Reporters aberrant 28

I and Baby ran at top speed towards the source. Richa squealing like a whining ghost brought chills down my spine. Baby spoke while running,’ Ananya! Any idea what’s wrong?’ I replied,’ Nope’. We reached the scene where many women were crowding. I made my way to reach upto Richa. She was covered up with tears and was sobbing hardly. I patted her shoulder and said,’ Calm down. What happened?’ She pointed towards the washroom where a woman was lying with her body leaned to the wall. She was dead( I can’t give much details on it as it would be improper). Her throat was slit. The washerwoman was gripped with fear. I asked her,’When was the last time you saw her enter?’ . The washerwoman hesitatingly said,’ I..I .. I wasn’t here whe..when she entered. I
didn’t have…have any idea that this would happened’. She burst into tears and Baby
consoled her. I called Khuranna and reported him with all the happenings. He listened quietly
and finally said,’ OK Ananya. This type of murder has happened for the first time’. I asked
him,’ Is there any chance that the killer must have escaped through the main door or
through some secret passage?’ Khuranna replied,’I can’t say Ananya. I’ll come there and
check’. Hours later Khuranna came near me and said,’ The killer has escaped down the emergency exit. We have collected some footprints there’. I asked him,’ Is it a boy or a girl?’ Khuranna answered in a low voice,’ Man’. I thought,”Why didn’t anyone see a man enter women’s washroom? Wasn’t there any other woman in the washroom then?”. These thoughts entangled me when finally I decided to have a discussion with Kabir. I went near Baby and Richa, who stared at the two policemen carrying away the body. I said,’ Hey, Let’s go at my place. We’ll discuss this with Kabir ‘. They both agreed and soon we left for my place. Kabir was busy working on his laptop. He looked up and saw us,’ Hey! How was your day guys?’ . I looked at Baby and Richa who looked at me with sad eyes. I sat near Kabir and said,’Look Kabir, here’s what happened today’. And I went on narrating what happened. Kabir was horrified after listening to all of it. He said,’ Hmm.. Ananya, I guess we should stop worrying bout all that happened. Tomorrow, I’ll go visit Khuranna and get to know the personality of the person. That way, we can find him soon’. We nodded and Richa and Baby left, the image still in front of their eyes.
The washerwoman removed her disguise and was laughing loudly,’ U should have seen their faces’. The man in dark laughed too and soon they hugged each other. Next plan B…

  1. Great…this was so amazing…..waiting for next ff….update fast…

    1. Thanks, I will

  2. Hey are they same man and woman who was trying to harm ananya???????? Anyway gotta noe it in next epi.. …………. Good luck

    1. No no.. U will see

  3. Omg!! Wats gonna happen next..just can’t wait

  4. Wen is the next update Reetika??

    1. Actually this week, I am pretty busy. So whenever I get time, I will update with next episode

    2. I have published my next episode. I hope u all like it!

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