Reporters aberrant 29

The next day was,… Odd. Richa was much silent and Baby too, for the first time. Sunny pestered Baby for almost a day, but Baby did not protest. Sunny finally gave up at the end and came next to me and asked, ‘What’s the matter with you guys?’. Well, even I did not speak much that day. So I replied, ‘Nothing’. Sunny got up angrily and said, ‘Oh this is disgusting! None of my friends are interested to share their problems. Not even my girlfriend’. He left leaving silence behind. Kabir saw this all and went inside his cabin. He sat in his favorite chair and began thinking over all the events. A washer woman saying she went out when a girl enters with a “man” in women’s washroom and the girl gets killed. How can a washer woman leave in between her working hours? Kabir’s eyes broadened at his thought. Only one possible reason for it, she wasn’t a washer woman, she was in a disguise!! He immediately called me from his cell and minutes later I was sitting in his chair. I asked him in a low voice, ‘So, what’s up?’. He stared at me for few secs, realizing my sadness. He said, ‘She, I mean the washer woman was in a disguise,

Ananya’. Now, was my turn to stare at him. So my prediction was right! I asked him, ‘How are you so sure?’. Kabir kept his hands on mine, maybe for the thousandth time 😉 (It always made me feel special), and said, ‘I know what you are thinking. The washer woman was in her working hours. Even if she had gone out, she would have heard the woman squeal, when she was being killed. So isn’t it obvious, that the washsr woman was a fraud?’. I nodded and smiled. Exactly my point, over which I pondered from night. I asked Kabir, ‘Have you by any chance done astrology?’. Kabir shook his head and asked, ‘Y?’. I smiled and replied, ‘Cause u have the tendency to read my mind, always..’. He smiled too and I left.

I called Khuranna and reported him with my findings. After I had cut the call, I saw Khalid and Malvika talking to a woman at the end. I joined in their conversation. Malvika said, ‘Oh Ananya! She is our new input editor, Saunya’. I looked at the woman. But something was much strange about her. She looked familiar although I couldn’t recollect who she was…. She winked at me. Then I was sure. She looked like the washer woman…

  1. Guys? Is the story too bad?

    1. Ur story is ousmn……Reetika
      Bt..yrr plz include some romantic moment of kabir and ananya in ur story yaar plzzzz…..and yes pls yrr update fast

  2. Interesting….really very good…great work reetika

  3. I guess no one else liked it. Sorry Aparrna but unless anyone else comments, I can’t continue with my ff

  4. The story is good. ………plz continue. ………….arre reetika di aap likho toh ……..hum sab hain padne k liye

  5. This one is really going interesting…..keep writing Reetika…v ll definitely read it…n support u….

    1. Alright.. Thanks all

  6. Sorry di don’t mind but like it’s too reporter oritentated(like too much into profession)?can u add more stories?like not kaya romance only but like baby and sunny jokes,Khalild sarcasm and Mrs. Kashyap’s selfish attitude ,Richa and rony?what say?just an idea di other wise your ff is superb

    1. Ohk.. I get it. But I did not understand, Mrs. Kashyap’s selfishness?. I will add these. And I haven’t yet included Rony in my story, because he is gonna make a special appearance in the show. So I can’t give away that. But otherwise, yeah, I will include Khalid’s sarcasm and all..

    2. Mrs kashyap’s selfishness refers to the possessive behaviour over Ananya.maybe you can make it as she still hasn’t accepted kabir fully.

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