#RIANSH – A CUTE LOVE STORY – Episode – 11 – Riddhima, Vansh, Sejal and Angre in Danger

Episode starts with…

Its 10pm, Riddhima’s place,

As they enter Riddhima’s house, she asked Sejal to see if Angre needs something and went directly into her room, while Angre was observing her house. Almost the house was decorated with all the pics of Riddhima with Sejal’s family, her drawings, flowers and books. He saw Riddhima running to her room and was worried and looked at Sejal who was in kitchen preparing some coffee for them.

Angre: Sejal, you sister locked herself in the room

Sejal: Angre relax, she didn’t lock her room and she need time to cope up. Let her be alone for tonight and then by tomorrow she’ll be perfectly alright. She has always been like this, if she is hurt then she stays alone for a while and then she is normal.

Angre nodded and as Sejal handed over his coffee he took and they both went and sat in the common balcony. (Guys there are 2 balconies one in Riddhima’s room where she saw the stalker and other is linked through living room). Angre wanted to speak in fact wanted to ask something when they heard the doorbell and wondered who could it be at this hour. Angre went to open the door while Sejal stood behind. Angre was shocked to see the person standing there and his only response was “You?”

As the person entered the house, Sejal was shocked and relaxed to see him. It was Vansh

Sejal: Vansh bhai, you here? How come

Vansh: I went to the market where Riddhima wanted me to go and got all that she wanted and after placing them in house I came to check on her.

Angre and Sejal couldn’t digest that he went to market, the great Vansh Rai Singhania went to market and then came to check on his new friend. They couldn’t believe their ears. Angre pinched Sejal to know if he isn’t dreaming and Sejal shouted which made Angre believe his ears and Vansh was staring at them

Angre: Sorry Sejal but is it true? Like am I dreaming or its truth that Vansh Rai Singhania whom we lost many years back has now returned. He is concerned for that girl whom he met today (trying hard not to laugh)

Sejal burst out and Angre joined her that’s when Vansh rolled his eyes and

Sejal: Thanks, bhai finally we could laugh before day ended and the credit goes to you.

Vansh: If your baseless talks are done can you tell me where she is and how is she

Angre: Vansh, she went into her room and didn’t come out from then again. Sejal said that it’s her habit to get rid of pain.

Vansh asked Sejal where her room is, she directed them but asked them not to enter and so both Vansh and Angre went in direction of Sejal room while Sejal went into kitchen to get something for them to eat and drink. As Vansh and Angre reached her room, they could hear some weeping sounds and so they tried looking through the small space which was left open when Riddhima shut the door (but it didn’t close). They saw Riddhima sitting in a corner of her bed and was weeping. They felt bad for her they wanted to go in to console her but just then Sejal came and stopped them by nodding her head in disapproval and asked them not to speak anything there and they all reached balcony. They seated there and then as Vansh and Angre was staring at her, she asked them

Sejal: What happened? Why are you looking at me this way?

Vansh: Why did you stop us from meeting her?

Sejal: Acha bhai, I’ll tell you but you tell me one thing – What did you see in the room?

Angre: She sat on her bed and was weeping

Sejal: That means she needs alone time. Bhai, what all happened today has broken her and she needs time to cope up with it. I have seen her from childhood, it’s been 15years since we know each other and, in these years, I saw her behavioural changes when she is happy, when she is sad, when she is hurt, when she needs support, when she lacks confidence etc. after all that happened today, she needs some time alone, she prefers to stay alone and she cries her heart out and after that night she feels afresh and she almost comes out of that trauma the next day. She just needs time. Trust me she’ll be fine by tomorrow, just leave her for today.

Angre and Vansh were wondering and suddenly something strikes Angre.

Angre: Sejal, you said you have known for 15 years, but she is of your age and then you call her your friend, you even call her your sister and then your parents regard her as their daughter and even she calls them Ma and Pa. What’s all this???

Vansh was observing why and how come Angre was keen to know about Riddhima.

Sejal: (Smiling) it’s a big story. Actually ….

Her phone rang breaking their discussion, it was Rudra and so she excused herself and went to speak to him, leaving Angre worried and frustrated as he was keen in knowing about her since morning but is unable to. Vansh was observing everything and decided he needs to talk to him at any cost

Vansh: Angre what happened, I have been observing you since evening and the way you are concerned, the way you look at her and the way you are enquiring and observing small to small detail of her makes me wonder what’s running in your mind.

Angre: Vansh, you know who means a lot to me, you know whom I love the most in this world. Since morning when I met her, I feel connected to her. I have been searching for her for years. There are lot of things in common. Riddhima’s smile, her innocent face, her tastes, her name… this reminds me of her. There are some links missing and these links are dragging me to conclude that there’s is something which I am unable to see or maybe she is the one whom I am searching. I want to know the reality of her. All this is making me restless.

Vansh observed how Angre’s voice became numb and he could feel the pain of losing someone and then having a hope of finding that person unexpectedly feels like. Vansh patted on his shoulder and assured that

Vansh: Angre I know what you are going through and I can even feel your pain. But trust me, this time we both will put all our effort in finding her and if your instinct makes you feel that Riddhima is her then I assure you we’ll find out.

Angre hugged Vansh and thanked him for his support.

Its 11:30pm, Riddhima’s place,

A man in black hoodie with a tattoo on his hand is seen below Riddhima’s house. He was actually doing something with the mechanism of a car. None noticed him doing so.

Meanwhile, Angre and Vansh were discussing when Sejal entered after speaking to her dad.

Vansh: I think I need to leave now; you guys take care and if there’s anything then just give me a call. Take care of her

Sejal: Bhai, it’s already late and I think you need to stay back. I am occupying one of the rooms and there are 2 more so you both can occupy them.

Angre: Yeah Vansh she is right, it’s not possible to drive at this hour. You better stay back

Vansh: Okay.

Sejal: So, guys your rooms are this way. You’ll find everything there. If you want anything to eat or drink then you can find in the kitchen and fridge. I am tired, so please excuse me I am going to sleep.

Vansh: Acha ok, you go we’ll take care.

So, she left the room to sleep, while, Vansh and Angre were discussing something and were preparing something to eat and after a while they went to check Riddhima, who was by now slept hugging her teddy, they smiled at her who was sleeping like a small baby. They adored her and felt bad for what she had to go through. Later they too went to their rooms and dozed off.

Its 6am, Riddhima’s Place,

New mornings bring new happiness. Riddhima woke and felt afresh. She went to prepare Coffee for herself before Sejal and Angre woke up as today is their event and they need to be in RS Mansion by 12pm. So, she was preparing coffee while humming some lyrics, when someone’s voice interrupted her morning

Vansh: So, your hidden talent is singing

Riddhima was shell shocked seeing Vansh there, she was unaware that he too was there

Riddhima: Vansh!!! You here? How come? I mean when did you come?

Vansh (Laughing): Relax yaar Riddhima, if you ask me these many questions, how can I answer if you don’t give me a gap to answer. Okay! So, I came last night to check on you but I didn’t want to disturb you so we 3 spent some time but it was too late so Sejal suggested me to stay back. If you have any issue then I’ll leave (trying to pull her leg).

Riddhima: Shut up Vansh. I didn’t mean that. But Thanks for being concerned of me.

Vansh smiled and asked if she was fine and she replied she is. She prepared a coffee for him too and they both sat in the balcony enjoying the sunrise with a cup of coffee. The birds chirping, the cold breeze, the morning walkers, joggers everyone were on the streets wishing their passer-by.

Vansh: Umm…  awesome Riddhima, your coffee has something amazing taste

Riddhima smiled and thanked him. That’s when he observed her features when she is normal, or else the previous day everything was messed and he didn’t get the chance to adore her beauty. He was keenly observing her as she was enjoying the morning rays on her face, he saw her eyes, which had life in it and someone could read them easily yet it’s difficult as her eyes speak with only few; her small nose which was inhaling the cool breeze and the smell of coffee; her pink tiny lips were licking the coffee as if it’s the last coffee; her innocent face had something which he never saw in anyone. He understood that she was a totally different person when she is normal, her smile was lively and her cheeks were pink due to the cold. His heart was melting but his brain was struck in baseless arguments. His heart was overpowering his brain’s arguments when

Angre: Good Morning

Vansh broke from his observations and looked at Angre

Vansh & Riddhima: Good Morning Angre

Angre: How are you Riddhima?

Riddhima: I am fine (Smiling). Relax. Would you like to have Coffee?

Angre nodded his head when she went and bought a cup for him and they three were talking about evening party when suddenly Sejal came and hugged Riddhima from back and

Sejal: Good morning everyone (still yawning)

Everyone wished back when Sejal asked Riddhima for a cup of coffee

Riddhima: Enough aa Sejal, I have prepared for 3 persons now get yourself one cup and also bring some cookies

Sejal: Please (making a requesting face)

Riddhima gave her a pat and bought cookies and coffee for everyone. They all enjoyed their morning coffee discussing about each other and then dispersed into their respective rooms to get ready.

It’s 9am, Riddhima’s place,

Everyone got ready as they came back, they saw Vansh in Kitchen.

Riddhima: Vansh, do you need anything? Are you hungry, wait till I prepare something!

Vansh: I don’t need anything. I am preparing breakfast for all of us. Give me 2mins I’ll serve.

Sejal and Angre looked at each other in shock. They literally screamed grabbing Vansh and Riddhima’s attention.

Riddhima: Guys, what happened? Why did you react this way?

Vansh was giving them stern look, instead of worrying they both were laughing and said

Angre: It’s been 3 years since Vansh cooked something or should I say, since he entered kitchen. But in past 16 hours, its 2nd time he entered and is cooking something. So, we are shocked.

Riddhima stared at Vansh while Sejal and Angre were enjoying and Sejal clicked a pic of Vansh in kitchen and sent it to both Ishani and Siya. Vansh tried ignoring Riddhima’s stare as he knew he had no answers for her questions. Vansh wanted to just kick the ass’s of Angre and Sejal for saying such things in front of Riddhima. He stared at them through the corner of eyes asking them to shut up or else he would be hard to handle. Angre and Sejal understood that stare and left from there to fetch something. All this while Riddhima was wondering why did the person who never smile in 3 years was smiling at her, why did he laugh with her, why did the person who never met anyone has met her, why did he cook for her, why is he worried for her, why is he concerned for her!!! She wanted answers for his changed behaviour towards her. He was portrayed as a rock person without feelings by Sejal but then he never felt that Vansh in last hours. He was totally different and now Angre’s confession of his changed behaviour towards her increased her curiosity and she is determined to get her answers.

Vansh: Guys breakfast is ready, come

Everyone had a yummy breakfast prepared by him and appreciated him. Soon after everyone reached the parking space and started their journey in Riddhima’s car as Vansh’s car tyre was punctured and he called the service person to come and pick his car. So, they started their journey in Riddhima’s car. While Angre was driving, Vansh sat in the passenger seat, as both the girls sat behind. They were talking and were having a great time.

Vansh: Riddhima, I wanted to ask you why did you become a doctor, I mean there must have been a reason or inspiration right.

Riddhima: (smiling) I remember my Maa was a Physiotherapist. She was my inspiration. I was a kid when Maa told me that doctor is the only person who heals the other’s pain. They are considered healers. She used to tell me who she was but being a kid, I could never pronounce that word correctly and Maa used to laugh at my struggle. So, later when I got to know what Maa was, I decided I’ll be a Physiotherapist in her memory.

Vansh and Angre looked at each other and was dumbstruck as they had many questions and before they could Angre realised something horrible

Angre: Guys, I guess brakes aren’t working. Brakes failed.

Vansh: Angre, what the hell!!!! Try to open the lock we need to jump

Riddhima was shell shocked as her trauma of her childhood returned and she sat their motionless and was sweating. The memories of that night flashed in front of her eyes. She realized her body turned numb and she couldn’t sense anything. Her cheeks could feel the tears flowing. Sejal saw Riddhima’s state and started panicking.

Sejal: Riddhima, relax. Nothing will happen. We’ll sought this issue. Stay calm please.

Vansh and Angre turned back to see what happened and couldn’t believe what they saw. Riddhima was almost in state of collapsing. She was not in her senses and suddenly cried out


Everyone was shocked by her outburst while Sejal tried to calm her down.

Precap: Riddhima, Vansh and Sejal jumped off the car while Angre was struck. The vehicle was moving in zig zag manner….

So that’s all for today. Hope you guys are enjoying and please do comment and let me know your views and suggestions if any needed.

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