Reem Shaikh aka Kalyani to QUIT Tujhse Hai Raabta?

Reem Shaikh is a very popular name on the tube. She has been a part of many shows and is popularly known for her character of Kalyani in Zee TV’s Tujhse Hai Raabta these days. But there is news that the actress is considering quitting the show. She has essayed the character of of Kalyani for almost two years now and today the grapevines are abuzz that she is thinking of parting her ways from the show. According to a report in a leading portal, Reem has decided to quit the show as she wanted to experiment with a new project. The actress has reportedly put in the papers to explore new opportunities.

As for the show, it recently took a leap of 5 years after Malhar shot Kalyani. With Malhar’s world turning upside down, Kalyani returns as an IAS officer, only to find the love of his life married to someone else. Now keeping in mind, Reem’s exit from the show there night be some changes we can expect in the show. (Also Read: Tujhse Hai Raabta 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani Urges Anupriya To Talk To Her)

What do you think about it? Watch out this space to know more about the news.

  1. It’s the CV’s fault that she made such a big and important decision. He should have shut down the series .. If Reem or Sebhan leaves .. the series will no longer have any charm .. See they killed the series barely 1 month of recovery .. And it is not with this new actress that they will raise the Trp .. Personally, the current episode is quite disappointing .. I do not understand anything .. We only see the evil and malhar who is only to blame .. Aeo Saeb is just highlighted .. They lost the concept of the series .. They killed the series .. Disappointing .. With the jump .. Having separated kalma and Anupriya and kaka .. Then I can understand that with the Covid it is normal that the Azaan child was not on the set .. But frankly the series has lost its charm .. We only see cruelty. . Pettiness .. Suffering .. And dishonesty .. In short, lost the charm of kalma ect .. Even I did not understand anything about the relationship between kaka and Anupriya uqi relationship has evolved so quickly without really being shown … In short. honestly they should have ended the series on a high note with kalma and anuka together .. Anyway

    1. Sidrina

      So true yaar.. I completelyu agree…. Reem has been working hard on this shitty show for too long. This show lost its charm way back when they haf brought in Malhar’s parents and this uneccesary kidnap tracks with trilok vilok and all… they had so much to show… the raabta of kalyani and anupriya… how anupriya gets her confidence through kalyani and sarthak.. sarthak and anupriya’s relationship… how it forms into love…..but they destroyed it fully….. hate these makers

  2. I wont be watching this series after kalyani leaves.

  3. Katrina

    Raabta was GREAT FUN back in 2018 when it started.. It started with such a unique concept but it failed to keep that charm soon in 2019. And if Reem is quiting then better shut it down before the channel forces you to do so. Because Zee is a very demanding and arrogant channel. I remember what they did with Rachana aka Kalpana in EMA. That is when I started hating them. I was surprised that they brought back Eisha SIngh in lead. It was a shocking yet good move by Zee for the first time in many years.

    1. For this show .. See actress Rachana aka kalpi once part her co-author to just finalize the last episode .. And the show wasn’t really watching since its release or even when Raghav married the other girl. Anyway .. Regarding Eisha this series I do not understand her. I don’t understand their love and the story they want to show .. Anyway, concerning the actress, I find it a shame that she plays well .. That her departure was wanted by her because Eisha had other projects .. But this not having succeeded decides to come back to the detriment of the other actress who entered after her departure. It must be said that the other guy did not make the effort to come to terms with his new partner. .. He did not give the other actress a chance .. Anyway .. This series is not one of his favorite series .. But seriously if Reem leaves .. Might as well not replace her because the series does not will have more charm and no meaning .. At least the fans want kalma together or for my part at least show their love and closeness to their wedding and wedding night .. But see what CV currently offers .. It will be difficult and impossible to have them

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