our relationship (episode 8)

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Hi..guys..I’m so sorry for the late post..I’m busy with my work..that’s y..I’m posting it late..

Sankar arrived to hospital..and looks at the time..
Sanskar : oh..no..its late.I think he will be waiting for me..
Saying it he moves to kabir cabin..where he is waiting for him..he knock the door..
Kabir : yes…come in..
Sanskar : enters in..sorry for the late..
Kabir : its k..dude.. Come let’s leave..
Both leaves to kabir home..its took 1 hour..both of them gets down from car..kabir moves rings the bell..

Kabir wife opens the door..looks at sanskar confusingly.. Then kabir…she moved in..
Kabir : smirthi..he is my friend sanskar..
Smirthi : oh..ya I’m remembered.. Welcome bhai..
Sanskar : smiles..thank u sis..
One little girl comes runningly..and about fall..kabir and smirthi gets shocked.. But sanskar holds her on time..
Girl : opens her eyes..looks at sanskar..says thank u uncle..kissed his cheek..
Sanskar : smiles..kissed back..and takes her in his arms..
Kabir : sanju before running see properly..
Sanju : k..
Kabir : sanky she is my daughter sanjana..

Sanskar : thats I know seeing her face..
Kabir : ya she is looking like..after all she is my daughter..
Sanskar : when I said..she is looking like u..she is looking like my sis..winked at him..
Kabir : ohhh..because of me only she is ur sis..
Sanskar : so what.. We became bro – sis na..what say sis?..
Smirthi : han bhai…was right..
Kabir : jaw dropped..

Sansmi/sanju : laughs at him..
Kabir : within a sec u changed ur party…
Smirthi : ya..because I’m always want a brother..u know.. Na..when I’m getting brother..then I’m should me His side na..

Kabir : yaya..
Sanskar : don’t worry dude..I’m urs side only..
Sanju : I’m also..
Smirthi : then me too..
Kabir : smiles at them..
Smirthi : k..come..let cut the cake..all goes..
Sanju : stands in center..beside her,her parents..she looks at sanskar..who r smiling at their cute family..
Sanju : mamu..
All looks at her questionably..
Sanju : goes..drags sanskar near to her..make him stand beside her..
Sanskar : looks at her surprisingly..
Sanju : looks at him..then says..y r u looking at me..
Sanskar : u called me mamu..
Sanju : han..now ur my moms brother na..then u will be my mamu na..today I’ll cut cake with u three..

Sanskar : eyes filled with tears..he is getting love from this little girl..who he meet just few minutes..
Smirthi : sees his eyes..gets concern…
Kabir : see his smiling face..and tears..understand his position..says to sanju..sanju today ur going to cut cake with urs mamu only…k..
Sanju : nods happily…
Sanskar : no kabir..tries to protest..
Smirthi : plz bhai..for ur sanju…
Sanskar : looks at sanju..who gives him angelic smile..OK..for my darling..
Sanju : thank u sweet heart..
All smiles at her..

Kabir : sweet heart..
Sanju : han..u also call my mom by that only na..so what’s wrong in it..

Sanskar : is it darling..
Sanju : innocently nods s..
Kabir and smirthi r blushing..sanskar controls his laugh..
Sanskar : k darling come..we will cut cake..
Sanju : ya…its looking yummy..saying this sanskar and sanju cuts the cake together..kabir takes the photo..and all hugs takes so many photo..

sanju gives first bite to sanskar..sanskar feeds her cake..then sanju feeds kabir and smirthi..they also feeds her..
After finishing its all..they all settled in living room..sanju is sitting in sanskar lap..playing with his tie..and shirt buttons.. Sanskar forgets his every sorrow’s being with sanju..smiling from heart..
Kabir gets happy seeing his friend happiness..smirthis also smiles..because she got one brother..that like sanskar..but gets disturbed thinking about his teared eyes..looks at kabit who r staring sanskar emotionally..
Smirthi : kabir can u help to arrange dinner..
Kabir : nods..goes with her…
Sanskar and sanju r playing..

In kitchen
Both r arranging the things..
Smirthi : kabir can I know..y bhai gets tear when sanju called him mamu..and hearing her talk..
Kabir : shocked..but said just like that…
Smirthi : plz kabir..tell na..I’m getting disturbed…
Kabir : sighs…tells her everything.. That’s y…he gets tears..because he is getting love from sanju..that’s y Im told to sanju..to cut cake with him..I know his wounds won’t heal..but he would happy for sometime na..
Smirthi : cryingly.. This many things happen to him..but he is smiling…

Kabir : he never show his sad sorrows to anyone.. Even friends to..that day I’m really shocked to see him like that…but enjoying with sanju..let him be..
Smirthi : nods s..
Kabir : wipes her tears…now smile..

Smirthi : ya..my bhai can smile them I’m also..I’ll make him happy whenever he is with us..
Kabir : that’s like my sweetheart..
Smirthi : blushed…come its late..
Kabir : han..come both turn..but stopped.. Because sanskar standing there..at door step..he heares their talks…
Smirthi : moves towards him..bhai..
Sanskar : thank u so much for u both..showing this much love to me..
Kabir : hey dude what r u speaking?..we r friends..then its my duty to keep u happy..and ya plz wipe ur tears..if my wife sees it…then she will start to cry..I can’t convince her…
Sanskar : smiles..

Smirthi : what u mean?..by can’t convince me??..han..looks at him angrily.
Kabir : gulps.. No nothing like that sweetheart.. I’m said cause now only I came from hospital.. I’m tired…that’s y…plz spare me..
Sanskar/smirthi : laughts at his condition…
Sanskar : leave him today sweety..
Smirthi : k..for my bhai my leaving u..

Kabir : thank so much.
Sanju : comes there..mom dad…see na..what mamu brought for me..its look super..I’m loving it..to sanskar..thanky sweetheart.
Sanskar : anything for my darling..
Smirthi : but bhai..this much expensive….
Sanskar : so what she is my sister and friend daughter..and my darling also..k..
Kabir : about say something.. But stopped..because sanskar looks at him…
Smirthi : k..can we have dinner..
All nods…sanskar feeds sanju..after that all have good time..smirthi enjoying with her brother..both sansmi teasing kabir..sometimes sanir teases smirthi..sanju silently enjoying the live show with her favorite lollipop..

After sometime
Sanskar looks at watch..
Sanskar : k..I’m leaving now..
Sanju/smirthi : so soon..
Sanskar : looks at their face..
Sanju : mamu today stay with us na..
Sanskar : can’t resist her..within few hours.. She mingled with him..
Smirthi : plz na..bhai..for today..for ur sis..
Sanskar : k..sanju and smirthi jumped in joy..hugs him..
He and kabir looking at their happy face..and he hugs them back..
Sanskar : I’ll come after making a call..
Kabir : smirthi guest room is ready na…
Smirthi : nods s..
Sanju : mom dad..can I’ll sleep with mamu..
Both : looks at each other..then nods s. ..
Sanju : thank u..kissed their cheeks..they Also kissed her..

In call
Sanskar tensely comes to balcony.. Dials a number..
Caller : hello sanskar
Sanskar : mm..ragini..did lacky take his dinner and tablets…
Ragini : han sanskar..he waits for u..later due to medicine effect he slept…wait I’ll wake up him..
Sanskar : no ragini..let him sleep..he is sleeping after so many days ..don’t disturb him..
Ragini : k. When will u return?..
Sanskar : I’m out..ragini..will return in morning only ..take care of him..if emergency just give a missed call..k..
Ragini : han..k..about cut the call..sanskar did u take dinner.
Sanskar : smilingly han ragini..
Ragini : can feel his happy hearing his tone..before she could ask..she hears the voice ..

Voice : sweetheart..
Sanskar : turns smiles at sanju..s darling..
Sanju : I’m feeling sleepy..come na..we go and sleep..
Sanskar : y not darling..cuts the call..
Takes her in his arms..both goes in..kabir informed sanju’s demand to sanskar..sanskar accept it..moved to guest room..and makes sanju sleep..she hugs him tightly while sleeping.. seeing her smiling face.. He also slept taking her in his arms..both cuddles to each other in sleep..he is getting peaceful sleep after six month..

Other side
Ragini looks at the phone..then that voice..echoing her ears..thinks..
Ragini : who is she?..y she is calling him sweetheart…and sanskar calling her darling..what is its all..confusingly she also slept..

Kabirs home
Sanskar waks up..feels light in his heart..and sees sanjana..sleeping smilingly…smiles at her..pecked her hair..gets up without disturbing her..gets fresh up..goes out of room..meets smirthi..and bids to her..after telling to kabir..

Sanskar enters in..goes to his room..gets fresh up..that time he hears a knock on his room..
Sanskar : come in..
Laksh : enters in..with support of ragini..
Seeing him..sanskar rushed to him..and makes him sit on couch..
Sanskar : what is this lacky?..u should call me na..y the hell u came here..u need rest..angrily..y can’t u understand..
Laksh : bhai..calm down..I’m fine..much better than..yesterday..
Sanskar : looks at him..
Laksh : bhai..where were r u yesterday night?…
Ragini : on curiosity looks at sanskar..
Sanskar : I was with kabir..in his home..
Laksh : how was he?..and his family?..

Sanskar : hearing family..sanskar remember sanju..smiles..
Raglak : looks at him surprisingly..
Lak : bhai..
Sanskar : he was lucky to get a family like them..he is enjoying his each and every moment with them..and his daughter.. She is really cute..(His eyes sparkling in joy..)..u know what after so many days I’m slept peacefully..
Raglak : happy to see him smiling..and felt bad also..

Sanskar : smiles fades..all r not like me unlaky na..
Raglak : looks on..
Rag : sanskar..
Sanskar : looks at her..
Rag : I sorry to ask u..but can u forgive swara and accept her..
Sanskar : gets angry..ragini..u van talk about our family mbers and lacky even about u also..I’m don’t have any problem.. But don’t talk to me..who r nothing to me..and don’t want me in their life..
Ragini : gets sad..
Sanskar : I’m sorry if I hurt u..any ways I have work..I have to leave bye..take care lacky..
Saying this he stands up..but stopped hearing laksh
Laksh : bhai..
Sanskar : turns..looks at him..questioningly..
Laksh : ur breakfast..
Sanskar : smiles..when I want to have..I’ll don’t worry about me..I’m became like that..pats his cheeks and left..

Raglak left to their room..ragini cuts her call..says in mind..I’m sorry swara..I know u will be hurt..but in front of sanskar wound..its not equal..how times I told to think about ur decision.. U always accused him..where he I’d not at all fault..now what can I do..plz god help her..I can’t see my sister in this condition..r my friend like this..
Ragini trance broke by laksh..
Laksh : shakes her..
Ragini : han laksh..tell na..
Laksh : where were r lost..his times I’m calling u..
Ragini : I’m sorry..tell me what u want..
Laksh : u..and ur time..and smile..
Ragini : blushed.. Laksh I’ll come now..saying it..about to leave..
Laksh : holds her hand..where r u leaving me..han..its been 6 month I’m staying away from u..now I got time..y I have to let u go..
Ragini : cheeks turned in red..hearing it’s all..laksh u r not well..
Laksh : no I’m fine..I want one kiss..then I will think about leaving u..
Rag : laksh..
Laksh : ragini..sweetly..
Rag : gave up..and kissed him..

Swara room
After ragini cutting call..(s ragini called swara..when laksh asked to take him to sanskar room)..
Swara : what I’m done to my self..i my self ruined my beautiful life..sanskar was right in his place..I must get this punishment.. But I can’t see him hating me..
Sharmishta : then what u do and did in this days with him…showing ur hater towards him..shona..
Swara : turns cryingly..but i thought..
Sharmishta : he was reason for ragini conditions and laksh disappearance…right..

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