REVENGE vs LOVE – I Will Kill You (EPISODE 5)

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Before starting I want to ask only one question- is my ff boring? are you all not liking it? please answer to this question and thank you jisha di, kruti, purnima agrwal 30,monica, baby,angita for commenting and even thanks to silent readers….
So lets get started EPISODE 5
Kunj (in his cabin to himself):kunj tu yeh nahi kar sakta jisie tuje itni nafrad hai vo tu doosro ke saath kaise kar sakta hai tu usse wait nahi kara sakthe jaake uss siyappa queen se mil aur jaldi meeting khatam kar varna kya pata kaha kaise kab aur kya naya siyypa karegi jaake milaa beta(no kunj this is wrong the thing which you hate how can you do it with others you better go and meet that siyappa queen finish the meeting and get rid of her don’t know when where how and what problem she creates again)
Kunj walks to presentation room .twinkle was facing the wall hw clears his thorat and twinkle turns back
(at a time )Twinj: tum!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kunj : tum matlab kya yaha MD hoon mein SARNA INDUSTRIES ka kunj sarna(what do you mean I am the MD of SARNA INDUSTRIES)
Twinkle : toh tumhara matlab kya tha I am also nandini taneja .mein yaha meeting ke liye aayi hoon.(what do you mean I am here for the meeting )
[at a time again]Twinj :matlab
Twinj:kya bulaya mujhe tumne?(by what name did you call me?)
Twinkle : jab tumne meri car ki takkar mari toh kitna sweetly behave kar rahe the ab dekho kaise ho(when you dashed me you were talking to me so sweetly now what happen?)
Kunj: tum bhi kitna innocent lag rahi thi ab kya hua(you were also behaving so innocently now what happen to you also)
T(herself):what the hell yeh tu kya kar rahi hai twinkle tumhe SARNAS ke saath deal finalize karni hogi nahi toh maa aur papa ko kaise doondegi jagdna bandh kar(what the hell r u doing twinkle if you want to find mom n dad you have to finalize the deal with SARNAS stop fighting wid him)
K:o hello akele kya badbada rahe ho pehele late aoo phir(o hello what r u mummering first come late and then )
T: ok I am sorry actually mera car karab hogayi thi issliye mei late aayi and tum itna tashan dikha rahe the ki mujhe aur gussa agaya and mein ne over react kiya (I am sorry actually my car broke down so I am late and u were showing attitude so I became more hyper and I over reacted)
K:oh I am really sorry mein janta nahi hoon na ki tumhara car karab hogayi aur mujhe late karne wale bilku pasand nahi tho ……….i m so sorry ki mein ne itni rudely tum se baat ki(oh I am sorry I don’t know that your car broke down its just that I hate late comers I m so sorry for speaking so rudely to you)
T:so presentation shuru kare(shall we start)
Kunj sees the presentation and he finalizes deal with twinkle
K:so kal se ham iss project pe kaam karenge(so from tomorrow we will work on this poject)
T:thank you mr.sarna
K:no formalities can we be friends[he forwards his hand ]
T:yaa sure[they both shake hands and this time they feel more weird]
T(herself):yeh ho kya raha hai jab bhi mein isse milti hon toh mujhe itna ajeeb kyun lagta hai par yeh feeling toh tab hi aati hai jab koi vampire mere aas pass ho aur yaha kunj ke alava yahan koyi nahi hai (what is happening to me when ever I meet him I feel so weird but I get this feeling only when a vampire is around me and here there is no one other than kunj)
Here kunj also feels weird they pull back
K: you can call me kunj
T:and you can call me nandini
K: see you tomorrow. Bye


Two more characters:
And they both are dead because of ………………..SUSPENCE
Guys please comment I know the track was boring till now but from now the secrets are going to unfurl and for writing I need your comments so plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss comment AND DON’T FORGET TO ANSWER MY QUESTION

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    Hey Thanmy dear first of all sorry for not commenting on ur previous post.. Hope u know the reason behind it..
    Nd ur ff is not at all boring but it’s too good nd worth reading also..
    Loved today’s episode… Too good yrr.. Amazing.. Awesome…

  3. Shatakshi

    Hey thani
    It was really good
    N u will get my comment n a question along in ur previous episode
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    1. Thanmy

      Hey shatakshi thank u for commenting and I’m a girl not a boy or rather say a tom boy
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      Thats cool thani
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  4. It was amazing! Continue soon x

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    I commenting on your ff for the first time
    Loved it 🙂

    1. Thanmy

      Hey sidmin thank u for commenting and keep commenting

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    Heyy … Its not at all boring .. Intact its rather interesting … I liked today’s episode very much .. Please do post soon ..

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    yr thanmy dont say it boring never ever u no me who jst simply hate vamps n all is luving ur ff u no u r jst amazing n d epsiode was osm luvd it twinj scenes all were d best post nxt asap dear

  8. Amazing…

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