The Revenge Of Love (chapter 17)

Meher’s POV:
“I will keep an affair with u also just like I kept with other girls.” I heard the person say this, it was a male voice, I immediately recognized it’s Abeer’s dad. I tightened my grip on Abeer’s shirt as his dad slowly bent down to me and kept his hand on my arm and slowly moved it down to my palm and caressed it. I was hell scared and shivered as he touched me. He smiled evilly and left. I could see this as my eyes were open. I was sweating badly, how can a person stoop so low? I snuggled more into Abeer getting scared and kept my arm around him, it was as if I m in double trouble now. I opened my eyes and looked at Abeer.

Me: I m sorry, I will have to expose ur dad, m sorry, ur life will be ruined because of me. But it’s important. Agar Maine aisa nh kia, to yeh kal kisi or k saath hoga.
I hugged him feeling bad for him, the video Maa showed me played in front of my eyes.

“Kuber: keep this money and stop blaming me for whatever happened with u. Ziada naatak mat dikhao nahi to tumhari izzat ka parda faash hojayega”

He bribed the girl threatening her that her respect is in his hands, he doesn’t knows how it feels as he doesn’t have a daughter. That doesn’t means he do bad with other’s daughters. My thoughts broke when I felt Abeer moving, I quickly moved away from him but he pulled me closer.
He: where r u going?
He smiled with his eyes still closed.
Me: I m not getting sleep.
He: par mujhe arahi hai, so u too plz stay here.
Me: but..
He: no buts,I have waited a lot
Me: OK

I stayed there on the bed, uncle’s voice still echoed in my ears. I wish I could tell Abeer about this. Sometime later I felt that Abeer’s asleep so I got up from the bed and quickly freshened up and went downstairs with trembling feet. I collided with Abeer’s dad and looked at him scared. He didn’t say anything to me, he smiled politely and went. I was all time confused, what does he actually wants? I shrugged and went to kitchen.
End of POV.

Abeer’s POV:
I woke up and saw Meher isn’t there, I knew she might be in kitchen so I freshened up and went downstairs. She was chopping something but she was lost somewhere. I went forward and saw her finger about to get cut.
Me: stop Meher
She got startled and looked at me as if I m an alien. I removed her finger from below the knife, she smiled faintly at my concern and then looked away. Don’t know why but she was tensed.
Me: Meher why r u tensed? Koi baat hai to tum bata sakti ho.
she: its nothing.
Me: then why r u tensed?
She: do u trust me?
Me: yes of course
She: I will tell u everything when I feel like telling u.
Me: hmm OK

I went and dad came to me.
Dad: good morning
Me: good morning dad
I replied coldly. He went to kitchen, I heard him greet Meher. I looked back at her and she was scared don’t know why but she replied back calmly. Why is she scared of dad? I stood there blankly and waited for dad to go away. Finally he went and I went to Meher.
Me: tum dad se q darr rhi ho?
She: kuchh nh.
I went giving her a suspicious look. That day whenever I saw dad around Meher, I found her scared. I decided to talk to her later in loneliness. At evening when she was free I took her to room and closed the door behind me.

Me: Now tell me honestly, why r u so scared of dad?
I asked sitting beside her.
She: its just that m nervous, nothing else.
Me: tell me the real reason.
She: nh btasakti Abeer

Saying this she started crying, I immediately hugged her. I never saw her so scared before.
Me: I was asking because I know this fear is not about nervousness that he will know ur identity, baat to kuchh or he hai

She pulled back wiping her tears.
She: I don’t know if u will believe me or not, sach yahi hai k tumhare papa meri umar ki lrkio k saath affair rakhte hain, I have a proof.
She showed me the video in which he was threatening the girl. The thing which she told me next shocked me to the core.
She: subha jab main uth chuki thi, I was in bed only, I saw him coming to my side of bed, he touched me and said he will keep an affair with me also.

She started crying more after this. I knew the video wasn’t fake, I won’t stay quiet, he betrayed my mom, his new target is Meher. I won’t let him get successful.
Me: I believe u, I won’t let anything happen to u I promise.
I hugged her again.

End of POV.

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