiAnsh were all embarrassed and were stealing glances of how to manage the situation but their those 2 idiots were all laughing grabbing everyone’s attention

Sejal: Bhai why are you both laughing?

Vansh (making face): Because they turned insane

Riddhima: Just ignore them Sejal (glaring at them)… Vo Ma, actually I was late because of Kabir

Kabir instantly stopped laughing and was glaring at Riddhima as if “what the hell”

Anupriya: Kabir? Now, what did he do?

Riddhima: Vo …. nothing much Chachi. We were just talking in the lawn and lost the track of time

Kabir was giving her death glares as if are you kidding me. Chuckling Riddhima continued her breakfast and receiving a call Vansh excused himself and his expressions were suspicious that Kabir too followed him to the study where he saw Vansh talking on a call full tense. Once the call was done he saw Kabir standing curiously and suspiciously staring at him; Vansh sighed and sat on the chair

Kabir: What happened Bhai?

Vansh: It’s the advocates call….

Kabir (worried): What did he say?

Vansh: Tomorrow is the final hearing

Kabir (shock): What the hell!!!!! It was supposed to be the next week right

: But that person wanted it to happen asap so arranged for an early hearing

They turned to find Ishani standing there with expressions of pain. Kabir and Vansh were giving her blank expressions

Ishani (worried): Bhai, everything will be fine right!!!

Vansh stood and walking towards her, he cupped her face and

Vansh: Trust me Ishani, I’ll make everything fine soon.

Kabir: But Ishani, how did you get to know?

Ishani: I got the call of the advocates assistant in the morning and he informed me

Kabir: Bhai, any idea if the case is with us or against us?

Vansh: The opposition doesn’t have strong proof so…

Kabir: But bhai they have a prime witness… what if…

Vansh: Am doing something which may cost something more to me…. (pain) but that’s needed to win the case and vaise bhi that person isn’t a witness of what happened, but is a witness of finding that person after the incident

Kabir (shock): Bhai what are you going to do?

Vansh: Am ….. am trying to buy the opposition adv….

Ishani (shock): Bhai… no, (panic) no bhai you aren’t going to do this…. bhai you pretty well know, if at all you do this then you are going to lose…

Vansh (upset): I know Ishani…. but I … I find no other option than this. We pretty well know that this case is just a mere misunderstanding and I can’t let that person to suffer in jail for some misunderstanding and for us to win this case then…. I have to take this step

Kabir: But bhai we may have some other option too right… instead of doing this

Vansh: I thought a lot of Kabir but nothing seems to work…. I spoke to the prosecutor too and he is all willing to work for us as even he agrees that this is a case of misunderstanding and he isn’t going to charge a penny from us…. but….

Ishani (worried): But what about that person bhai? You know you are going to risk your whole life now

Vansh: I have no option to save that person I need to take this risk…. (broke) Kabir tomorrow it’s going to be your duty to stop that prime witness from reaching the court. I’ll try to make sure that person doesn’t get to know that it’s the last hearing tomorrow. We need to be careful…. at any cost the verdict should be in our favor

Kabir: Bhai how can you not let that person know of the last hearing being tomorrow? What if their advocate reveals it?

Vansh: No, he won’t I already spoke to him and he assured me not to give the details of the hearing tomorrow…. you just stop that person with you until evening or at most afternoon

Ishani: But bhai how can that be possible?

Vansh: Kabir needs a PA and we have interviews scheduled tomorrow in the office so ….. you understood right!!!

Kabir: Will that person come there?

Vansh: Yes!!!!

Kabir: Okay bhai then it’s my duty to stop that person in the office tomorrow


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