#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 76 – Vansh’s Sweet Surprise!!!

Episode starts with….

Riddhima (shock): How do you know? Did he tell you anything? (Raising eyebrows)

Vansh: He has such audacity to complain against you to anyone? (laugh) Poor he!! He would chose to kill himself rather than complaining about you to anyone as he is aware that you’ll kill him if he goes against you (chuckling)

Riddhima gave him a death glare and he zipped his mouth trying to control his laughter before speaking

Vansh: Acha actually, I guessed it as only he is the one who’ll irritate you and you’ll complaint me about him only none else. So, just a pure guess

Riddhima: Umm… you know today when you sent the bouquet with letter he was with me and he was peeking into the letter and was teasing me (making a face)

Vansh (laugh): Arrey you know him right then why did you read it in front of him?

Riddhima: I was curious, desperate…. (pout)

Vansh: Awww….!!!!

Vansh: Aur phir kya huwa?

Riddhima: Obviously I kicked him and…. (as if thinking something) you know Vansh after whatever happened in the past he never spoke about any girl but today he was discussing of the type of girl he’d prefer. The description he gave was totally different of the previous girl in his life.

Vansh (shock): Kabir spoke of a girl!!! Like seriously!!!!????

Riddhima: Even I was shocked when he was speaking absent mindedly. Thought he has moved on but… but when I spoke to him an hour back I realised he is ready to move on but he isn’t moving on!!!

Vansh seeing Riddhima’s lost expressions he realised something definitely happened between Riddhima and Kabir

Vansh: Riddhima what exactly happened?

Riddhima: I…. I was speaking to him if he’s willing to move on and then the topic led to….

Riddhima was biting her lips as she knows if Vansh gets to know she raised past issue once again then he’ll be angry. But it was late as Vansh realised it by her expressions and he was literally upset over her

Vansh: Are you serious Riddhima!!! Like you have once again raised that topic and apologized to him. You know it right, he clearly told you many times it’s not your mistake then why are you hell bent in taking that blame on you? (anger)

Riddhima: But Vansh she herself told me that she is leaving him only because of my existence

Vansh: And you still believe it!!! Riddhima yaar try to understand she wasn’t what she portrayed to be! She was in search of a reason to leave and she found you to be a fool and put all the blame on you and left. And even after a year you still believe her those baseless blames!! Riddhima it’s you who has to move on from that incident not Kabir. He has moved on isliye he could see her true face but you being you, you aren’t accepting the truth we are trying to show you. (irritated)

Vansh saw Riddhima who was in tears and he realised he was harsh on her. But he is even aware that she won’t understand unless he raises his voice. It was necessary for her to accept that Kabir’s past doesn’t have any relation with her presence. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself before speaking to her once again as now it was needed to calm the Narmada River flowing from her those mesmerizing eyes

Vansh: Acha listen (calm)…. Riddhu!! Am sorry…. Am sorry!!! I shouldn’t have spoken to you such.

Riddhima (wiping her tears): NO…. no Vansh!!! It’s my mistake I have dug Kabir’s those past bitter memories once again and now he is in pain because of my foolishness

Vansh: Riddhu, listen to me…. I know you are worried for him and want to see him happy but he has moved on from those memories and its time he needs someone in his life who’d understand him and his circle and not blame someone for their selfish reasons

Riddhima: Exactly we were discussing the same that he needs someone in his life and even they said that the girl should be such who accepts his family and friends

Vansh (raising eyebrows): Discussing? With whom?

Riddhima: Arrey, we girls were having this discussion after Kabir left scolding me. Even they agree that Kabir needs someone who’d accept him the way he is with all of us in his life

Vansh: Ohh…. So, you had a discussion too about Kabir!

Riddhima: Haa we are even on a mission to search a girl for him…. A girl of his dreams…. A girl who’d fill the void in his life….. a girl who’ll bring the lost happiness back in his life

Vansh: OMG!!! Riddhu you all want to bring those many girls in his life!!!!! I thought he needs a single girl but here you guys are making a list of girls (chuckling)

Riddhima: Shut up Vansh!!! (laughing)

Vansh: You fine ab?

Riddhima nodded and Vansh was smiling. They spoke for a while on random topics before bidding bye

Vansh: Acha chalo, its late you need to sleep.

Riddhima (yawning): Yea…. Good night!!

Vansh: Good Night Sweetheart…. Bye take care

Riddhima: Bye!!!!

They cut the call and Riddhima dozed off but Vansh was in those past memories and the pain which that girl left for Kabir. He decided to check on Kabir and dialed his number but then checking the time he didn’t intend to disturb him so let it go and dozed off

Kabir’s Room,

Kabir (to himself): Riddhima, why don’t you understand that she wasn’t for me. I was just a passing cloud for her, she found a good reason to leave me and that was you. You weren’t the reason for anything instead just a pawn for her to use. And why do you always bring that topic and apologize to me and remind me of her betrayal!!! Even after all this, you aren’t understanding how cunningly she stained our relationship but instead, you are blaming yourself for she leaving my life.

He was hurt but not because of his past but because Riddhima wasn’t willing to accept the truth. One part of him was sorry for speaking to her rashly but the other part felt it was needed for her to understand and accept the truth that she isn’t concerned for anything.

With his bitter moments of past and with the guilt of hurting Riddhima he dozed off with a determination that he isn’t going to speak to her unless she understands the reality and stops her blaming game.

Its 7am, RiAnsh Room,

Riddhima’s sleep broke with the bright sun rays disturbing her sleep. She rubbed her eyes and shrugged her shoulders seeing that one more day without Vansh. Sighing she went to freshen up. As she was near the dressing table and doing her hair she was thinking of last night happenings and Kabir flashed her mind

Riddhima (thinking): Shit!!! Now I have to pacify the moody!!! But what do I do!! Obviously, Riddhima ask for forgiveness. But he is going to show many tantrums!!! Uff… Chalo Riddhima, mission pacify Kabir!!!

Her thoughts broke by a facetime and it was obvious who that was. With an enthusiastic smile, she answered the call

Riddhima: Good Morning Vansh

Vansh: Good Morning Sweetheart!!! Seems someone is all set to start the day

Riddhima: Yes!!! Have many appointments today and then have to even go to VR Enterprises to check on your cabin’s work. It’s almost done and maybe by this month-end everything will be finished

Vansh: Woahh!!!! So, it’s going to be a tiresome day for you. But remember, am not there that doesn’t give you the right to neglect your health. Have your food on time

Riddhima (rolls her eyes): Look who’s telling…. The one who neglects food citing important meetings

Vansh (smiling): Am… am having my food on time

Riddhima (sarcastic chuckle): Hahaha…. Good joke, tell me another joke too

Vansh: Acha baba, I’ll have my food on time and that’s implacable to you too

Riddhima: You better have it!!!

Vansh: Acha Chalo, I need to go. I’ll try to ping you if possible and take care

Riddhima: Ha… but please don’t exhaust yourself

Vansh: Sure (smiling). Bye!!! I Love you

Riddhima: I Love you too!!!!

Riddhima reached the dining area to find everyone but her eyes were searching for Kabir who wasn’t present.

Riddhima (thinking): Now where did this idiot go in the morning!!! I had to apologize and seems like he started showing his talent in which he is pro “ignoring”.

Seeing her lost, dadi bought her back to reality

Dadi: Where were you lost beta?

Riddhima: Nothing dadi was wondering where is Kabir!

Uma: He said he has an important meeting so rushed to the office a few minutes back.

Riddhima (upset): Oh okay!!!

All had their breakfast and rushed to their respective works. Riddhima was having a tough day attending to patients. By evening she was done and decided to pay a visit to VR Enterprises with the thought of checking the ongoing work and also apologize to Kabir.

Its 4 pm, VR Enterprises,

Riddhima reached the office and greeting the staff she reached Vansh’s cabin and supervising them, she moved towards Kabir’s cabin and opening the door

Riddhima: Kabir, yaar…

She noticed the cabin was vacant, she turned around to see if he was in the washroom but in vain. She decided to stay for a while expecting him to be in some meeting but even after a while when he didn’t come she called the office boy

Riddhima: Where’s Kabir?

Office boy: Don’t know Ma’am, sir didn’t come to office today!!

Riddhima (shock): What!!!

Riddhima: Okay you leave

Once he left, she sat in the chair engrossed in her thoughts,

Riddhima (thinking): Where did he go!! Ma told he is going to the office for a meeting and the office boy is stating he didn’t come to the office, where did he go!!! Is he fine!!! Yaar Kabir who’ll be this upset, that you vanished. I accept it was my mistake to get that topic once again. I promise I won’t do the same mistake once again. And where the hell is this Vansh, I didn’t get a message or call from morning!! Am sure he forgot that he has a wife and romancing his work exhausting himself (anger). Let him come back once then I’ll show him who I am!!! I miss you Vansh!!! (Upset)

She was constantly checking her phone with a small hope that Vansh might either ping or call her, but none such happened. And then the cabin door opened, she expected it to be Kabir but it was one of the workers

Worker: Ma’am we need you there

She nodded and left towards Vansh’s cabin to check. She was engrossed in supervising when Aditi entered

Aditi: Ma’am you have a parcel

Riddhima (banging her head): Once again?

Aditi (chuckling): Yes

Riddhima was walking towards reception trying to call or drop a message to Vansh but his phone was switched off

Riddhima (thinking): Where the hell is this person!! Is he so busy that he switched his phone off!!! Now, what did he send!!!

She almost reached the reception, and lift her head from her phone to find what’s for today and then the sight in front of her enthralled her, she shouted on top of her voice grabbing everyone’s attention

Riddhima (happy, excited, emotional): VANSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What she saw was Vansh himself standing in front of her. The moment her eyes fell on him, she squeaked with happiness and shouting expressing her happiness to find him after 36 hours. She ran to him and pounced on him wrapping her hands over his neck and legs flying in the air while he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and lifting the petite figure a bit pulling her to him thoroughly. They placed their chin over each other’s shoulder, inhaling the fragrance of each other without which they sustained hours. Getting lost in their own world, he twirled her still engrossed in the hug. The void feeling, they were experiencing staying away from them for all these were now being filled with this hug, which felt like decades since they met. Riddhima’s eyes welled up finding him, her tears made their way out of her territory and landed directly on his shirt, and sensing it, he broke the hug and gently placing her back on her feet, he kissed her forehead wiping her tears. She hugged him once again, resting her head on his heart listening to his beats while he reciprocated her hug.

Riddhima: I missed you a lot Vansh!!!!

Vansh (smiling): I Love you too Riddhima!!



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