Review of Choti Sarrdaarni episodes – Post The Leap

The production company, Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment is not that well-known but has bought shows like Jatt Na Puchho Prem Ki on AndTV, the most popular Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin on StarPlus and Choti Sarrdaarni on Colors TV.

Choti Sarrdaarni showcases an love story between Meher (Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia) and Manav (Hitesh Bharadwaj) in the beginning while Meher’s mother Kulwant disapproves their relationship due to Manav’s financial crisis. She is politically ambitious and wants to become an MLA, so she kills Manav and gets Meher married to Sarabjeet Singh Gill (Avinesh Rekhi) a widower with a child from the first marraige. The story then introduces a lot of plots ahead such as Meher being pregnant with Manav’s child, Manav’s return in Meher’s life, and a lot more. Sarab and Meher fall in love with each other throughout the course of the show. The show was even remade in Kannada by Colors Kannada titled ‘Hoo Male’.

After failing to garner TRP, the show recently took a leap of 16 years where it is shown that Meher and Sarab die in an accident and leave their children, Param, Karan, and Seher behind. While Seher travels to Canada for her future studies, Param and Karan have growed up and Param is shown to be interested in politics.

In this article, I present my review/take on the episodes of Choti Sarrdaarni after the leap.

I give it a review of 4.5 out of 5.0

Shehzada Dhami excels in his role as the grown-up Param with perfection and aces the role. He is shown to be little strict and has changed a lot after the death of #MehRab.

Adhik Mehta too excels in his role as the grown-up Karan.

Varun Toorkey and Mahir Pandhi as Kunal and Rajveer too excel in their roles as Seher’s love interests. The main couple after the leap will be Seher and Rajveer (#SehRaj)

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia too excels in her role as the grown-up Seher on the show with perfection and it’s an absolute delight to watch her.

Overall, the track seems promising and is a good watch. Make sure to check it out!

  1. In this track, Param and Karan are much older than Seher still they are searching a groom for her even though they themselves are not married. Such a cheap mentality. I think that Seher will also be forcefully married just like Meher. I think this show glorifies forced marriages. I don’t think it’s worth watching.

    1. Who knows?
      Seher may fall in love with Rajveer b4 their so- called arranged marriage….only Time will tell

    2. Ya i know that will only happen Snowflake but can’t they show that she breaks free from her forced marriage instead of this crap.

  2. Why can’t they show a strong willed woman, who can make it on her own? Always had to be a love triangle! The title Chotisardarni, was supposed to be about a strong woman!

    1. So truee.

  3. Radhika Purohit

    What a paid promotion!!!Anyone interested in reading a genuine review please read the review by @german_chotisarrdaarni_fans on Instagram.. its 👌👌 and 💯right

  4. Paid promotions came here too😂😂

    1. Is she paid?

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Oh yes definitely
      No one would rank a new show 4.5 in the first week itself !!! Here that too there is a comparison with the original CS..
      Even if we set aside the anger No show can be genuinely rated 4.5 in the first week itself!!! Its utter crap .. trying to gain audience by saying “make sure to check it out”

      Well I would say.. Make sure never read an article by Meera S!!!

  5. What a rubbish article and a paid promotion. There is no comparison between the older CS to this cheep after leap in story and in acting. pls, don’t insult your audience.

    1. Snowflake

      My kind of storytelling??
      Can’t see my comment below?

    2. Yes, your ff stories with pictures and so on.

    3. Snowflake

      Oh really?
      So I PROMOTE Cs??
      I stopped writing my ff long before this leap. I don’t understand what u mean

    4. @snowflake, it’s your right to write about CS what you feel like to write. I simply noticed that there is similarly in the writing that’s all. Dont take it wrong! I get the feeling you like to think you are the victim here 🤔 and jump in a fighting mood. Peace

    5. Radhika Purohit

      This comment is deleted.

      No personal comments on another member please!

    6. Radhika aunty ko batao… fighting mode huh🤐
      So now u mean the STYLE of writing?!
      I wanted to continue my ff but all of u guys comments will come there…. I don’t mind them but u guys will have problem with certain things. N now after saying this, u will say, ok we won’t comment there(which ull hardly do, only in dropofthought(hope I got that right) bhaiya’s FF…n I felt sad after that…. that ull like his style of writing, not mine😕

    7. I can speak only about myself! Yes I wouldn’t comment in your ff because I don’t like reading it! But you other people might do.

    8. Because @[email protected] writing>>>your ff

    9. Radhika Purohit

      This comment is deleted.

    10. Dropofthought

      Snowflake you shouldn’t stop writing because some people don’t comment on your work, as you already had other people who enjoyed your writing and also commented. And every person who writes has a different style especially in creative writing so it’s only natural for it to vary from one person to another. I didn’t start or stop writing for a specific person but I met some amazing people here who appreciated my work along the way, I also hope you won’t stop for that reason and I’m sure you’ll also find people who appreciate your work. Everyone has different opinions like how you like the leap and I don’t, so don’t get bogged down by that. Life’s too short to worry about what other people think (waah yeh toh filmy ho gaya)!

    11. Thank [email protected]
      It means a lot♥️♥️♥️

    12. Snowflake see clearly what i wrote..i said that @dropofthought writing is much better than yours..see clearly..😂😂

    13. Dropofthought bhaiya, I really wld love to continue, but after reading dear Pixelss comment, I’m over the moon!
      Looks like there is no limit to criticize n seems like ull r enjoying roasting me🤐

    14. I’m not gonna reply to aunty Radhika and aunt Ayni’s comments, cuz I’m in fighting mode right?!
      No prob.
      I have said what I have to✌️☮️☮️✌️☮️

    15. But I don’t understand why is it that much important to you we commenting on your ff? In the past we did comment on that and some gave even suggestions too and you were happy. As much as I remember no one commented negatively so for where comes your accusation? So I would say, if you give your attention to those people who were there for you each time you wrote ff were happy and commented on weekly basis. Consetrate on your writing and forget that we existed.

  6. Meera, u also shld hv added the things that are too wierd n incomplete….not just the good stuff… like, they didn’t yet show how Harleen, kk n fam, Robbie n all die….
    How big b came into the picture, what exactly is Seher doing in Canada other than finding love, rajveers work n kunals also…

    1. Snowflake: Do these things matter? Since ‘dead’ people come back to the show, these things are not a big deal.

  7. Meera S: Every single actor/person “excel’s” as per your review. Is that an independent and objective assessment or are you just paid to say that? If you would care to check observer’s views on social media, you will find that “excel’s” is rather far from what people think. However, I understand your point – you are probably paid to say what you said.

    1. @AJ..the writer of this article “excels”in paid promotion

    2. Radhika Purohit

      Well said @AJ..
      If someone said that ML excels as rajveer its a 💯 definite proof of paid promotion

    3. Meera S

      And for all of your kind information, I am not paid to write all this and this is my independent review. If you want to pass bad comments on my review articles, then better dont read my reviews. I also have couple of other articles (not paid promotion) in which I have discussed about TRP, time slots, and many other issues.

  8. Stupid makers lost a precious gem. Now their male lead’s acting is worst. No words to say.Av is first place in ranking list of actors . But these makers …… What are they doing ?
    Actually I can’t understand them.

    1. @Wial – the actors are model’s pretending to be actors, with predictable results.

    2. I think @AJ with absolutely no result

  9. Dropofthought

    Clearly the author here has a different definition of excel because the only thing the new male lead excels in is overacting. I’m guessing the author was too busy counting her money because they’ve must’ve had to pay her a hefty amount to write this but seriously go read or see a single review or post and even in the comments you’ll find a better analysis than this.

    1. 👌👌@Dropofthought

    2. Meera S

      And for all of your kind information, I am not paid to write all this and this is my independent review. If you want to pass bad comments on my review articles, then better dont read my reviews. I also have couple of other articles (not paid promotion) in which I have discussed about TRP, time slots, and many other issues.

  10. I don’t know who is deleting comments here (probably dear atiba isn’t doing that)..that person doesn’t have even 1% of courage to face the truth..By deleting you will just be hiding the false and deceive things only temporarily.. Remember That!!

    1. Administrator

      We understand everyone’s opinion can’t be same, so everyone is free to debate. However, if any comment attacks any member or if inappropriate language or words are used, then it will be deleted. If you notice, paid promotion and opposing views comments are not deleted. Only the ones that attacked the author are deleted.

  11. Some other conversations are also deleted [email protected]

  12. Snowflake

    Thank god Sir took action.
    The world has evolved so much that ppl hv forgotten the meaning of respect and only criticize….poor Meera di and others!

  13. Meera S

    Hello to the people reading this article. This is purely just my opinion and I dont force it on everyone. Please stop your mean comments like this. You may also see the other articles that I wrote too. Judging a person based on one article is very bad.

  14. Meera S

    And for all of your kind information, I am not paid to write all this and this is my independent review. If you want to pass bad comments on my review articles, then better dont read my reviews. I also have couple of other articles (not paid promotion) in which I have discussed about TRP, time slots, and many other issues.

    1. Snowflake

      Exactly…..they just told me that u r paid..tho I refused to believe it……

  15. I dont get this writer Adhik,shehzaada and others are still fine even nimrit but ML?! GOOD JOKE. i wish the writer who wrote an actualy review for the show at beggining wrote this too. MAYBE meera hasnt watched og cast. lol

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