The Revenge Of Love (chapter 18)

Abeer’s POV:
I hugged Meher who was crying badly and was shivering a little, I ran my fingers in her hair and she hugged me back tighter.
She: I won’t stay alone here around ur father, m scared, he can do anything to me.
She said between her sobs.

Me: OK don’t stay alone, I will make sure he is exposed and sent to jail.
She: I m sorry Abeer, meri waja se ur life will be ruined after this, everyone will point at u, lekin main kia karsakti hoon? Ye karna bohat zaruri hai, nahi to yeh sab kisi or k saath hoga.

I kissed her hair.
Me: we will go far from here, no one will do so, its dad’s mistakes for which he will pay, not ur mistake.
She pulled back and wiped her tears letting out a sob.
She: Maa ki bohat yaad ati hai, mujhe Maa se milna hai.
She said looking at me still teary eyed.
Me: OK, lekin papa sojaein phir chaleingay.
She: hmm
She was about to go but I held her hand, she looks back at me and I asked her not to go outside for sometime. She sat back beside me.
Me: tomorrow is friendship day
She: so
Me: should we call our other frnds?
She: unko tum kia bologay k main kon hoon?
Me: I think telling them the truth is the best way, they won’t tell anyone, we’ll get our group back, uss accident k baad se Maine kisi se baat nh ki
She: hmm OK even I m missing them, hum unhein kal bula lengay.
I smiled at her and she smiled back, it felt really good to see her smile. I opened the door and went towards dad’s room to see if he’s awake or not. He was sleeping peacefully. I went back to my room.
Me: dad’s asleep, let’s go.
She: wait

She dialed her mom’s number and put it on her ear waiting for her to receive the call, finally I heard her say.
She: hallo Maa…main aapse Milne aajaun? Aap jag rahi ho?….OK fine…bye.
Call disconnects.
She: she told me that I can come.
Me: fine let’s go.
We went outside the house bidding bye to mom and sat in my car, it was only 6 and it was almost night. I drove away from there, as I was driving I saw her eyes were closed with her face resting on her palm. Maybe she was sleepy or was thinking something, we were short distance away from her house.
End of POV.

Meher’s POV:
I closed my eyes with my face resting on my palm, I drifted in my own thoughts. The morning bed scene where his creepy dad came and touched me played in front of my eyes and his words echoed in my ears, I got startled and lifted my face from my palm with a jerk. I started breathing heavily.
He: kya hua r u OK?
Me: yes m OK
I said pretending to be calm. We stopped outside our building, I opened the buckle of my seatbelt and jumped out of the car closing the door. He too came out. I was still lost in my thoughts standing there and didn’t noticed him calling me again and again. He waved his hands in front of me but still I didn’t said anything. My thoughts broke when I felt him pull me towards the elevator. We had a long journey to floor 28, we both were quiet. Finally we reached and we went outside the elevator and we rang the doorbell. Maa opened the door and I immediately hugged her shutting my eyes tightly with tears rolling down my cheek. She hugged me back, I broke the hug and we went inside, I quickly wiped my tears. We sat on the couch and Tunnu too came there and took Abeer with him. Only I and Maa were left. I narrated everything to her and she became worried.
She: how dare he touch u?
Me: I was very scared, he has stooped so low.
She: lock ur door whenever u sleep and be careful around him.

I nodded. So after a long session of chit chat it was time to head home, we both went from there greeting everyone. After going to our house, there wasn’t any work for me so I quickly slept forgetting to lock the door and Abeer slept hugging me.

Next morning, when I woke up, the land beneath me slipped. I saw Abeer’s dad really close to me, I woke up Abeer as fast as I could. He woke up and he was also shocked.
He: dad!
Abeer’s dad froze on his place. Abeer stood up from the bed and went to his dad.
He: why r u so close to her?
Abeer’s dad: I was seeing something.
He: that too coming so close to her?
Abeer’s dad: what do u think? I m raping her?
He: yes I think so.
Abeer’s dad was about to slap him when I got up and stopped him.
Me: don’t slap him, it’s ur mistake, u did this yesterday too. U touched me.
Abeer’s dad: u r mistaken. Why will I touch her?
Abeer: because u keep affairs with girls of her age.
Abeer’s dad: *evil laughs* yes I do so, but what will u both do? (He holds Meher’s hand, she resists and then he touches her face, she jerks off his hand, Abeer makes him leave her hand) I will keep an affair with u too young lady.
He went and Abeer boiled in anger.
Abeer: now is the time to expose him Meher (he makes her wear a hairclip with recorder and a camera locket) ismein Jo bhi record hoga hum vo police ko dikhaein gay, keep that video safe (he keeps spy cameras around the room) Jo bhi hoga sab record hojaega.
I nodded.
He: and yes, don’t go anywhere alone, maintain distance
Me: hmm OK…I will have to go downstairs to work
he: OK go but be careful, I m going to office today.
Me: OK
I went to freshen up, then I went downstairs slowly tiptoeing on the stairs. I saw no one in the kitchen. I made myself breakfast and ate it tensedly glancing upstairs every now and then. Just then uncle (Abeer’s dad) came and sat in front of me touching my free hand. I got up with a jerk and went to kitchen finishing my breakfast. Tears came in my eyes, why is this happening with me? I was crying when I felt someone hug me from back from my waist.
Me: Abeer
I touched the hands around my waist, it wasn’t Abeer, I turned my head to find Abeer’s creepy dad. I started pushing him but he was too tight. I started calling for Abeer but he palmed my mouth and held my hands with his other hand dragging me outside, I tried calling Abeer but my mouth was palmed. Just then, I felt uncle’s grip loosening on me and his hands weren’t on me now. I thanked God.
Abeer: dad! What are u doing?

Then I realized it was Abeer who made him leave me, he’s my savior.
Uncle: I love ur wife.
Abeer pushed him and took my hand taking me upstairs but then…THASH!!! A loud voice stopped us. Something broke. But how? I turned to Abeer, I panicked seeing his head bleed terribly, he was standing holding his head, he was looking here and there, I held him trying to balance him.
Me: Abeer
I started crying.
I shouted on his dad, “what did u do?! He’s ur son, how can u hit him?”
I cried out loud still holding Abeer. His dad came towards me and Abeer pushed me behind him, he was saving me even if he wasn’t OK, I can’t let him die. Marrega uska baap.
Abeer: Dad, plz usko chhor do.
Uncle: I will do what I want to.

Abeer goes unconscious, I sat down trying to wake him up but his dad took me from there pulling me. He shut my mouth taking me to my room and threw me on the bed. My heart thumped louder. I got down from the bed from the other side and left from the window jumping in corridor. I went downstairs and bent down to Abeer making him stand, he was heavy but what to do? Can’t leave him to die. I made him stand and kept his arm around my shoulders holding his hand and kept my hand around his waist, I took him outside and unlocked his car. I laid him down on the backseat and drove as fast as I could to the hospital. We reached, I took him out with the help of peons and they put him on stretcher. He was taken to OT immediately. I cried and cried, it was like sprinkling salt on the old wounds.
Me:What will I tell his mother? M so afraid of her reaction, if I tell her the truth of Abeer’s dad, I know she won’t believe me. What to do?
I was crying when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked up and found Abeer’s mom.
She: what’s the truth? What u talking about?
I showed her the video with trembling hands, she got shocked, I told her everything from the first morning bed incident to today’s incident.
She: kya ye sach hai? Abeer k papa aise insaan hain?

I nodded in yes. I told her how Abeer tried to save me but his dad hit him. She started crying even more after that. I hugged her. I had tough time controlling everything. I hope Abeer theek hojaye. ?
End of POV

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